2021 Setting Goals That Actually Work and 3 Strategies to Plan Your BEST Year Ever!


Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Hey everyone, happy 2021, and I’m so excited to get the new year started. I’m sure, like a lot of others, this is the time of year where you kind of reflected on the past and you started setting goals or resolutions for the new year, and if you’re like a lot of people who set new year’s resolutions when you go ahead and look back you haven’t achieved what you’ve gone off the set. Today I’m going to talk about 2021 goal setting and how you can actually make goals that you can achieve, and that is actually more realistic to get them done over the next year. I’m going to go ahead and talk to you about what’s worked well for me and some of the psychology behind why goal setting doesn’t usually work and how you can adjust it to make sure that it works for you and that 2021 will be one of your most successful years ever so let’s go ahead and dig right in.

Now let’s go ahead and start off with the number one reason why most people fail with their goals: they’re not really making them specific enough or are not really breaking them down in a realistic chunk. There’s an excellent technique called the smart technique. Essentially, this stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based, and this is the number one way people fail their goals is they only check one of these boxes or sometimes don’t check any of them. The best example that I could come up with is many people on January 1st comes around and just want to get in good shape, so their goal is 20 21 I want to get in good shape.

This is a terrible goal because it doesn’t check any of these smart goal-setting techniques that I highly recommend people utilizing, so a better example is if you want to get in shape. You want to start the new year because I will statement, so instead of getting in shape, I will go to the gym four days a week for at least one hour over the next quarter. Now, this is going to check every box. It’s specific; It’s measurable; you can measure how many times you’re going to the gym for one hour. You can easily measure that you’re spending one hour or at least four hours a week in the gym it’s obtainable if you’ve never been to the gym this might be a little bit harder for you now I guarantee anybody who sets their mind up to this can attain this or achieve this goal. It’s relevant. Is this something that you want to do? Is it going to improve your day-to-day life?

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I think for a lot of people it is very relevant to getting in better shape. Still, instead of going to the gym four days a week, I think it’s very relevant because you’re emphasizing your health and fitness. It’s time-based, so within the next quarter, so essentially, it checks all those smart techniques, and this is the number one reason that most people fail their new year’s resolutions is they’re not utilizing they’re not structuring the goal perfectly. Hence, getting this down correct is the first part of the battle. It’s an essential thing for goal setting, and I would say that I would try to limit it to three months for most goal settings. It’s great to have more ambitious goals and larger goals, and I would say maybe three months would be the maximum for setting a goal.

If you do have a larger yearly or two-year goal then you can break those down into smaller chunks that are going to be more obtainable and achievable so a really great example of this would be in this previous example that i used is you want to get in better shape so maybe you want to have a weight loss goal that’s great because that’s really easy to measure and you could essentially say i will go to the gym for four days a week for at least one hour over the next quarter and i will lose more than 20 pounds over the next three months so you got to make sure that you’re setting these goals in the right way and that they are realistic so let’s say at the most you can you hopefully lose around two two pounds per week and if you’re looking to lose more weight than that uh it’s not going to be more it’s not going to be really realistic to hit your goal if you’re if you’re trying to lose five pounds a week or something like that so that’s the first thing is you really need to break things down into chunks you need to make sure that you’re planning things out into your structure that is going to be really obtainable as well.

So one of the other things that i really recommend people to do to really make sure that they hit these goals is to write them down physically write them down and put them someplace where you’re going to see it every single day and i recommend at least having two to three goals per year or per quarter and kind of breaking those down in the quarterly chunks and then that’s that’s it you don’t need more than three goals if you need more than that it’s going to become too complicated or they’re not big enough and those are actually tasked so three goals i recommend people having maybe two professional goals maybe one personal goal like a health goal or something like that write down those three goals put them above your mirror where you’re gonna see where you’re gonna see it brushing your teeth every day put them next to your home office or whatever place you’re gonna be reminded by that visual cue that you need to be working on this goal every single day put it in a place where it’s going to be in your face every single day and actually commit to it.


This is another technique that really utilizes the visual psychology to give you a reminder to let you know that you need to start working on these goals and you need to achieve this and a really good example of this is let’s say you’re trying to lose weight you’re trying to eat healthy and one of the strong visual goals or visual proponents you can do is actually instead of burying those apples deep in the fridge you know replace the cookie jar on the counter put apples or fresh fruit there put a healthy snack so every time you see that visual cue you’re going to be going for that healthy snack instead of the the visual cue of you know junk food like snacks and cookies and stuff like that so bury those those cookies and snacks or just throw them out and fill your cupboards and fill those areas out in the open with some healthy snacks so that way whenever you do get hungry you’re going to go for those healthy snacks versus some of the junk food so there’s a lot of other ways you can utilize to really make sure that you get started and if you’re interested in having a goal with some sort of accountability i think that’s the next best way to really make sure that you meet your goals for the year and for the quarters.

So a finding an accountability partner like somebody like myself who can hold you accountable to making sure that over the next three to six months you’re going towards the right path, climbing the right ladder, and making sure that your goals are on track I help a lot of my students with meeting their goals and exceeding these goals so if you need somebody to motivate you and be there with you every step of the way having an accountability partner can be crucial to meeting these goals so it could be a family member you could even place a wager for you know a few hundred dollars to meet these goals and one of the final things that I want to note is that.

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When you do actually obtain these goals is to reward yourself with something. Maybe you’re holding off on losing some weight. You’re going to buy a new dress for you know a few hundred dollars or something like that so once you’ve reached your target weight you should reward yourself with something a short trip to go shopping or online shopping or something like that but no matter what make sure that you create some sort of reward that’s going to happen after you’ve achieved these goals. Hence, these are the best ways to start off your goal setting for 2021. If you need help with your goal setting or looking for some accountability, you can join one of my coaching programs, and I’ll go ahead and leave some information about that. We can hop on a call and see if it’s a good fit for you.

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