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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today I’m going to talk about my lifestyle as a digital nomad living in Tbilisi, Georgia. I’ve been living here for the past ten months. I’ve loved my time here, and I would say it’s going to be the next big digital nomad hub. I’ll go ahead and get into some of the reasons, but I’m going to save one reason for the very end. It’s probably the main reason we decided to come and stay here long term and build a community and build Tbilisi, Georgia, as our hub. Let’s go ahead and dig right into Tbilisi, Georgia as a digital nomad.

So starting, I’m going to go over my top five reasons for why I love Tbilisi, Georgia, and why it’s a perfect destination for me as a digital nomad. You might have other things that you’re looking for when you’re traveling. When you’re, you’re going overseas. I guarantee this is going to check a lot of boxes no matter what type of digital nomad you are and starting at number one if you haven’t gone on to airbnb.com and checked out some of the rental prices here in the city even before Covid, they were beautiful and extremely good value, so we’re paying 600 a month for a 220 meter squared apartment which is two floors two stories two bedrooms and two baths, and it’s extremely spacious.

So for 600 a month it’s an absolute steal and we love this place so it’s got all the amenities that we need and you can find a lot of great rental options here in tbilisi georgia or anywhere throughout georgia so elise is going to be a little bit more expensive than other cities but it’s still a really good value and moving in number two i love eating good food and i’ve never really actually had georgian food before i came here and i was absolutely blown away with how delicious their local food options are and the international options again when you’re living overseas for 10 months you’re not going to want to eat local dishes no matter how much you love it so living here in tbilisi being able to have great options for authentic delicious local food and then an extensive list of foreign foods no matter what you want from italian to chinese food there’s going to be options for everyone and i guarantee you’re going to put on a few kilos if you spend a lot of time here in georgia because the food is so delicious.

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Moving at number three, the other big aspect for me to have a good hub overseas is having a strong nomad community or strong digital nomad community, and Tbilisi has one of the best communities. It’s still fairly small. Still, it’s tight-knit, and a lot of Tbilisi are willing to meet each other there is a great community feeling; I think a lot of people here just want to build something, and the great thing about Tbilisi is even if you don’t live in the same street and because Tbilisi is fairly compact most people are living within you know 10-15 minutes of each other. Hence, it’s easy to get together with other nomads, and there’s a lot of activities and events going on all the time except for right now because covet, and lockdown is happening.

But before that, something was going on pretty much every night of the week, and there are so many events for digital nomads or ex-pats no matter what you’re into, you’ll be able to find your tribe here coming in at number four and this is another great reason it’s super easy to get started here you can hit the ground running, and you can get a bank set up in a day you can figure out the lay of the land Georgia makes things super easy from the transport to just joining a gym getting your hair cut all those things that you probably don’t really consider are seamlessly done in Georgia.

They’re super laid-back people and extremely friendly. They don’t like to add too much friction, which I like about living here. There are some things obviously that are going to view hurdles. Still, the majority of things in tables Georgia are absolutely wonderful so getting started showing up here not knowing anybody was really easy for us to hit the ground running, meet people figure out the way of the land, and having that balance of local friends and foreign friends together has been really nice there’s a really good melting pot here for people wanting to get to know each other.

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Coming in at number five is my number one reason for choosing to Lisa Georgia is the visa situation essentially we came here. With a passport, we were able to stay here for up to one year on a tourist visa. Hence, we just showed up with our passports we’re able actually to get here for a year. They have a lot of extensive options for staying here for over a year. There’s a lot of with the current situation things have gotten a little bit more complicated. However, still, there’s a remote working option. There are business options, and there’s a lot of other alternatives.

If you want to stay here longer than a year normally you could just do a border run, but because a lot of the borders are closed, it’s becoming a little bit more complicated regardless you can stay here for a year still if you come in on the work remotely visa or any other type of visa they’re really relaxed about the visa situation and that was our big draw for coming here and if anything changes I’ll try to make sure to include some information below.

So if you’re interested in coming to Georgia, I highly recommend checking out my travel hacking master class. I’ll leave some links below so that way you can fly over here for as cheap as possible or potentially free, so I’ll leave the details below, and if you made it this far, I really appreciate your support. Please consider subscribing. I’m publishing two new videos every week, and if you haven’t yet, if you found one thing valuable out of this video, go ahead and give it a big thumbs up. And I appreciate all of your support. Have a wonderful rest of your day

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