My FAVORITE Digital Nomad Destination?



Today I’m going to talk about what life in modern Tbilisi is like and why it should be a top digital nomad destination for travelers.


First of all, I’m eager to get into Tbilisi but I want to also remind people I’m not on vacation, I’m living and working as a digital nomad and that’s what I write about in my book, which is called ‘global career’.


How to work anywhere and travel forever?


I love living and working in Georgia and I’m still working as if I could be anywhere on the planet.

What is a digital nomad and why is the republic of Georgia a great place for you to use as a hub? A digital nomad is anybody who’s able to make money from their laptop and doesn’t have to stay in one location.


Tbilisi has been one of the best digital nomad hubs and it’s becoming one of the most popular places for digital nomads. One of the big draws is how welcoming they are to expats, digital nomads, and online entrepreneurs.

And one of the examples is I’ve never seen this anywhere in the world, after visiting 85 countries. The person who takes your passport gives you a stamp for one year as a tourist and then they hand you a mini bottle of wine.


It took a few minutes to go through the border control and they just seem very welcoming. It’s a small country but Georgia has just been one of these places that are embracing digital nomads and is very welcoming to all types of tourists and travelers.

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Digital Nomads are a growing part of the global economy, and have been for a few years now. They are a valuable part of the workforce, in that they live around the world and can work from anywhere – this is especially helpful for remittance payments as well as remote labor that needs to be filled. This has also changed how businesses operate, from their business models to how they handle production. .As a result, the demand for “switching jobs” has grown substantially. You can switch careers, or even switch to remote employment. This also leads to new opportunities for people in all different industries, as it is becoming more common that people change jobs and careers entirely. In a recent article from Forbes titled “How To Find Your Next Job After Switching.



The digital nomad trend is booming, with more and more people quitting their jobs to travel the world. The best digital nomad destinations are those that have a fast internet connection, low cost of living, and an exciting culture. Some of the best digital nomad destinations are Chiang Mai in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, and Medellin in Colombia. .Cost of livingMedellin, Colombia has a low cost of living with an average monthly salary of $2,393. Chiang Mai in Thailand is an affordable digital nomad destination with a cheap cost of living averaging $835 per month. Bali in Indonesia is also affordable with a monthly salary of $1,480 and an average cost of living at $1,590.For those looking to travel abroad on a much grander scale and still stay within the budget, Vietnam is the answer. The country offers low cost of living (averaging $670 per month), with an average salary of $2,500 and an average cost for living of only $1,200.

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Digital nomads are people who work remotely and live an on-the-go lifestyle. They can work from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a good internet connection.

Some of the best digital nomad destinations are cities like Bangkok, London, and Bali. These places offer a variety of things to do and explore while still having a strong community of digital nomads.


Digital nomads are people who work remotely and are location independent. They have a laptop, an internet connection and a sense of adventure.

Digital nomad destinations are the places where digital nomads go to find their remote office space, community and culture. The best digital nomad destinations have everything that a digital nomad needs to feel at home – from a good quality of life to excellent Internet connectivity.

Some of the best digital nomad destinations are:

1) Chiang Mai in Thailand

2) Medellín in Colombia

3) Bali in Indonesia