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Today I’m gonna share with you my daily routine and a little bit of insight into my life living in Georgia. Now, this is the same routine that I’ve been using to generate a six-figure income, and live a semi-passive lifestyle of working and traveling around the world. Now, this same routine has helped me manage multiple businesses from all around the world. And let’s go ahead and get started with some of the first things I do when I wake up. So my overall methodology for having a routine is to keep it simple. I think these routines that are so complex or convoluted, don’t actually really save time for working. So for me, it’s keeping it simple, I try to focus on getting two or three big things done every day. And then I’m planning things around that to really make sure that I’m in the right mindset, and prepare to get these things done later in the day. So I don’t actually have a wake-up time unless there’s a certain event that I need to get to, I try to have a sleep time. So I’m trying to go to sleep before midnight.

So typically, I don’t have an alarm clock, I like to just wake up naturally, and then get my day started. So it varies roughly, but normally around nine or 9:30 am. So my normal routine is I’m waking up around 9 am. But I don’t use an alarm clock, I’m usually just waking up naturally, the first thing I normally do is make my bed, brush my teeth, I head downstairs to get some of my cold brew coffee. And then I’ll go ahead and start meditating or reading a book. After this, I’m usually journaling about the two to three things that I want to accomplish that day, after I finished journaling, I’m heading to the gym to get a nice workout. And usually return home to my chef finishing my meals around 12:30 pm. After this, I have a quick bite of lunch, and then I get to work. So my normal working hours are between 130 to 630. And this is the time of the day when I usually get the most work done, I truly think you only have around three to four productive hours each day where you can get into this deep work mode. So around 130 to 430 is where I’m having a lot of deep work done. And this is going to allow me since I have a very big structure, I’ve planned out every hour of these four hours, I know the two or three things that I’m looking to accomplish. This allows me to have a big impact in a shorter time. 

There are three things that I think are game changers for productivity. Number one is doing a timed audit. So every week audit all the things you’re doing throughout that week, how much time are you spending on that, and then put a price to either outsource or automate, or even potentially stop doing this, I think a lot of people are doing recurring things that don’t actually bring a lot of value into their business or their daily life. So that’s number one, doing a time audit, figuring out which tasks you’re doing each week, and which things you don’t like score these from one to 1010 being the things that you absolutely hate doing. And then you’ll easily see these top 10 tasks that you’re doing every week, you’ll be able to tell, Okay, this one’s a 10 out of 10, I really don’t like it, it’s an easy thing to outsource, it would only cost five or $10 per hour to outsource to somebody. Or maybe there’s a really easy automation solution that would cost five to $10 per month. So then you can really audit what you’re doing with your time, take a step back, and then you can go ahead and recalibrate and focus on the things that you actually really enjoy doing, and are probably bringing more value to your life and to your business. The second thing is to really figure out which things you can either automate. A lot of times you can use software or you can do other things to automate the task or things you’re doing. If you can’t automate it well, or for a cheap price. 

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The second best thing is to outsource it, outsource it to somebody else, hire a VA, and assistant , somebody else that can help you do this. Or lastly, to hire an in-house employee. So if it’s something you don’t think you can do on a contractor basis, then a lot of times it’s best to hire that in-house like for example if you want to hire a salesperson, it probably best to hire them in-house, have them do a three-month trial, and then have them taking on all those hours of sales that you’re doing yourself and pass it on to a salesperson. So number three, I think a lot of people get messed up with productivity because they’re just trying to do too much. Sticking to two to three things that you’re looking to accomplish every day is going to be vital to your success. 

So what I do is I normally have a big yearly goal, I’m breaking those yearly goals down into quarterly goals down and monthly goals, and monthly goals down into weekly goals. And then that’s where those two to three things come into play. For example, if you want to publish 100 videos every month, you’re gonna really need to break that down into smaller chunks because if you don’t, it’s gonna be very overwhelming and this is the main reason I see people not accomplish their goals because they haven’t really broken it down into smaller manageable chunks. So this is a productivity hack that I use. And I also really love scheduling those two to three things in my calendar. So I’ll go into my calendar, and I’ll block out one or two hours to specifically work on achieving a certain task. And this has really led to me being very productive, having a lot of time for this, and making sure these two to three things get done every day. Another thing that I love to do is I write out these two to three things and then schedule them my calendar, I do think there are some really great visual cues. 

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So if you’re writing stuff out, you’re putting it in a place, and you’re seeing that every day, wherever you’re gonna wake up, here are the three things I need to see, you have that visual cue of looking at it, it’s fresh in your brain. And then also, you have a second thing of scheduling in your calendar. Everywhere you look, you’re gonna be reminded of these two or three things you need to get done every day, I guarantee if you do this, you’ll start getting all these things accomplished every day.


We need a bigger table. So one of the things I love about my lifestyle is there is really no typical day. But I do try to stick to this typical structure of waking up doing some journaling, meditation, setting my mindset, right, reading some books, going to the gym, having my lunch, and then starting my work day. That is the typical structure of my day. But every day is going to be a little bit unique. And I’m really excited today because I’m going to be starting a charity event that I’m running every month, we’re gonna be going shopping, getting a bunch of food, toys, books, and everything to help 50 different children that are in vulnerable needs. And we’re going to be helping them out with a charity event. So it is something that I love about living in Georgia.


I’m able to put together events. And they’re not always charity related. But that’s what the plan is to have one entrepreneurial event every month, one charity event every month, and then start planning something that I’m doing new events almost every week of the month. Because it’s something that I love, I love creating communities, I love giving back to the community. And I love just bringing people together for some sort of event. So one of the main reasons that I selected helping out families in need is because a small amount of money, it can go a really long way here, most of my friends and a lot of people that I know, they’re earning international salaries, and we’re wanting to give back and do something better for the community that we’ve been living in Georgia. 

And people have been so grateful to me that I want to try to give back to people who really need this help. So that’s kind of the main motivation is having my home here is something that I really want to make sure that I’m a part of the community, I’m helping make Georgia a better place than when I got here. And that’s kind of the main goal and mission. And I’m trying to help bring a lot of people together to help achieve this goal. So my initial plan was to just show up in an orphanage, and bring them some gifts and food. But that became a little bit complex. So we got in touch with the Ministry of Health here. And they were actually so kind and really impressed by our initiative. 

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So they’ve actually gotten the mayor of Tbilisi and his committee involved to organize 50 different children that we’re going to be presenting them gifts, we’re gonna get to meet the kids, give them their gifts, and just get to spend a little bit of time with them and their families, and really just kind of get to know a little bit more about the local community that we’re actually raising money to get back to. 



I want to thank all of our people who are involved here, with Benjamin here. These people have given some of their hard-earned money and time to come and be here to give back to the community. So thank you, Benjamin. And a long list of other people couldn’t be here today, but still want to share their support. People like Michael Holmes, people like Craig Smith, and other people who also helped in making this event come together. So thank you to all of you guys. And thank you for coming here and spending your time. We’re really excited to be here and to just get back to the community. So one of the things I love about hosting events is it just brings people all around the world together. And I think that’s one of those things. As a solo entrepreneur who works online. You know, you’re doing a lot of stuff by yourself. You’re just working on your laptop. So I love bringing people together, putting smart minds and people that are going to actually take action in the same room. After I graduated, my first job was teaching financial economics at a university in Prague. And that was like the moment when I decided to keep building my career and still travel. And that’s what my book is about how you can work and travel around the world and still keep advancing and continuing to grow. I think this is the true way that you can have a huge impact on the place you’re living or on your local community is by bringing together some of the brightest and most smart people together to help out and give back to a place that’s been so kind and generous to us.


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