Top 5 Most Popular Remote Jobs and Work From Home Positions

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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today I’ve got a very exciting topic to talk to you about, and it is the top five most popular remote jobs.

Now there’s a common misconception out there that you need to have development experience or you need to be some type of coder, to land a remote job but that couldn’t be further from the truth, and today I’m gonna dive in and talk to you about the top 5 most common remote jobs that you can get started with today. 

Now let’s go ahead and dig into all these remote positions. Now before I share with you the top 5 most common remote jobs, I wanted to talk to you about how we found this knowledge and how we found this data, so we did a search analysis on these remote terms. So there are a lot of people looking for these positions, and there are a lot of people searching for these jobs.

So the first job on our list is a data analyst, and this is a professional that is really good with numbers, they can work with all sort of data and present large pieces of information in a simple manner that you know the management team can dissect and based off of this data they’re gonna be able to make analysis, about how they should maybe continue growing in one area of their company vs another. 

It’s a very important role, and the search volume per month was around 74 thousand searches an exponent of three-point seven six, that’s the increase over time. and the average salary for this role is around sixty-two thousand dollars per year, but that range can be anywhere from forty-three thousand all the way up to ninety-three and even some six-figure jobs out there. This is a really great role if you are good with numbers. 

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The second one on our list is a virtual assistant. I’m sure a lot of you are who are you know looking into remote work have come across virtual assistant roles. If you’re fluent in many types of administrative services, then a virtual assistant is going to be a great role for you. This is commonly known as a VA, and it’s a great position to consider because you don’t eat a ton of specific skills you just need to be very on top of things organized and be a self-learner being able to figure out how to do things on your own, this is going to be really helpful for landing a virtual assistant role.

 These roles have 27 thousand searches per month, an exponent of three-point seven three

percent the average salary is a little bit lower at $26,000 per year, but you can find some hire some jobs on the higher range that range from nineteen thousand all the way up to forty-three thousand. if you’re looking for something a little bit higher paid you can search for it an executive assistant position and this is a much higher paid job title depending on what experience you have. This might be a better fit for you.

The third job on our list is a social media manager, and this is such a cool position. There is a

lot of need for this and it pays pretty. Well, if you’re really good on Facebook Instagram social media, if you really enjoy writing content sharing photos and engaging with audiences and potential customers, then a social media manager is gonna be a great position for you.

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You know if you’ve built up your own personal fowling, that could be a great thing to leverage to get you a job as a social media manager. This job has had 22,000 searches per month has an exponent of 3.5 5% an average salary of $50,000 per year, but that can range from 35,000 on the low end, all the way up to 72,000 on the high end and this is a really fun role. 

Number four on our list is a digital marketer, and I love this because I have a marketing background, but digital marketers are great at helping companies promote and sell their products. It all boils down to that they’re able to take their brand and make it easy for customers to find out about to figure out what they do and to really present the value that the company is able to add and what their product or service is able to help the customer achieve in exchange for their money.

So most digital marketers are very knowledgeable about the online marketing sector, anything from social media paid traffic email automation content production these are all going to fall

under the digital marketing and the digital marketing manager positions, so if you’re looking for something and this is kind of an entry-level job for a digital marketer, but it can go up to from digital marketer to digital marketing manager supervisor or director and eventually to the CMO role.

So this job has a lot of searches at 49,500 has an increase or exponent of three-point one seven percent an average yearly salary of fifty-seven thousand dollars, but has a wide range from 37,000 on the low end all the way up to eighty-nine thousand on the high end.

And now our number 5th job on the list is a product manager, and a product manager is going to be responsible for planning the development and marketing for a product. They’re masters of the global supply chain, and they’re really great at helping companies find products that are gonna sell.

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So they do some research to figure out which product is a good fit for the company, and that way when they’d launch this product it has a much higher chance for success, So this job pays a lot it has 27,000 searches per month and exponent of 2.3 percent, an average yearly salary of a hundred and eight thousand dollars per year and the salary range is seventy-one thousand on the low end all the way up to one hundred and forty-six thousand on the high end.

Now we actually have a top ten list that you can find. You find that other positions in our top 100 remote companies report and I’ll link that below in the description, you can get that for free it’s a hundred and fifteen-page ebook, and there’s a lot of knowledge and insights into the remote industry, and I highlight a lot of the other top 100 remote companies out there. 

So make sure you download a copy today and check it out let us know what type of remote position are you looking for leave a comment below make sure you give this video a thumbs up and consider subscribing, if you found this valuable we’ll be releasing videos every week to really help you start your remote journey, and launch your global career take care bye.

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