Minimalist Packing List - What’s inside my bag? Full Digital Nomad Packing List!


Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today I’ve got a very exciting topic for you, and I’m going to run you through my minimalistic travel packing list. And I’m really excited to talk about this. I just made a video about my best packing tips for digital nomads, so if you haven’t watched that yet, I’ll leave a link below, so go ahead and check that out now. Let’s go ahead and dig right into my minimalistic packing tips.

Full Packing List

Just a bit of preface before I dig into this list, I’ve been traveling around the world to more than 85 different countries. The large majority of that has been with this little backpack, just one single carry-on bag. I’m going to show you why this is such a good bag and kind of go through what’s actually inside, I’ll switch over to my laptop so I can run you through each one of these items a little bit more easily, and that way, you can see what exactly I carry when I travel.

And again, a lot of people think that this list is only for men only men can travel minimalistic a lot of people think that you can only travel to warm destinations with a minimalistic setup but again that couldn’t be further from the truth I’ve had the same setup in Iceland in the winter and again it works great no matter what type of trip or destination you’re going to you can make it work if you try hard.

Moving in at number one, a lot of people think this is strange. I only have one pair of khaki shorts again. This fits ninety percent of the times that I’m going to be traveling to warm destinations. I just have a pair of warm khaki shorts that pretty much go with any outfit that I have. It’s really versatile. It matches anything, and I can mix and match it with just about anything. The second thing I have is Nike dry-fit shorts. These are going to be great for when I want to do exercise, or it even doubles as my swimsuit, so having two pairs of this is great because you can kind of go a few days, then you can wash them when they do get dirty.

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Moving in at number three is the under armor boxer jocks, and again I was a little hesitant. I’ve always wanted to find those best underwear for men, and I highly recommend checking them out. They’re a little bit more expensive, but they’re extremely comfortable, and these have been game-changing for me, so make sure you do and check those out, and I’ll make sure to leave the link below.

Coming in at number four is these v-necks, so these are from H&M they cost like six dollars they’re really cheap they come in like 20 different colors, and they don’t wrinkle very much, so if you are packing, that’s a great thing to see is they don’t really wrinkle they hold up really well over time they fit pretty much every situation you’re going to be incoming in at number five is just a few casual tops.

So I’ve got two or three really nice nicer tops in a v-neck for any situations when I want to go out on a date go to a nicer venue. I have a polo I have a long-sleeve dress shirt so anytime I want to dress a little bit fancier a little bit nicer again those are going to be great for those occasions it’s good to have something in case you want to experience a nice hotel a nice restaurant or just have kind of a nice date night out or something like that so having a few button-downs, and nice shirts are a must for when you’re traveling coming in next is my shoes.

I travel around in three pairs of shoes. I don’t know if you can see it. Still, I’ll make sure I put a photo of this little compartment. I have a little compartment here where I can put two of my pairs of shoes. I can fit a pair of sports shoes, a pair of its berries, and then when I travel, I wear a pair of dress shoes, my cole haans. I’ll make sure I link all those information below that’s the great thing about this bag is I’ve always struggled with shoes; I think that’s the hardest part of having a minimalistic packing structure.

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And with this, it makes it really easy because I can fit two pairs of shoes in this bottom compartment. It’s really easy just to wear my boots. They’re really comfortable. They’re great for pretty much every situation that I’m going to be in, and then moving on to the next thing is obviously this bag it is a really nice bag it’s held up for pretty much the past three or four years that I’ve been using it it’s great quality it’s a tavik bag and again if you’re going to be buying a backpack make sure you get a clam structure something that’s going to open like a clamshell it does packing and unpacking so much easier and now it only takes me about 15 minutes to pack and get ready and pack everything that I need.

Moving in at the next thing is going to be my jeans. I have one pair of really nice jeans they are you know seven jeans they really are comfortable jeans so anytime I’m traveling they’re great to wear they’re really they really do feel comfortable. They feel like they fit pretty much every situation that I’m going to be in, and that’s it. That’s pretty much all you need. The last thing i would say I do travel with a few electronics. I’ve got my iPhone, I’ve got a MacBook pro the 13-inch, and I do have a Nintendo switch that also fits in this little compartment. It’s crazy i can fit two pairs of shoes, a Nintendo switch in there, which is really cool.

Then I do have a DJI Mavic mini drone, which I travel with, so all that fits in here. I would say one last thing to add is I do use packing cubes I have one packing cube that fits perfect for this bag I’ll link it below. I ordered one of those things that came with, you know, five or six packing cubes, but I ended up just using one of them again. It fits perfectly in this bag I do have another little case for my wires and chargers and stuff like that, so again, all that stuff fits really perfectly in this bag.

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The last thing I do want to notice is I do have these bose headphones that have been my go-to headphones is the bose wired ones just ordered the Jabra elite 75ts so I’ll be getting those in the next few days, and that’ll be added to this list last few things are do have a little toiletry bag which fits inside and a few other things like sunglasses and glasses and again all that fits around my packing cube I’ll try to take a photo so you can see that here as well again you don’t need a lot of your clothes as long as you’re packing on a 7-10 day cycle you’re not going to need a lot of stuff so if you haven’t checked out my digital nomad packing tips I’ll make sure to link that below.

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