Work Life Balance Tips 2022 - Working/Traveling in 100+ Countries!


After visiting more than 100 different countries, and helping build one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, which was a fully remote and eight-figure business. In this video, today, I’m going to share everything I’ve learned on my journey of working and traveling around the world. And I’m going to show you how you can also construct your own life of work-life balance. So let’s dig into what I’ve learned. And the top five things I’ve learned for optimizing work and life balance. So one of the most valuable assets we have in our life is time. And this is probably something that we don’t actually spend enough of time auditing. So every month or every quarter, I recommend people create a spreadsheet and document every hour or every few hours of time that they spend, what tasks are doing what’s taken a lot of their time, maybe you’re spending time on stuff that you could easily outsource or automate. 


And essentially, this spreadsheet will give you a clear indicator of the things you’re doing. And then ranking those things on which things you like to do, and which things you absolutely hate doing. And then you can allocate how much it would cost to outsource that task that you don’t like doing. Once you have those 10 or 15 things you’re doing every week, you’ll be able to clearly see, okay, I hate doing this. It’s only $5 an hour to outsource. So I’m going to essentially, outsource or automate this task, and essentially buy back more of that free time that you have. So this is going to be something that is absolutely essential. And I suggest people do this at least once a quarter to figure out what they’re wasting their time on, and what can be easily outsourced or automated. So one of the examples that I love to share is I have a private chef because I don’t like cooking, it takes up a lot of time to go grocery shopping to prepare meals to figure out all this stuff. And at the end of the day, I end up eating more healthily, I end up saving a lot of time. And overall, it’s just a win-win for my situation. Again, not everyone can afford a private chef. So what are some other alternative options, whether you’re doing a meal delivery service, where this meal delivery service just drops off your meals for the day, and you’re going to be eating a little bit healthier, you’re not going to have to waste time on going out to eat, shopping, cooking, preparing and cleaning.

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The other option is to do meal prep, a lot of people love doing this once a week, you’re preparing your meals for the week, on Sunday, you’re spending four or five hours, and you’re gonna create every meal you have for the next week, and so on. So there’s some sort of level that’s going to make sense for everyone. And essentially, this is optimizing your time to not have to spend two to three hours doing something that I personally don’t like, and isn’t bringing me a huge ROI. So that extra time can spend allocated to things that are going to bring me a lot more money into my business. And this is essentially why that time audit is so important. So after you’ve done this time audit, I recommend trying to one automate first, because that’s gonna be the cheapest and usually the easiest option, there’s gonna be things that are a lot easier to automate in your day-to-day tasks, but there’s gonna be some things that are almost impossible. If you can’t automate it, then I suggest outsourcing it to an agency, a freelancer, or a 1099 employee. And if for whatever reason you can’t do that, then I suggest hiring somebody into the house full time to go ahead and take care of that, whether that’s a full-time employee or a part-time employee, that’s going to be the recommended areas of progression that is going to achieve the best results for automating outsourcing and then essentially hiring in house. So a lot of people ask me how I’m able to balance work and travel, I travel a lot. And if you’ve seen my travel itineraries, you might be a little bit amazed at how I’m able to get anything done. 


The way I’m able to do this is I’ve outsourced and automated a lot of things to keep things in my businesses. The other thing is, a lot of times I like to pick a travel hub. And for me, that’s Georgia, I’m spending a lot of time here, and when I’m here, my routine is extremely optimized, I’m able to really work and expand my businesses. And then when I’m traveling, I’m usually taking weekend trips, I’m taking shorter trips from this travel hub, instead of being on the road for three or four months, I have a travel hub, and then I take short trips from that travel hub, that’s gonna be the best option for the majority of people. Because if you’re trying to travel and work at the same time, you’re most likely not going to be successful at both of those things. It’s really hard to multitask. And again, if you have a travel hub, you’re still going to be able to dedicate your time to travel, and 100% of that travel, you’re just going to be able to enjoy it. And then when you’re back in your hub, you’re going to be easily into your routine and you’re going to focus on working and growing your businesses. 

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So everyone needs some me time and I highly suggest scheduling at least one or two days a week most likely going to be Saturday and Sunday when you’re going to be doing activities that are going to give you a bit more refreshment, going to the spa going hiking going on a walk, doing some sort of activity that’s not going to leave you when you come back to Monday more burnt out. So party drinking all that stuff can be fun. But again, a lot of times by Monday morning, you’re more tired than when the weekend began. So you want to find some activities, some meet time where you’re not in front of a screen, you’re not in front of your phone, you’re doing something that’s going to make your life healthier, and going to refresh you for when Monday comes around the corner. And number five, you need to have hobbies and your lifestyle, because these hobbies are going to challenge you outside of your business or outside of your job. So I suggest having a hobby that’s going to make you happy, healthy, and wealthy, these three hobbies are going to be stuff that you absolutely love doing. So it’s not going to feel like work. But you want to find something where you can challenge yourself. So let’s say, for example, it’s going to the gym, this is something that I absolutely love doing. 


Every time I go to the gym, I’m challenging myself to hit new milestones to hit new benchmarks, maybe it’s gonna be a heavier lift, maybe it’s gonna be spending more time swimming in the pool, maybe it’s good to be spending, you know, X amount of hours per week doing this hobby. So whatever it is, make sure you’re challenging yourself and those hobbies. Some of the other things I love doing that make me happy are just traveling spending time with friends, hosting events, and going to events, again, these things are going to sometimes have things that make you happy, healthy, and wealthy at the same time. So that’s why I love networking because it kind of checks a lot of boxes for me. And then lastly, I’m obsessed with online marketing and entrepreneurship. So I’m reading a lot of books, I’m taking a lot of programs, and I’m also watching a lot of YouTube videos to learn more about this industry. So these are three of the hobbies that I love, you have to try out a lot of things to see what’s going to work for you. But again, playing sports, going to meetups, and figuring out some way to stay educated, whether that’s going to webinars, seminars, or watching YouTube videos. Again, a lot of this stuff isn’t super expensive, you can go for a walk outside, or you can get into hiking for free. If you can’t afford a gym membership. There’s every level of hobby and there’s every level of expense. But again, there are some key benefits to having these more expensive hobbies, because it’s gonna have a barrier to entry. This is a reason why golf courses or country clubs are so popular for businessmen it takes a little bit of time and money to get started. And the people who are going to be going to these country clubs have at least an average salary to where they’re able to afford a membership, they’re able to afford all the expensive gear. So there are some really great aspects to figuring out hobbies that are going to actually help your business and help your personal growth. So I’m curious what are some of the ways that you’ve been able to balance work and life balance? Make sure you leave a comment below and let me know which ways you’re able to achieve your own work-life balance. Again, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell notification icon to get alerted about the new videos I’m coming out with almost every day. Take care and thanks again.

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