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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Now with the global career university travel hacking masterclass I’ll teach you the same unique techniques to learn how to travel for free and earn up to five thousand dollars in free travel all for what an average student spends on a semester of textbooks now with the global crew university you’ll be on your way to learning everything you need to know about travel now before you go over to check out global career University I want to just tell you a little bit more information about myself there’s so many random internet gurus out there making crazy bold claims but they’re actually far from experts in their field currently I’m a number one best-selling travel author with my book global career how to work anywhere and travel forever my story’s been featured in multiple prestigious publications like Forbes comm Yahoo and I’m also contributor for entrepreneur calm in addition to this I’m no stranger to teaching I’ve taught thousands of different students over the year through multiple universities around the world and I’m really excited for you to join the global career University as one of my students I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you go ahead and sign up for Global Career University today.

Hey everyone before we dive into the Global Career University to curriculum I just wanted to share a little bit more information about myself I think it’s really important for people to build trust before they jump into a course and I wanted to go over a few of my accomplishments and kind of a little bit more about my background like I mentioned earlier I have published a number one best-selling travel book called global career how to work anywhere and travel forever as you can see here the ratings have been very positive and its received a lot of great feedback so if you haven’t been over to the global career book website you can see some of the the things that it’s offered and some of the other press mentions and some of the other services I offer like coaching consulting and speaking and things like that so if you have time make sure to check that out if you’re hesitant to join the global career University this is a great place to start you can read a little bit more about why I started it and what’s going to be included in it as well so as you can see here like I did mention.

It has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes com. It’s really cool to see you know I might like one of my photos on the front page of Forbes, the entrepreneur teaching travelers how to enjoy a global career. At the same time, on the move, I think the thing that is important here is that this is a very exciting time. It’s easier now than ever to travel and work remotely. I think it’s going to continue getting easier, but now is a great time to learn about this and start making moves to either working or traveling abroad, so as you can see here, I am a contributor for entrepreneur calm. I’ve written multiple articles. I even recently had a webinar that was published. It was really cool I’ve been on the front page with Elon Musk as you can see here I’m sharing the front page with Elon Musk is a big accomplishment in the webinar was also really beneficial; I’ve had dozens of people reached out to me afterward saying how valuable it was for them.

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So if you do have any hesitation, I would really like you to get in touch with me and just kind of ease those tensions or ease those hesitations. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn or reach out to me directly on Instagram. As you can see here, I’m fairly active love posting photos of my travels. I would like to hear from you if you have any hesitation before joining the global queer University so feel free to get in touch send me a direct message on Instagram, or feel free send me a message on LinkedIn at this point I’m sure you’re wondering what you’re going to learn in the global Cru University and especially in the travel hacking masterclass the courses of the combination of videos text blog posts and also audio recordings that are going to give you a step-by-step process to earn up to five thousand dollars in free travel, so a lot of people get held back is with credit cards. Travel hacking is they think they’re going to have to go into serious debt.

Or they think they’re gonna ruin their credit score and these two things couldn’t be further from the truth I have an 815 credit score and I have zero dollars in debt so now I’m just going to take you through the curriculum and showcase kind of what you’ll learn in each module so at the beginning I’ll give a quick introduction to global career University you know my background has been teaching universities I’ve taught at the University of Missouri I’ve taught in the Czech Republic and Prague and I’ve done a number of other teachings throughout the world through seminars workshops and I even got to teach in a castle before which was really cool experience so in addition to this I’ll be giving an introduction and then we’ll move on to just a short welcome about the global Korea University the next module will be a discussion on the unique 8020 travel hacking technique that I’ve developed over the years basically this technique is something that I’ve utilized to give you the most amount of benefit with the least amount of effort so this is not something that you’re gonna need to be spending hours and hours researching I’m gonna have it all laid out for you and you can kind of have that foundation.

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But that’s gonna get you 80% of the benefits using this unique travel hacking technique the next module is gonna be about credit card hacking this is essentially gonna showcase you how to travel for free especially how to fly for free so one of the best redemptions with credit card rewards is for flights and this module is going to show you everything you need to know about getting the best credit cards and setting up which credit cards to showcase how you can fly for free and you’ll be on an international first-class flight in no time so the following section after that is reaching status on airlines and hotels I do have diamond and gold status on a lot of hotels and I’ll showcase how you can do the same for airlines hotels or any other type of travel that you’re looking to really take advantage of and get the best impact whether that’s with complimentary breakfast lounge access I also get free upgrades pretty much in every Hotel I stay in and then the next section is also very important it’s the redeeming points for maximum value I consistently see people lacing their points.

They’ve spent a lot of money to get these points, or they’ve traveled all over the place just to go and use it on a gift card or even cash back, but 99% of the time, using it before travel is going to be the best valuation. It’s good to give you so much more value for your points, and I’ll showcase some of the examples. Some of the techniques you can use to make sure you’re getting the maximum value out of your credit cards and out of your points. The following module is about choosing the best credit card that’s right for you. Hence, there’s a lot of options out there, and I’ll showcase a journey or a map that will help you kind of select which credit cards to choose. I’ll discuss some of my favorite credit cards and why I use them those days, and then like I mentioned earlier, you can improve your credit score while earning free travel. I’m going to showcase to you how I’ve been able to build up an 815 credit score out of 850. It’s a very good accomplishment.

It’s a perfect score, so I’ll be able to showcase how you’re able to improve your credit score over time. All the techniques to make sure that when you’re doing this, you’re not affecting it or negatively impacting your credit score, and then after that, we’ll go over a module that’s about booking cheap flights and hotels without points or miles, so maybe you’ve run out of points, or you just went on a big trip. However, you still want to get a good deal on a flight, or you want to stay at a hotel for the weekend that’s not going to break the bank, I’ll showcase some of my unique techniques and strategies to get the best deals on flights and hotels and Airbnb and other accommodation throughout the world after that I’ll go through some of the travel tips and tricks that I’ve picked up from ten years of travel there are so many things that have just you know when I look back to when I first started traveling that I was doing wrong. I was just making things more complicated more stressful.

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Just not having the most efficient travel, so now I want to showcase that you’re having the best travel possible, and this module will do a lot just making you a better traveler. Then the next module is called all my travel hacking resources and essentials. I use many tools and software that are primarily free to elevate my travel and get the most benefit out of it. They make things easier they help me stay more organized. It’s something that I guarantee will make your travel a lot more efficient and more fun, and then lastly, the vault will be in an area where I’ll have guest interviews with other travel experts.

I’ll also put in some of my other presentations, webinars, and other resources that will help in your journey to just travel hacking, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me there are so many places you can reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram or anywhere please don’t hesitate if you do have any interest in this course go ahead and sign up I guarantee you won’t be disappointed there is a 14-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like the course if you’re not getting good value out of it or if it’s just not a good fit then we’ll give you your money back over the past ten years that I’ve utilized this technique I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in free travel and there’s no reason you can’t either like I mentioned there is a 14-day money-back guarantee so if you’re not happy with the course if you don’t feel like you’re getting ROI you’ll be able to get your money back so go ahead and get started today and join the global career University.

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