Some Of the World's BEST Wine! #Shorts





I’ve got a friend who imports wine and I’m always tuned into wine in Italy and France.


This guy’s got high standards, he was blown away by the quality of the wine in Georgia. They are essentially accredited with finding the earliest remnants of wine in Georgia.


Georgians essentially invented wine and they’ve been able to make some extremely delicious wines in the world,

Georgian wine is one of the oldest in Europe. The earliest signs found today in viticulture and wine production indicate the existence of wine culture in Georgia ca. 7000 years ago, which gives Georgia the status of the homeland of wine.


On the territory of Georgia, vines have been growing wild since time immemorial. More than 500 Georgian varieties of cultivated vines are described in Georgia, of which about 430 varieties are preserved in state and private collection vineyards.

If you’re interested in wine and you are visiting Tbilisi, the region of wine is only about an hour and a half away from Tbilisi. 

So you can get out to the vineyards and stomp on some grapes and it’s not very expensive either.


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