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Have You Ever Dreamed Of Traveling The World? Are You Struggling to Save Enough Money to Fulfill That Dream?

Now You Can Discover The AMAZING, Tested, and PROVEN Strategies To Travel For FREE!

Here’s the deal.

Having a dream is great. But what happens if that dream continues to be JUST OUT OF REACH? It’s frustrating. If only you could find a way to make world travel more affordable!

You’d probably be jet-setting around the world and never look back. That’s what I did. And I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now.

And I want to share the secrets I’ve learned about how to TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR FREE! Imagine:

Life Changing Experiences – The world is teeming with wonder and awe. Everywhere you go there’s something to take your breath away. These experiences will motivate you to continue on a journey of wanderlust and success! Opening your eyes and expanding your horizons are some of the great perks that come with travel.

Connecting With Other Cultures & Personal Development – There are so many amazing people that I have connected with during my travels. People that have help me grow as an indiviual and have become life-long friends! Getting outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to create a mindset where I know I can acheive anything! 

Creating Memories Forever – Beautiful parks, captivating scenery, amazing people and once in a lifetime experiences like swimming with sharks, eating pizza in Italy or staying in the Maldives for FREE. If you’ve ever traveled outside the U.S. before, you already know there are so many wonderful, incredible people and experiences waiting to be discovered out there. Each destination is a wealth of new memories waiting to be forged into your life.

Sharing These Experiences – Friends, family, and even coworkers will be riveted to your every word, your every recollection. You’ll be an inspiration in your own manner and will have all the tools to create your own path to success fulled with trips to your next exoctic location. 

“But world travel isn’t for everyone.” -WRONG

That’s what you’ve been made to think, isn’t it? If you’re like me, you assume the jet-setting, world-traveling lifestyle is reserved for the uber-wealthy, the trust-fund kids, or the lucky few who either won the lottery or invented the Next Big Thing.

Space Is Limited, Apply Today!


World Travel Is For ANYONE! And I’ll Give You The Key Secrets To Help You Enjoy This New Lifestyle!

Hello. I’m Mike Swigunski. I’m a #1 bestselling travel author whose story and business has been featured on some of the world’s most elite publications, including Forbes and Entrepreneur. I’ve been traveling the world for next to nothing for over 10 years and now I am teaching others how to do it too!

travel hacking how to travel for free

Here Is What Some of My Students Had to Say About the Travel Hacking Masterclass...

Richelle is a recent graduate of the Travel Hacking Masterclass and shares her experience and some of the initial hesitations and fears she had before joining the program. After completing the travel hacking masterclass, Richelle was thrilled with everything she learned and even wrote a full in-depth review that you can view by clicking right here. Richelle said, “Since I’ve just finished the Global Career: Travel Hacking Masterclass, I’ve researched my credit score and what types of cards I’m interested in (mainly ones with lots of miles and points, free checked bags, and free airport lounge access).”

Alan recently completed the Global Career, Travel Hacking Masterclass and has already started implementing what he learned. In less than two weeks, Alan completed the full travel hacking masterclass and did not waste any time to start implementing what he learned. As soon as he finished, he booked a FREE Flight to Tulum, Mexico with only points. Watch the video on the side to hear exactly what Alan had to say about his experience with the travel hacking masterclass! 


Meet Your Instructor, Mike!

As of writing this today, I’ve traveled to over 100 countries, visiting hundreds of cities, toured the countryside of some of the most incredibly beautiful landscapes, and I’ve got something I want to share with you.

I didn’t win the lottery. My numbers didn’t “come up” and allow me to travel at will. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I’m not a trust fund baby. I do work hard, but more importantly, I paid attention to some of the details that most others miss.

It’s been these details that have provided me the opportunity to travel to all of these places, to live a life of luxury in some of the most exquisite five-star resorts, fly first class, and not have to save for 5 or 10 years just to do it once.

I’ve been doing it over and over and over.

The techniques I’ve developed during these years allow me to continue traveling to some of the most exclusive destinations in the world, relishing in the pampered service of exquisite hotels and resorts, plenty of legroom on flights, and being treated like a millionaire. In fact, these techniques I’ve developed over the years has allowed me to earn more than $150,000 in free travel.

The press is starting to take notice and I am currently a contributor for Entrepreneur.com and have shared my opinions and thoughts on multiple aspects regarding travel and remote work. Curious what my presentations are like? You can watch my Entrepreneur.com webinar here.

I’ve also accumulated millions of frequent-flier miles. At the moment, I have logged more than 1,500,000 Million Frequent Flyer miles and points in my life. Trust me, I know how to make it work!


Outsmart The Travel Industry! Use Their Offers To YOUR Benefit!

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Those Credit Card Miles And Special Offers Are Meant To Lure You In!

Turn Them Into POWERFUL Opportunities To Save Money And Get FREE Travel, Stay In The Finest Resorts, And See More Of The World Than You Ever Thought Possible!

All those special promotions, airline miles credit card company offers, and numerous other opportunities are in abundance. They’re designed to grab you, lure you in, and get you to sign up with their company. Learn strategies that less than 1% of Credit Card users actually figure out in a streamlined fashion.

The problem is most people never capitalize on them. Or they don’t know-how.

Enjoying complimentary champagne on one of the world’s most luxurious business class flights: Qatar Airways! This journey was 21+ hours long and was so much more enjoyable in business class.

My First International Trip Wasn't Until I Was An Adult...

When I was young, I wanted to travel. I mean, I wanted to travel the world. I didn’t step foot on an airplane until I was almost 18, though. My mother and father both worked extremely hard and yes, we still went on the occasional 15-hour road trip from Missouri to Florida.

Vacations during my childhood were special treats. They usually consisted of a 15 hour road trip to the beaches of Florida and let me tell you … for a Missouri kid, spotting the ocean for the first time was stunning. I never got to travel out of the country or head to Whistler for a weeklong snowboarding excursion. Don’t get me wrong: my childhood was awesome, but I dreamed of seeing more of the world from early on.

I would see commercials advertising incredible destinations. Exotic locations. Smiling vacationers in bikinis laughing and splashing along white sandy beaches with turquoise water in the background.

In school, when we studied geography and was fascinated with the breadth of possibility, wonder, and beauty that existed throughout the world.
I wanted to see it for myself.

When I finally graduated and started working, I quickly realized why my parents both held down jobs and worked 50, 60 hours a week just to support us.
It’s not easy to survive and try to squeeze in travel.

Not in today’s economy.

Quickly, those simple dreams of being able to travel the world, see the sights, explore exotic locations, meet amazing people … seemed a distant, elusive hope.
But I was determined. I’ve been told over and over that if you have a dream and want to see it realized, you have to go grab it.

That’s when I began investigating ways to travel for less. What I soon discovered was that it’s possible to not just travel for less, but to travel for free!

That’s right…I said FREE! And you’re probably still thinking…

It Can’t Be Possible To Travel For Free! If It Was, Why Aren’t More People Doing It?

Some are, but the reason more aren’t is because few people know about these techniques.

Still don’t believe me? Let’s hear what Sarah had to say about Global Career University:

"Global Career University is a fantastic opportunity for you to travel the world for practically free. In less than 14 days, you will learn the proven techniques to earn up to $10,000 in free travel. The instructor, Mike Swigunski is a #1 bestselling travel author and has had his story featured on multiple publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and he is very excited to share his travel hacking techniques with you. Some of the great things that you will be taught are: A Unique Eighty-Twenty Travel Hacking Technique, How to Fly for Free, and so much more!"

Sarah’s not alone in her experience. That’s because once you discover the ‘secrets’ to better travel (and for free), you’ll be encouraged to keep going! The truth is, these aren’t ‘secrets’ in the sense that only a select few have access to. They’re ‘secrets’ because it’s not easy to find them, but they’re available to everyone.

I found them. And I’m offering to share them all with you.

Where Would You Travel If It Was Free?

Almost Anything Is Possible When You Know How To Travel For Practically Free!

Below is an example of a recent international trip from South America to Spain for two people in Business Class on Iberia! The total trip only cost $135 in fees and 85,000 miles which is an extremely good value!

Flying First Class on the Emirates A380 equipped with a private suite, full bar, and on-board shower was a crazy good redemption! 

The above photo is one of the best redemptions out there and for a 30+ Hour Journey from Dubai to the USA, it only cost 70,000 points to fly in a fully converted bed seat on Qatar’s Q-Suite. 

Flying First Class On The Famous Emirates A380 from New York City to Dubai

Emirates A380 Bar

Or there was that one time I flew from the USA to Sydney, Australia and decided to have a FREE 3-day “layover” in Hawaiiall for $32!

I didn’t start traveling for free right away. The strategies, techniques, and “insider secrets” I’ve learned took time, but within a week you will learn my tactics to start booking flights like the examples above!

They aren’t right out there, exposed for everyone to see. However, they are available for everyone to take advantage of. That’s what I teach in my Travel Hacking Masterclass: to put you on the best track so you can start traveling to almost endless destinations for as long as you want.

Why Offer This To Everyone?

The primary motivation behind my #1 best selling book: Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever was to share my experiences and help other have an alternative path to choose from in life. I believe it’s important to share the things we learn with others and that is one of the reasons I love teaching!

I’m excited to share my travel hacking techniques with you. In less than two weeks (that’s 14 quick days), you could quickly take advantage of the travel hacking techniques to earn up to $10,000 in free travel!

So NOW is the time to lock it in.

Oh, in case you’re wondering...

Mike Swigunski Bestseller

Never Worry About How Much That Next Trip Might Cost!

Let’s be straightforward and honest for a moment: how long does it take you to save up for a nice vacation (either by yourself or with family)?

Six months? A year? Two years? Longer?

The average family of 4 will scrimp and save for their “dream vacation” for nearly 5 years before they can actually take it.

Most of that expense is the direct result of air travel and hotel accommodations.

Only 3 Spots Remaining:


Take The Expense, Doubt, And Frustration Out Of Your Travel Plans And Keep More Money In Your Pocket To Actually Enjoy Your Entire Stay!

I’m More Than Just A Travel Expert: I am Also A Skilled Teacher!

I am no stranger to teaching. I’ve taught at multiple universities around the world thanks to my traveling opportunities. I’ve met incredible people, laughed with them, shared life and time with them, and had thousands of conversations I cherish.

I’ve also made dozens of presentations, hundreds of speeches, and talked at countless conferences, seminars, and other occasions on a wide range of topics.

Because of that direct experience, I have put together this Travel Hacking Masterclass with the express purpose of helping you get an incredibly fast Return On Investment (ROI) … all within just 2 short weeks!

I've Earned More Than $150,000 in FREE Travel Over the Past 10-Years and Want to Share My Technique:

Mike Swigunski Press mentions

This Masterclass Was Designed Especially To Dive Right Into The Meat Of The Subject So You Can Start Taking Advantage Of FREE Travel Opportunities Almost Immediately!

That’s right. I designed this Travel Hacking Masterclass in such a way that almost right away you could begin capitalizing on the opportunities available and begin planning your next travel experience.

Here Is What You Will Learn In The Travel Hacking Masterclass:

Master My Travel Hacking Technique in 14-Days GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back!

The Unique 80/20 Travel Hacking Technique. This is my unique design that is specifically engineered to help you save time and money when planning your travel-related itinerary and expenses. Get the low down on exactly what this technique is right away so you can begin putting it to effective use for your own future travel plans. In fact, I’m highly confident that this 80/20 Travel Hacking Technique is so good you’ll start using it for more than just vacation travel!

Credit Card Hacking. Nothing I teach is illegal and I would never advocate for any such behavior in any way, shape, or form. However, credit card companies make billions of dollars marketing to the masses. Often, the ‘special offers’ and ‘flyer miles’ go unclaimed. In fact, many people simply don’t even realize they are accumulating these free miles or they might not know how to redeem them. I’ll show you how to take advantage of the best offers, what to look for, how to protect your credit score while using credit cards to acquire flyer miles, and how to even get bumped up into First Class from economy class for FREE!

Achieving Hotel and Airline Status. If you have no idea what that means, you’re in for an amazing treat. During my travels, I’ve met thousands upon thousands of people and almost none of them have any idea about what achieving “Status” for hotels and airlines is all about. It’s one of the most powerful and effective tools a frequent traveler has that can earn them free lodging, even at the most exclusive 4 and 5-star resorts.

How to Redeem Points for Maximum Value. If you know anything about frequent flyer miles or credit card points, you may simply assume that 10,000 points means you can redeem them for 10,000 points. In other words, isn’t that already maxed out? Absolutely not! In fact, most people throw away most of their points because they aren’t paying attention to the fine print. I will teach you how to squeeze every point for maximum value. That’s one of the key secrets to earning free travel over and over and over again.

A Stellar Blueprint for Selecting the Best Credit Card for You. There are hundreds of credit cards out there…so, how can you choose the best credit card that will give you the maximum points possible to help you earn more travel? I’ll share with you all of the information I’ve gathered over these many years so you can put the best credit cards to work for you right away.

Strategies to Improve Your Credit Score While Earning Free Travel! No matter what your credit score is right now, I’m certain it can be better. I have a credit score over 813. Yes, I’m one of the rare individuals who can claim that, but it didn’t come around by accident. Not only have I used the right basic strategies to help improve it, but I’ve also actually put free travel to work for me in boosting that score to its highest possible rating. I’ll show you how it’s possible to achieve the same type of score!

The Most Effective Way to Book Cheap Flights and Hotels without Points for Miles. The more you know about how to book cheap flights and hotels, the more you will save. That’s because when you book these cheap flights and hotels, it offers a great bargaining point for some of the other techniques I present.

Some of the Most Potent and Useful Travel Tips and Tricks. I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travel. There are so many simple things people easily overlook that make their travel more exhausting, stressful, and difficult. If you were to eliminate just 50 percent of all that stress, guess what? You would have a more enjoyable experience and simply want to travel more while working less. With these amazing travel tips and tricks, you can reach that point, too.

My Personal Travel Hacking Resources and Essentials. Over these 10+ years, I have acquired a massive catalog of amazing resources and essential connections, insider tips, and travel hacking resources I am ready and willing to share with you. You will discover these and have access to all of this when you take my Travel Hacking Masterclass.

Global Career Private Community (Members Only). Once you join, you’ll have exclusive access to our private community where you can ask any travel hacking questions and get access to the most up-to-date resources. I’ll also be hosting monthly Q&As to answer any travel hacking questions!

I'll Be Here Helping You At Every Step:

Taj Mahal Mike Swigunski

Yes, I’m Ready To FINALLY Discover The Most Efficient And Effective Way To Travel More (And For FREE)!

The World Is Waiting … Isn’t It Time You Took Advantage Of These Incredible Opportunities To See The World?

In Less Than 2 Weeks You Can Be Taking FULL Advantage Of Up To $10,000 In FREE Travel, To Almost Any Destination In The World!

14-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

You read that right: I GUARANTEE you’ll be so thrilled by the information I present and realize just how much FREE travel you can get (see below for details).

Is This Course Really For You? Or Is It Designed For People With More Financial Means?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how much you earn; if you want to travel … and travel for free, this course was designed for you!

Although, it was specifically designed for American Citizens:

Anyone Who Wants to Travel for Free. If you were offered a free dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the country, no strings attached, would you take it? Most of us would. That’s because we understand free is good. There are so many free travel opportunities out there, but most people simply don’t know anything about them. They don’t even know where to look.

Adventurers Who Are Seeking Longer-Term Travel. Whether you’re just out of high school, in your 20s, a retiree, or any age in between, if you want to take advantage of traveling for months on end, this course is perfect for you. That’s because I will show you how to make your money stretch further than you ever thought possible. Turn that two-week dream vacation into a three or four-month adventure!

Anyone Interested in Luxury Travel at a Discount Rates. Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy some of the most luxurious accommodations, including air travel, all at a discount rate? While you can certainly travel free to almost anywhere in the world with my Travel Hacking techniques and strategies, anyone interested in luxury travel can save money, even enjoying a 3, 4, or 5-star resort for 1 and 2-star prices.

Business Travelers Who Want to Maximize Their Current Structure. As a business traveler, you’re likely accumulating (or have the potential to accumulate) hundreds of thousands or even millions of frequent flyer or travel points! Yet, are you taking full advantage of all those points you have to offer? Very few (even seasoned) business travelers are. I will explain how to maximize your current business travel structure so you can capitalize on more free travel, upgrades, and opportunities…all without wasting time!

Budget Travelers Wanting to Learn the Secrets and Insights to Travel Around the World. Maybe your dream of traveling the world has only seemed just that: a dream. Perhaps it’s something you and your spouse talk about for the future, during your “retirement years.” Why wait? This Travel Hacking Masterclass will give you all of the information, tips, and resources so you can begin as a world traveler now.

Time Waits For No One, So Don’t Miss This Amazing LIMITED TIME Offer To Get The TRAVEL HACKING MASTERCLASS For An Incredibly Low Price!

Two Weeks: You’ll Never Get Those 14 Days Back. Now Is The Time To Start Your NEW Life As A World Traveler And Enjoy The Most Amazing Destinations Around The Planet!

Two weeks. Your next paycheck. A tennis tournament. It’s that brief an amount of time, and in just those simple 14 days you could have all the information you need to begin traveling the world, enjoying the things you always dreamed of doing and being the envy of all your family and friends.
There is simply no reason to wait. This special offer for the Travel Hacking Masterclass is only for a limited time. 10+ years of direct, hands-on experience is packed into this 14-day course.

And, at the end of those 14 days, you will be able to immediately take full advantage of the techniques to earn up to $10,000 in free travel.

The Stunning Benefits This Travel Hacking Masterclass Offers!

I loaded so much information, techniques, strategies, tips, and information into this Travel Hacking Masterclass that you will be reaping the benefits for years and years to come.

Some of those benefits include:

Step by Step Guide to Learning These Proven Techniques. So many of the techniques and strategies I’ve gained over the course of all my travels took years and years to develop. I have aligned them in an easy to follow step-by-step guide so you can begin putting them to use right away.

Learn the Techniques to Earn Up to $10,000 in Free Travel. This is no joke. When you complete this Travel Hacking Masterclass, you will immediately be able to start earning up to $10,000 in free travel. That’s right! You can start traveling for free in no time.

Maximize Your Points to Get the Best Value. You will be absolutely stunned at how much more you can get out of your credit card and airline points when you know how to maximize them. It not uncommon for me to get 4x or 5x the normal redemption rates!

Become a Better Traveler and Learn to Travel Long Term. The more experience you have as a traveler, the smoother it becomes. The smoother your travel is, the more enjoyable it is.

Improve Your Credit Score at a Safe Pace. There are plenty of scams out there promising tips and resources and strategies to improve your credit score in just a matter of weeks, but you need to be careful. I’ll show you tried and true techniques that will get your credit score climbing at a safe pace.

Get Status and Travel Perks for Free. There are so many travel perks out there just waiting to be snagged and I will show you where they hide and how to grab them.

Access The Best Travel Resources. When you take this Travel Hacking Masterclass, you will have immediate and direct access to some of the most amazing travel resources I’ve come across in over 10 years.

A Monthly Q&A with Me. You will probably have questions, need personal direction, and with your full purchase of the Travel Hacking Masterclass, you’ll get that opportunity with me each month.

An Exclusive and Private Group Just for Students. My private group is designed exclusively for students of the Travel Hacking Masterclass. It’s an amazing community of like-minded individuals who can share their own insights that could help you become an even more seasoned traveler.

I Know How to Use the Internet. Why Would I need a Course?

Yes, it’s the 21st century and you know how to use the internet already. You can find out some decent information. There are thousands of resources. But a lot of it’s outdated, scattered, or only provide bits-and-pieces of what you really need. Global Career University’s Travel Hacking Masterclass provides a step-by-step process and direct access from an industry expert who is living and breathing this life on a daily basis.

Why Is This Course So Expensive?

I Am Not Rich!

This is one of the few Masterclasses out there that guarantees you will get a return on your investment (ROI) of up to $10,000 in free travel. You don’t need to win the lottery or invent the next “big thing” to begin traveling the world at your leisure.

Considering all the resources, information, tips, strategies, and techniques I offer, this course is a bargain. And, it’s only for a limited time!

If you truly want to learn to earn up to $10,000 in free travel today, it’s a small investment to take advantage of that … plus the countless savings you’ll enjoy year after year after year add up!

I Only Get Two-Weeks of Vacation, Is This Right For Me?

Whether it’s 2-weeks or 2 years, my unique travel hacking technique will work for any person dreaming of any length of travel! If you’re interested in transitioning toward a remote career or an online job, I’ll be launching a Remote Life Masterclass in 2020, but if you can’t wait you can always schedule a consulting call with me today.

I am Scared of Using Credit Cards Online or Hurting my Credit Score.

I’ve spent years building up my credit score to an 813/850 and I want to show you how to do the same. You can actually improve your credit score while traveling for free. But you need to be careful! I’ll show you tried and true techniques that will get your credit score climbing at a safe pace.

You May Worry About The Time Commitment Or Wonder Whether This Will Actually Work!

Hey, I get it. I do. But here’s the thing: I offer a complete money-back guarantee for this course. If, at any time during the 14-day course you don’t think it’s right for you, you aren’t gaining any information that can help you, then let me know.

You don’t get that kind of guarantee with almost anything else, especially travel.

As far as the timeframe of the course, as I mentioned, two weeks will be over in the blink of an eye. Two weeks from now, when you think about this Travel Hacking Masterclass and that you didn’t take advantage of it when you have a chance, you might just see $10,000 in free travel flying right out your window.

Don’t Let That Happen, Take Advantage Of This Travel Hacking Masterclass At This Incredible Low Price Now!

What Payment Methods and Credit Cards Do You Accept?

We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diner’s Club are all accepted. You can also use your PayPal Business Debit or PayPal Credit.

Will My Payment Be Secure?

Absolutely. As a highly seasoned and experienced traveler, I take personal security seriously. All pages, including payment pages on this site are encrypted with 128-bit SSL security. That is the highest level of online security available.

We do not store your credit card number or any other credit card information, including the CVV code (credit card security code) on any of our servers. The payment processor only generates a “token” that gives us permission to complete the payment.

If using PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal server to complete the process.

What Kind of Course Is The Travel Hacking Masterclass?

It is a carefully planned and designed video-guided course with in-depth video tutorials, screen-shares, and written assets. You will also discover numerous other resources included, such as diagrams, infographics, templates, and more.

Space Is Limited. Get Your Reservation For This Once-In-A-Lifetime Travel Hacking Masterclass Now!

Access to this Travel Hacking Masterclass will be closing soon. Only a few spots remain open! Because of the incredible response we’ve had (I can’t believe it’s booking up already!), it’s unclear when or if another course opportunity will be made available.

Still not convinced or have questions? Send me a Direct Message on my Instagram @MikeSwigunski or get in touch directly via email to [email protected]