Traveling To All 50 States: Everything You Need To Know

Hello readers! Today’s post will cover the exciting topic of visiting all fifty states, as I’ve done exactly this.

I kicked off my challenge of visiting all fifty in 2012, intending to step foot in all of them by the age of thirty.

Visiting All 50 States: My Guidelines

I came up with the idea of visiting all fifty states before thirty on my own. At the time, I had not yet read my first travel blog or book.

For a visit to count, I needed to at least step foot or be in transit through it for hours. A layover at an airport without leaving didn’t count!

Now that you know how this slightly crazy idea of visiting all fifty states came about, some of you might be wondering, “Mischa, how did you pay and plan for this?”

Let me break it down:

First, my job in childcare allows me all holidays off. Second, I take a few extra days off around a holiday to maximize my travel time. Third, I stay in hostels or motels to cut costs.

I also use public transportation, redeem train or airline miles, use cash-back credit cards with generous signup bonuses, and strictly limit spending on going out when I’m not traveling.

Traveling To All 50: The States Themselves

Now that you have some background on my domestic travels, I will list the states in the order in which I’ve visited them.