Stock Market Strategy for Beginners: My 319%+ Stock Performance Portfolio


Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today I’m going to be talking about stonks; sorry I mean stocks. If you’ve been following the wall street bets or the GameStop trends here, there’s been a lot of craziness happening in the markets.

I’m going to touch on that briefly. Still, suppose you stick around in this whole video. In that case, I’m going to show you my exact stock investment strategy that’s netted me more than a thousand percent in return. I’m going to show you precisely what stocks I’ve been buying in my extremely passive strategy and have accumulated excellent returns on all my stock investments. If you stick around to the end, I will give you 500 in free money to start investing in stocks today, and we’re getting started right now.

I’m going to go ahead and switch over to my laptop. It will be a lot easier to walk you through my stock portfolio; I will walk you through each of the stocks that I have in my portfolio, the ticker symbols, the percentage, and then mount the performance have. Then I’ll share all this information. If you want access to this exact spreadsheet, I’ll share that in the description below, so let’s go ahead and switch over to my laptop right now.

Just to get started, I want to give you a little bit of background about myself. What do I know about the stock market? What do I know about finance? Hence, my undergraduate was studying finance. I’ve worked for wells Fargo on a trading floor as a prime broker. I did have access to Bloomberg terminal; I’ve also, you know, graduated with an MBA. I have been investing successfully in stock since the age of 18. now I’m not a day trader; I go for a long term hold position for most of my stocks, and I’ve set up an extremely passive investment strategy that you can quickly implement no matter how much money you’re earning no matter how much time you have anybody can do this.

Again I want to have a very strict asterisk that this is not investment advice. This is my strategy. It’s what’s worked for me. You need to make sure you’re doing your due diligence investing an amount of money that you feel comfortable with again any investment depending on how risky it is you need to factor in if you if this goes to zero, am I still going to be able to function and just to kind of start with my overall macro investment strategy I have one one-third in the capital in cash and liquidity, and this is going to be what I recommend is having six to 12 months in cash I have probably around 12-month runway just in cash sitting there for lifestyle expenses for just the safety net kind of thing.

the other third is going to be into the stock market, and my last third is going to be in cryptocurrencies, so if you haven’t seen my cryptocurrency video, I’ll make sure to leave a link below in the description, and you can see my crypto investment strategy it’s very similar to my stock strategy very passive very straightforward and I’m going for all these stock investments I’m going for a much longer-term investment strategy instead of days I’m looking at years so as you can see from the spreadsheet again you can access this in the description below, but also all I ask for in return is that you give this video a thumbs up and you consider subscribing because I’m releasing at least two new videos every week and I would love to have your support as a subscriber that’s the reason I do these videos is to help teach people more about finance entrepreneurship travel and online businesses

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Starting at the top here with my investment strategy, I just want to highlight this green area right here I’ve gone and listed each of the stocks that I’ve invested in, what percentage they are of my portfolio and the performance they had. Again this is not investment advice. This is my current holdings. I just want to reiterate that this is a long-term strategy. I use a dollar-cost averaging strategy, where practically every two weeks or every 15 days, I’m investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. I’ve taken a percentage of my income that I’m comfortable with investing into the stock market and in cryptocurrency. I highly recommend you do this for your trailing 12 months and what you’re predicting to earn in the next future 12 months.

Find a percentage that you’re comfortable investing in stocks or cryptocurrency and take that percentage. I would say it probably should be more than ten, but everyone needs to find a number that they’re comfortable with. Again, I don’t have the actual dollar amounts here because every person’s income is much different. Every person’s risk debts and liabilities will be much other than mine, so I don’t want you to get focused on the numbers. Still, I want you to focus on the percentage of my portfolio, coming up with a percent that you’re comfortable with investing in stocks and investing in cryptocurrency. I highly rec recommend that it’s at least more than 10 of your net profit or income that you’re taking home to put into the investment.

So starting at the number one is tesla I got into tesla at a great time, as you can see from this performance, I started buying this stock when Elon was let go as CEO, and since then, it’s had a great performance more than a thousand percent of the tesla stock performance. Again this performance has an asterisk. Charles Schwab essentially explains this performance as the dollar and percent percentage unrealized gain and loss is the hypothetical gain or loss that would be realized and potentially taxed if the investment was sold at the current market price. Hence, if I were going to sell my complete index fund today, my entire stock fund is the performance and amounts that I would earn now. This is fairly accurate for this example. It says the calculation uses the current market value security minus its cost basis. It is not intended to be used as a performance measure since it does not take into account all income generated by your investments.

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So this is an excellent summary. It’s not going to be perfect if you’re utilizing it for your taxes. Still, again, it is a really good figure to look at this green portion here actually makes up around 90 to almost 93 of my entire stock portfolio the most significant portion is going to be in tesla number two is going to be an SMP 500, which is essentially the top 500 companies in the united states and that’s going to include companies like tesla apple google all these big large companies and that percentage alone that 93 of my portfolio has had a mixed average performance of around 319 increase in performance so as you can see a traditional stock market is going to have a good performance if it’s over 10.

I think if you’re able to achieve something like this, you don’t need to be risking so much you need to be investing in companies that you think are going to have long-term increases, and that’s essentially what I’ve done here is I’ve invested in companies that I know in the long run in the next 10 to 15 years are going to be sticking around they’re going to be making a lot of money. They’re going to be changing the world in really crazy ways that are going to increase this performance, so essentially, you can kind of look at this portfolio, and I highly recommend doing this, and if you do one thing here, I would say stick with the SMP 500.

Again it doesn’t have as much crazy performance as tesla. Still, suppose you’re just utilizing the same strategy that I do, which is taking a percentage every month and putting it into dollar-cost averaging, so every 15 days, I’m investing. In that case, I’m buying SMP 500, the Schwab SMP 500 index fund, which is those top 500 companies. I’ve been doing this for the past two years. It’s something that I don’t have to think about. I’ve set up automatic buys for the SMP 500. I’ve done the same thing for cryptocurrency, so 99 of the time, the dollar-cost averaging, which is buying every month the same amount the exact days you’re going to outperform any sort of hedge funds any some kind of the best investors out there because you’re staying consistent you’re buying the ups the downs and everything in between.

This is a straightforward strategy if I could go back to when I was 18 if I could do one thing was stay consistent investing in the s p 500 figure out every year, changing the amount or refiguring out what amount of my income I want to put in the SMP 500 and then just set that up to invest every 15 days or every week as much as you can to dollar cost average I would say if you can do weekly, that’s even better. Still, I have it set up for every 15 days to buy the SMP 500 and buy cryptocurrency primarily in bitcoin.

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So just to kind of recap, this is my investment strategy. I’m utilizing dollar-cost averaging, but occasionally, I pick some stocks based on news trends, and companies that I know will be an excellent long-term hold. Lastly, if you want to get 500 in free stocks, you can go ahead and use the link below on this spreadsheet. I’ll also include that in the description of this video. Hence, I use Charles Schwab to invest in all of my stocks. They have an excellent brokerage account. The good thing is you can link up your savings account and quickly transfer money back and forth. You can set up something like recurring buys for the SMP 500, as I mentioned before, so that you can use this link. I don’t get any commission or anything. It’s just a way for you to earn extra money. Still, you can get up to five hundred dollars in free cash by depositing up to a thousand dollars.

So if you deposit a thousand dollars or more, you’re going to get a hundred dollars bonus. Still, if you deposit more than a hundred thousand dollars, you’ll get that 500 bonus award, so again, Charles Schwab is a no-brainer for the investment you can do your own research and see. Still, I’ve been utilizing it over the past few years. I love it. One of the reasons I enjoyed it is because it has the brokerage account linked to my savings account. I can quickly transfer the money instantaneously between the two and also the other thing that I love about it is living overseas I don’t have to pay any atm fees when I take out cash it’s an excellent service. Overall their customer support is just top-notch. I would say look into it; I think it’s one of the best places to invest.

Again it’s going to be much better than anything like Robinhood or Weeble. This is going to be a legitimate brokerage where you can invest without having to pay any crazy fees, so again if you made it this far appreciate all of your support by giving this video a thumbs up if you learned one thing exciting fact from this video share this give it a thumbs up consider subscribing for the two new videos that I’m releasing every week and again thanks so much safe investing out there and hopefully everyone is going to be able to to learn something new and start investing responsibly.

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