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Being able to 10x your current business sales with the use of a few software tools. Today, I’m going to talk about three AI software tools to drastically grow your sales. And to increase your business with a very small amount of expenditure, meaning you’re not going to need to spend 1000s and 1000s of dollars to 510 or 20x, your business, the software is extremely valuable for the type of work they’re going to implement. A lot of it is overhyped, but there’s a reason that so many people are talking about this. And there are absolutely some phenomenal tools that come into development that you can implement into your business today. Starting number one is a personalized video using artificial intelligence, meaning instead of having to record a video for each customer, to say thank you for using your product or service, you can record this video once and then utilize the features of artificial intelligence to insert custom names and fields. For example, this type of software can be great for reaching out to 1000s of new people, maybe it’s used for prospecting, you can start your video by saying, Hey, first name, why don’t you go ahead and take a look at our service, I think it would be a great fit for you for a reason X, Y, and Z. And then you can talk about why their business name should also be introduced to your service. And you can essentially do this at a big scale, instead of having to record 1000s of these videos, you can record one template, and utilize AI software to change the words that are coming out of your mouth. And it also changes the way that your mouth is moving to make it look like they’re saying their first name, or their last name, or whatever you want to fill in for that actual piece of information. So this can be great for outreach to get more sales, and get more people on the phone, let’s say somebody booked a call from you, and you can send a custom onboarding video that’s completely tailored for that individual. 

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Or number three, you can just thank your customers, it’s going to be a very appreciative thing to send individual customized videos to each one of your customers. And you can do this at a very large scale. So one of the software out there that you can use to do this is called beat And there are a lot of different options out there like Maverick, but I’m going to leave some of these URLs down in the description. So make sure you go and check there if you want to sign up and test some of these out. And the great thing is a lot of these are either free, they come with a free trial. Or you can go ahead and just use it for absolutely the next 30 days or so and try it out to see if it’s a good fit for your business. Software. Number two is Chet GPT. And there are so many cool features being built on top of this software. So if you haven’t signed up for open AI, I highly recommend testing it out. It’s free to use. But there are going to be a lot of cool interfaces being built on top of this revolutionary software, essentially chat GPT is you can put in a prompt a question or a lot of different details, and it will start auto-generating some information. Here’s a cool example that I like to do just ask it a random question and then see what it puts out. You can get it to write yourself a book, respond to an email, create a blog post, or do any number of things in your business. I think that chat GPT and a lot of this software are going to be great for improving your customer service responses. You know, you can implement it to your email software, or your customer service software to essentially expedite things and make things faster. A lot of times it takes a long time to write a creative and custom response to people. But you can use Chet GPT and other software to write a better response. 

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The other thing that I think is going to be great is for marketing emails, so ever get stuck with a headline or need some inspiration, you can use Chet GPT to come up with some inspiration to write your marketing emails. Or if you’re good at creating these prompts, you can just have it write the complete marketing email for you. And the number three reason that I think checking GPT is going to be very useful for business is it’s going to help you outline content strategy. So if you’re wanting to create new videos, or create new blog posts, I think it’s almost more powerful to help you do some research in a very short period or to help you build outlines. A lot of times that’s the process that I get stuck on. So it’s not going to be creating the actual script, but it’s going to help you come up with the inspiration to do that and help you create outlines to create a better piece of content. And the number three software that I recommend checking out is overdub, which is by D script. D script is an awesome AI platform that essentially you can pop a piece of video and it’ll automatically generate subtitles. And let’s say you’re creating a video and you had a big mistake where you said something wrong instead of flipping through the times

Sam is trying to find it. What you can do is you can search on D script, find this mistake, and then you can use overdub, to fix it without having to reshoot and without having to rerecord. It’s a very cool piece of software. And if you’re creating content, or if you’re thinking about creating content, I highly recommend checking out the scripts, because it really, really speeds up the film editing process, and also is going to help you if you want to just continue having your team create content for you, they can upload about 10 minutes of your voice. And then you essentially have full automation, let’s say you want to thank a customer, you can type out a script, and you can send that thank you, it’ll use AI intelligence to essentially take that script, put it in your voice, and then your team can send it out to individuals. There are a lot of different cool use cases for this. And this software is getting better by the day. The cool thing about this is, let’s say you wanted to have your team create a piece of content, you can essentially upload 10 minutes of your voice. And then they can type out anything that you want to send to a customer or new prospect. And they can essentially type that script out. It’ll record it in your voice without you having to do anything. And then you can send out that piece of content and that audio file as it was coming from you, which is a cool service. 

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And it’s going to be used in a lot of interesting ways to come. So keep an eye out for that there are three awesome ways to improve and start scaling your business using artificial intelligence. And again, I’ll leave all the information about these three applications that I mentioned in the video description below. Maybe you have an AI piece of software that you love using make sure to share it below as a comment. I’m releasing new videos every day, so make sure you subscribe and hit the bell notification icon to get alerted about when new videos go live.

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