Hey everyone, today I will be talking about the worst credit card that I’ve ever owned. We’re getting started right now, so to give you a bit of context, I’ve opened more than 25 different credit cards over the past ten years, and I’ve primarily utilized this to fund my travels to more than 85 countries. I made a video. I’ll link it at the end here explaining why I have 25 credit cards, and at the end, I’ll also attach a video about my top five favorite credit cards. Still, in this video, I will talk about the number one worst credit card I’ve ever opened. I always do two to three weeks of research before I open a card, so I’m opening a small percentage of all the credit cards available there are a lot worse credit cards out there, but this is going to be one of the worst experiences I’ve had with opening a credit card. I’ll get through the three reasons why I do not like this credit card. You’ll want to stick around to the end to figure out which credit card is the worst credit card that I’ve actually ever opened.


Coming in at number one reason why I dislike this credit card so much was the sign-up process was so terrible. This was one of the worst signup processes I’ve ever had, and I understand they need to go through certain verification processes. I understand they need to vet the person that is actually opening a business credit card and a credit card. In general, I completely get that, but the process that they have was so convoluted it was so clunky, and it was frustrating. I signed up for the credit card, entered all the information, and received an email that would essentially allow me to track the status of this card. This link didn’t work, this email didn’t work, and after a few weeks, I started to get a little bit anxious and was wondering what was going on because it said through their tracking link that my application had not been submitted.


So after that time, I ended up calling, and they said the application had been received. Still, they were waiting on some additional documents, and going through the verification process to figure out what documents I needed to send them took me through. I’m not joking about more than five different account representatives. It took over two hours just for them to tell me what documents I needed to send them then that after they finally told me which documents, they said the only way to provide this information and these other security checks was to fax them over a copy of my social security card, a copy of my bank statements a copy of my ids. After opening up more than 25 credit cards, I’ve never had to send this amount of information to open up a credit card. I have an 815 credit score. I have a lot of great account history with credits, so this was not the issue. This is just a really clunky process that they have for their account verification.

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Again if I were going to give them some feedback, it was to create a dashboard create a secure dashboard where I can go in, put in my social security number, enter some verification steps and actually just upload these documents directly into the secure dashboard sending the fax in 2021 is just absolutely absurd to me and especially since most average users or even business owners don’t have fax machines. Hence, the workaround for this was to open an electronic faxing system where you can essentially send in emails send these documents through effects. Still, it was a big hassle, so with the vaccine with the support, it was just a super clunky process to even get approved for this card by the time I got approved. I was so upset that I am already planning on shutting this card down as soon as I hit the sign-up bonus that moves me to step number two.


Once I met the sign-up bonus once I kind of got the card all set up, the actual dashboard, to you know to view your payments view your pending transactions. The dashboard to actually see your payments and stuff is extremely outdated. It’s so bare-bones it’s not very intuitive, so it is. I’ll post a screenshot here where it is just kind of bare, and again it’s just really kind of pathetic for a business credit card system. I would never recommend any business to actually open this up unless I just want to get the points to turn the card and then move on to the next one, and that’s essentially what I’m doing here is I’m meeting the sign-up bonus I’m collecting those points. Then I’m going to be closing this card down in the future because I do not like the service or credit card that they provide, and then that brings me on to the last reason there’s really zero reasons actually to open up this credit card.

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So it does have a pretty solid sign-up bonus which you’re going to get 65,000 American airlines points after you spent a thousand dollars. Hence, I spent a thousand dollars got those 65 000 points. Then I opened an authorized user put one dollar of charge on that authorized user, and got another 10 000 points, so spending 1 000 one dollars on my natural spending habits would usually be purchased. I was able to collect 75 000 aaa advantage miles. I’m putting these to great use by flying first class on Qatar airways. I’ll be posting a photo of what that’s going to look like, but for 70 000 advantage points, I’m going to be having a lie flatbed on the q suites in Qatar. It only costs 70 000 American advantage points in around 50 in taxes. Hence, the card that I’m talking about today, which you’re probably wondering, is the aaa advantage aviator world elite business MasterCard now. There’s a lot of now that’s a mouthful.


Again I don’t even like the name of this card. It’s just too many words. They could shorten this down a little bit, and I’ve kind of noticed that a lot of the mastercards just don’t have as nearly good of deals as AMEX visa. I would say chase is my number one go-to for cards, then AMEX, and then anything after that has been a little bit more clunky of a sign-up process, so overall I would say this is not a great card to hold and use for a long term, but it is a really good sign-up bonus regardless. I would rank it in, you know, probably the top 20 cards just for the sign-up bonuses, but as a credit card, it’s terrible. I will not be keeping this in my wallet; I won’t be using it past the sign-up bonus, and I’m curious to hear what is your worst credit card out there. I want to know what cards you disliked after opening. Leave a comment below in the description, and if you made it this far, please consider subscribing. I’m putting out two new videos every week, and I really appreciate your support and if you learned something new, go ahead and give this video a thumbs up. Thank you so much.

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Then I’m going to be closing this card down in the future because I do not like the service or credit card that they provide, and then that brings me on to the last reason there’s really zero reasons actually to open up this credit card. because they have a lot of unfortunate things that are not very good.First the rewards, you don’t get a lot of reward points per dollar spent. I’m going to show you another screenshot here just so you can see what I mean by that. You’re looking at the points value versus what we’re spending on this card, and obviously with this card, we’re spending a lot more than what is on the card. Let’s put one more example here. So, this is the points value versus our spending on this card: $0.50 point value for every dollar spent, and I want to show you what that looks like here just in case you don’t know how to read these points values.