The Future of Work is Not What You Think?
3 Toptal Insights for Remote Working

When the pandemic hit, the worldwide economy faced an unprecedented event that forever changed the course of the global workforce. When social distancing and masks became the norm, people started to find refuge in home offices and remote work. 


It is now more apparent than ever that remote work is here to stay. Most of us have already noticed how much more enjoyable remote work is as an employer and employee. The higher level of flexibility that comes with freelancing and remote work is also something that many have argued is the future of work.


The Future Of Work?

Remote working is here to stay and currently the present. You might be wondering then, if remote work is the present, then what’s the future? Well, I reached out to Toptal to collect some data points and try to find some trends. After pondering the past year, I think I have the future of work finally figured out, but more on that towards the end. 


Whether you love it or hate it, there are clear pros and cons to this new era of working; work is still going to be work. That being said, here are the latest trends in remote work, backed by data-driven points provided by Toptal.


What is Toptal?

Toptal is a vetted freelancing marketplace that matches up the top 3% of freelancers with leading brands and startups. They were founded in 2010 and have been supplying the workforce with some of the “Top Talent” all around the world!



1. Remote Jobs that are in High Demand



To help make the entire era of remote work more straightforward to understand, let’s look at it through the lens of the corporate office lifestyle that we are already familiar with. Imagine that you want to find a new corporate 9 to 5 job that will offer you the dependability and consistency you need to get a mortgage, get married, have kids, and save for retirement. 



If this were your primary goal, you would apply to companies that had a promise for the future. In hindsight, those who chose to work at power, car, food, and industrial companies proved to be the backbone of the US Workforce in the most dominating niches from the 50s to the beginning of the digital era. 

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In the modern world, we should apply this idea and focus on working in jobs that will be stable for the foreseeable future. According to Toptal’s exclusive data, they say the top five remote jobs in 2022 are: 



Most In-Demand Job Verticals At Toptal Ranked:



  1. Developers 
  2. Designers (UX/UI, etc.) 
  3. Finance Experts 
  4. Product Managers 
  5. Project Managers 


*Please note that Toptal has primarily been a platform focused on developers but continues to expand into non-technical roles. 



Most In-Demand Skills for Developers At Toptal Ranked:



  1. React 
  2. JavaScript 
  3. Python 
  4. WordPress 
  5. Node.js 


If you are looking to pursue freelance development, then learning one of the above skills will put you in a position to create more demand for your role in the freelance marketplace. 



There is More to it, Though!



In addition, landing a job with hard skills is only half the battle that you will face. It is best if you have remote work experiences and other vital “soft skills” like being a good team player, getting virtual collaboration, online meeting etiquette, excellent communication, and much more. 


Location independence is one of the most immediate benefits you can get as a remote freelance worker. If you have ever dreamed of traveling the world, this is an excellent means of doing so. In fact, you can be both successful and nomadic at the same time! 



2. Find Jobs that Pay Enough to Keep You Comfortable 



If you were to go back in time and try to make it to the brink of the boom of the corporate office lifestyle, you would have avoided applying to jobs that didn’t let you have enough income to support your kids, mortgage, retirement savings, and other expenses. Instead, you would have worked your way up the corporate ladder to get an excellent desk job that was envied by many. 

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When we apply this same thinking to the digital era, it becomes apparent that you no longer need to spend years at one company to get the income you need. Instead, anybody with the right skills can quickly find clients willing to pay you what you are worth.



Of course, many of these jobs do require you to put in some time to take classes and improve yourself before you are ready. According to Toptal, the best-paid roles can be found in the areas of Blockchain and Cloud-based DevOps. 



Being a WordPress Developer is likely the easiest for a beginner to pick up and master. However, learning React, Javascript, Python, and Node.js are other good options.



Earning is Only Part of the Equation!



In addition to getting lots of income, finding ways to invest your money and savings will help you grow the money you have coming in so that you can hatch more eggs down the line. From entry-level remote workers to top-tier billionaires, one thing that most successful people do is invest their money wisely. 



3. Define Your Hours Clearly & Be Productive



Things were a lot simpler back in the corporate office days. You had a set number of hours to show up each week. Not to mention, your productivity during these hours was hardly as relevant as it is today in the digital era. Instead, it would help if you focused on having precise hours of availability and being productive during these hours.



To make the income that people salivate over it requires having high-paying skills plus an evident work ethic to produce high-quality results. Your clients today will be focused on deliverables and meeting deadlines rather than how many hours you spend in the office. 



Therefore, one thing you need to do for yourself is to start by informing both yourself and your clients if you will be able to provide productive hours on a flexible, part-time, or full-time basis. 

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You Cannot Afford Procrastination Anymore



Today, the main focus of work for those who take on remote jobs is completing tasks and getting them done on time. However, it is common for remote workers to face bouts of procrastination. After all, nobody is looking over your shoulder to monitor your work anymore.



One of the best ways you can do this is to establish a rhythm for work to which you can hold yourself accountable. In addition, don’t overwork yourself. If needed, work hard for four days and then take three days. In fact, many studies have illustrated that workers are more productive when they only work four day work weeks!



What is the True Future Of Work?



As of writing this, a large population of the workforce has transitioned their office life to their own homes. The 30-second commute to your laptop is a fair trade-off for just about everyone, but now that we have this, where is the future going to take us?



In my opinion, the future is flexible. I am not just talking about four-day work weeks, but true freedom to work when you want and wherever you want. I think remote working and freelancing will continue to merge closer together. Allowing people to truly “work to live”, and not have to live to work.

This may take some time, and if you aren’t finding enough freedom in your day job, then considering freelancing might be the fastest way to expedite a better work-life balance. 



Want to Hire the Top Talent or Become a Top Freelancer? 



Toptal is a remote working platform that strives only to feature the best clients and freelancers. If you want to hire one of the best freelancers or become respected in your industry as one of the best freelancers, Toptal is an incredible platform to check out.