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Mike is a high-energy keynote speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations all around the world and thrives by being on the stage. He has given presentations on a variety of topics ranging from marketing, remote work, travel, entrepreneurship, and online businesses. Mike has taken the stages at major conferences, events, and universities such as the University of Missouri, Czech University of Life Sciences and many more. He is available for keynotes, workshops, fireside chats, panel discussions, podcasts, webinars and virtual summits or events. If you are interested in having Mike speak at your event, please send a request to [email protected] or you can view Mike’s speaker one-sheet here and also view his topics and areas of expertise below.

As a remote job expert, best selling author, and travel authority, Mike Swigunski, will provide a ton of value to any audience as a keynote speaker or workshop. He has been working remotely and traveling all over the world. His journey has taken him to more than 100+ countries over the past 10 years and he has no plans to slow down. Mike has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and numerous other prestigious publications for his impressive success as an online entrepreneur. Whether it’s helping build on of America’s fastest-growing company or publishing a #1 bestselling book, Mike wears a lot of hats. 


You can view one of Mike’s many presentations above or his click one of the webinars for Entrepreneur.com about How to Work From Anywhere and Build a Remote Team or another separate webinar that discusses the 7 Travel Hacking Tips for Any Type of Traveler.

What topics can Mike speak about?


  • Remote Working
    • Building and Scaling Remote Teams to Nine-Figures and Beyond
    • Career Advancement Tips for Remote Job Seekers
    • Building and Maintaining Work/Life Balance While Working and Traveling
  • Entrepreneurship:
    • Mike Help Build One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the USA, which was 100% Remote.
    • Buying and Selling Online Businesses of Every Type of Monetization (He’s Helped Broker More Than $120 Million in Online Businesses)
    • Acquiring, Managing and Scaling a Remote SaaS Business that has more than 5x’d in under twelve months.
  • Travel Hacking & Travel Tips:
    • Mike Has Visited 100+ Countries Around the World and Approximately 95% of His Travels are Completely Free by Utilizing Travel Hacking Techniques. 
    • Minimalist travel to Luxury, Mike has Traveled at Every Level and Can Speak In-depth on Any Travel Topics.
    • Travel Photography: How to Take Better Travel Photos with Your Phone 

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Upcoming Events:

Event Name




Tenerife Digital Nomad

June 2-5, 2022

Tenerife, Spain

Digital Nomad Summit

TBA 2023

Bali, Indonesia

Nomad Summit

TBA 2023

Tbilisi, Georgia

Digital Nomad Festival

May 2023


Previous Events

Digital Nomad Seminar

March 2022


Mizzou International Week

Feb 2022

University of Missouri

Digital Nomad Week

December 2021


Digital Nomad Summit

June 4-5th, 2020


Rotary International

June 9th, 2020


Future of Work

June 28th-4th, 2020


Remote Talent 2020

August 26th-28th, 2020


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