Hi, I’m Craig Smith and I have been an online entrepreneur for the last five or six years now. 

I  have recently just sold one of my businesses which is the Kdp amazon publishing business.


The challenge I faced with selling my online business was I’d never actually sold one before the e-commerce businesses that I worked on prior to this one I’d never scaled to a point where I could actually sell it, so I never knew the entry in the process of actually going through with migrating a business from myself to somebody else.


Overall I had some concerns over how that was going to play out and if it was even possible which obviously I know.


I knew it was because other people have done it it’s a very popular thing now to build a business and then to sell it on the back end but as I say I’d never done it myself,  so I had some worries and concerns in that sense and specifically, I would say the initial buy seller calls were something that was of a little concern because I was never used to dealing with other people very much.


In the business that I built, they were very much online where I dealt with the logistical side and the technical side of the business so having to have that initial call which you do have to do with most businesses that get sold over six figures which mine was that took a bit of getting used to and that was probably my main issue, to begin with.

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So originally, I actually read the book global career which first introduced me to mike’s work and that was a good introduction on kind of what mike was about and the experiences and knowledge that he had but I wouldn’t say it was until I met Mike in person and we had a face-to-face chat conversation over a coffee.


I really got to know mike and kind of put my mind at ease that he really was the person he saved was it’s very easy to kind of fabricate an experience or a persona online these days and it’s not until you meet somebody in person you can see their body language and their mannerisms and Mike very much had a calm and confident demeanor and you could tell with what he was talking about.


He really did know what he was saying so I kind of put my mind at ease and was the eureka moment for me, that kind of solidified the fact that Mike is somebody who I want to work with and to certainly help me sell my business.


The biggest transformation for me was one of kind of confidence that I gained from selling the business once I managed to complete the business it was very much a kind of a moment of confidence and of the feeling of accomplishment is probably a better way to put it so that was the main thing I got out of it obviously the money is a bonus and it’s nice to have that influx of cash but  I would say in general it’s more about sticking to the process and navigating the hurdles along the way and coming out the other end with a successful result.

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The multiple I received was a 45x multiple which was a multiple on the prior 12 months’ rolling profit and it was minus the brokerage fees and things I still netted over six figures which were great and it was nice to have the influx of cash which currently sits in my bank account.


I certainly have plans to allocate it to other businesses and investments going forward but 

for now, it’s just nice to have that a bit of calmness in the fact that I have that capital sitting there for me uh ready to put to work I’d highly recommend Mike to anybody who’s considering celebrating their business especially if you haven’t been through the process before.


As I said  it’s good to have somebody who knows both the technical sides of selling the business and the psychological aspects of it more importantly this is something that mike helped me with tremendously and I’m very happy and grateful for him because

I probably would have settled for a lower figure.


Initially, I got some lowball offers, and if it wasn’t for mike who kind of coached me through that period and said put my mind at ease and said this is something that you’ll get initially and you just got to wait for a more valid buyer to come along somebody who sees the value in what you have and kind of wants to pick it up for what would be close to your list price which is actually what happened to me.


I can’t  thank Mike enough for the help that he gave me mike always assured me that eventually, a boy would come along who would really see the value in what I was doing or the business I built and it would be right for them so that’s what ended up happening and  yeah that kind of saved me a lot of stress ended up netting me an extra 10 to 15 000 at least so I’m very thankful

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for mike for that.


Very grateful and as I say I would certainly recommend mike for anybody who is considering selling their business especially if you haven’t been through that process before so yeah I couldn’t thank Mike enough and very happy with the outcome.

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