Zero to a Million Dollar Business in a Month (No Experience)


Imagine earning a million dollars a year with a skill that you already have, but have not yet monetized. Today, I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process to go from knowing absolutely nothing about this side hustle from zero to $10,000 a month, and then $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month business, that’s going to be generating a million dollars a year. Now, if you want to work from home, from the comfort of your laptop, and don’t want to spend two to three years learning a new skill, you’re going to want to stick around to the end, because I’m going to talk you through the step by step process of starting a freelance writing business with $0 invested today and something you can take action for right now. So you might be wondering, what is the side hustle? And how does it work? Now we’re going to kick off with a lot of value in the front, but you’re going to want to stick around because this is going to expand on how you actually go from zero to 10k a month, from 10k to 100k a month. And you’re gonna want to make sure you know all the steps to do this.

Starting off at number one what the heck is freelance writing? And how can you make money with the skill that you already have freelance writing is essentially providing writing services to clients. And these writing services are going to vary from client to client. But essentially, you’re going to need to do some research on the topic become an expert within 10 to 30 minutes, and then you can start writing on this topic. Now I’m going to show you all the tools and tricks that you need to utilize to make your process more efficient and able to charge a higher amount for your writing services. So starting off at number one, what you actually need to do is create a free profile on And then you can start accessing gigs, these gigs are gonna vary from $10 per hour up to $200 per hour. And I highly suggest trying to find something in the middle at the beginning. And then building your portfolio. Once you have the experience. Once you have some niches and you have things in your portfolio, you can start increasing your hourly amount for these articles. But there’s gonna be things like blog posts, SEO, writing, copywriting, proofreading, editing, there’s gonna be a wide variety of things. But I would say the easiest thing to start off with is just freelance writing, the person is going to be giving you a topic of brief, and then you’re gonna have to go and do some research to learn more about this subject and essentially become a quick expert to essentially write about this topic. And then you’ll be turning it in to your client and getting paid for your work. Now there are a lot of great tools to utilize one of the tools that I love to recommend is Grammarly, which is going to make you a much better writer because it’s going to check through your article and makes sure the grammar is correct. But make sure the flow and process of the actual writing are good to actually submit this to a writer. Now the writing process is only one piece of the puzzle, you need to be good at marketing and sales, customer service and then writing about the right things that are going to actually pay you money.

Now some of the best topics out there are going to be in the medical niche finance niche, or in just search engine optimization, these three areas of expertise are going to pay you a much higher dollar amount, and it can go from $10 per hour over to $100 per hour just by shifting niches to be a little bit more specific because anything in those niches is just going to provide you with a higher dollar per hour for your writing services. So you’re probably wondering, okay, I understand the writing process, I understand how to win money on Upwork, you’re essentially going to be applying for these gigs, winning the gig, and then writing that content. And you’re probably wondering, how do I stand out from the competition? Number one, you’re gonna have to optimize your Upwork profile, to make sure that this stranger who’s never met, you actually goes ahead and trusts you, if it’s going to be a bigger project, it’s probably going to be a good idea to get them on the phone, walk through some of your previous writing projects and clients and show them that you can deliver a high-quality piece of content for their articles, and for their gig and walk them through the process to show them that you can actually deliver what you set out to do and deliver high-quality content as you’ve done for previous clients. The second step is going to be to use a pitch that’s customized for what they’re looking for. Don’t just copy and paste some generic thing that you’ve written once, go ahead and make sure that you’re actually reviewing a little bit about what they want. And why do they want somebody to write about this topic? You don’t have to be an expert in everything, but you need to know how to do research and how to create a pitch that’s customized to exactly what this client is looking for. So once you’ve done that, you’re going to actually have to go through the fulfillment you’re gonna have to deliver a top quality piece of content, and a lot of times you’re gonna need an editing process or proofreading process to make sure that your article stands out. Now there are a lot of services and there are a lot of tools you can utilize to make your content better.

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One of them I mentioned before was Grammarly, but you can also utilize artificial intelligence and chat GPT to proofread your content to make sure that it lives up to everything that they’re looking for in this specific piece of content. So after you’ve run through your first draft, you go ahead and use Grammarly, then you submit it to the chat GBT make sure that everything in that article is absolutely perfect before you send it off to the client. So you’re probably wondering, how do you go from zero to 10k? Now all you need to do is win five clients that are going to pay you $2,000 per project. Now, you’re probably going to want to focus on some of the smaller projects at first, while you’re building your Upwork profile, and then start leveraging some of these bigger projects. When you have testimonials, you have reviews and you have a more extensive portfolio. Once you’ve done that you start bidding for these bigger projects, you get better at sales, you get better at pitching them. And then you deliver high-quality products, because the person who’s hiring you is most likely going to need you for a long period of time, I’ve worked with some of the top writers in the world. And when I find a writer I love I keep them on board. And I’ve worked with some writers for five or six years and beyond. So you want to make sure you go above and beyond for your first clients. Or else it’s gonna be a lot harder to go ahead and build your own Upwork portfolio because this relationship might expand past that one gig. I’ve hired writers that I worked with for a few weeks, and I ended up working with them for five or six years because they really went above and beyond and their quality of content stood out compared to a lot of the other writers that I’ve worked with. So you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to deliver the best content, offer unlimited revisions, and ensure they’re happy with the finished product. Now, how do you actually go from zero to 5k points, this is going to be doing it on your own writing projects utilizing tools. But going from that five to 10k or 15k range, you’re probably going to need to hire a junior writer that’s going to be working underneath you, essentially your hourly rate could be $150 per hour, but you’re hiring somebody on your staff or as a contractor to write the initial content, you essentially overview it, you edit, you proofread it and you put on those finished touches, that’s going to turn it from a $20 piece of content to a $200 piece of content. And you’re going to be submitting that paying your contractors but keeping all that extra profit. And this is essentially how you’ll start to build an agency. And I’m going to pass it off to my partner Thomas, who’s built a seven-figure agency with more than 70 different writers, he’s going to explain all the steps that you need to take from making $10,000 a month to earning $100,000 a month with your writing agency. And this is how you go from a solopreneur to building a business, that’s going to make you a lot of money on Upwork. And actually building a seven-figure company that will make you a million dollars per year.

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So today we are going to talk about how to scale your freelance writing operation from 10k to $100,000, what you’ve probably come upon whenever you’re thinking about doing this is the fact that you can’t do all of the work yourself at a certain point, you only have 24 hours in a day. And hopefully, you’re spending eight of those hours sleeping, which means that you need to start hiring other people to actually get involved in your operation and then help you crank out the output that you need to make the money that you want, there’s really going to be three separate steps that you’re going to have to go through to actually do this, the first of which is actually doing the selling, right. So first off, you have to sell your services to clients who want them in the first place. Okay, if you want to get $100,000 of business, you have to sell $100,000 worth of it, you have to find clients who are going to give you that much work. And chances are it’s not going to be individual little clients who are going to be giving you 100 $200 at a time, realistically, you’re going to be working with clients who are going to be providing you bigger budgets for extended periods of work. Now, let’s say you have $30,000 worth of writing work to fulfill in one month, are you going to do that all yourself? Probably not. That’s whenever you have to start to hire other people and get other people involved with actually doing the writing, maybe some of the communication, and then maybe even some of the sales, the team that you build is very much going to depend on your individual circumstances and the things that you have to do specifically to your own situation.

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So really, sales are its whole own field of study. It’s something that you could literally spend all your time working on. And it’s not really something that I feel you have to be an absolute master of to have a fully-fledged freelance writing operation. I know I never was so let’s assume you’ve done the sailing. You’ve built up your ragtag team of writers of project managers of salespeople, whatever you need to actually make sure that that $100,000 of work is actually getting get fulfilled. Now comes the hard part. The hard part is actually managing everything and then Systemising it so that this operation can continue and you can create quality at scale. So if you use an analogy that you’re probably all familiar with, whenever they first started making cars in the early 1900s, the problem with the production line model that most early automobiles were created with was maintaining quality at scale, which basically means you’re gonna do a whole bunch of work. But all of its going to be good, you can’t produce nine pieces that are good, and one, that sucks, because then that means that 10% of your output is not good, then you’re going to start to lose clients. So really, this is the part whenever you have to come up with intelligent systems that actually govern the creation of the content, quality assurance, and then delivering it to the client. And then at that point, you may or may not be making more hires, you may be trimming down some of the hires you made, really the last two steps, which is the systematization of everything. And then hiring is really going to be the dance that you have to engage in every single day. And really where most of your attention is going to go, as opposed to actually writing the content itself. And that, my friends is the formula for taking your operation from $10,000 to $100,000 as a freelance content writer, so in conclusion, if you have any interest in building a profitable side hustle, I’m going to leave some details below where you can watch a free training about learning more on how this actually works, the step by step linear path to actually getting started and if you want us to work with me, I’ll be taken on a group of new students every week to teach about how to get started, how to make your first $10,000 A month as a freelance writer. So make sure you go ahead and book a call today because these spots are going to be very limited and I’m looking forward to working with you more. So don’t forget to do that take action today and get started with building a side hustle that’s going to generate you some extra income.

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