I Drove A TANK!


What if you could drive a military-grade tank and shoot AK-47s all for the low price of around a hundred dollars? Is that something you would be interested in while you’re traveling in eastern Europe? Well, this is something we did in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about what it was like driving a huge military-grade tank shooting AK-47s and also just having an enjoyable military experience in the winter of Lithuania so let’s go ahead and dig right into driving a tank in Lithuania.


Starting we booked all this through a company called play Vilnius. I’ll leave all the details below the total price for driving a tank shooting AK-47s, and a variety of other guns cost only 110 euros per person. Now, this was a phenomenal deal. It was something that was too good to pass up at first. When I booked it, I was a little hesitant because, you know, we’re in eastern Europe. You just have to be a little more cautious about some things, but it did seem like a legitimate company and just a great experience after looking into the company. Hence, we went ahead and made the reservation all this online, and essentially they came and picked us up from our hotel took us out about a 30-minute drive outside of the beautiful city of Vilnius.


This was a setting that was surrounded by snow-covered landscapes beautiful lush woods, and it was really enjoyable to experience a little bit outside of the city of Vilnius, which is an absolutely gorgeous place, so once we arrived, they took us to the tank, and my girlfriend and I are both little you know a little nervous I guess we’ve never driven a tank before didn’t really know what to expect once we got there. They gave us a bit of instruction, and since I had the most driving experience, they had me go first. Essentially you get to do a lap, and one of the funny things was if they said you run into a tree, each tree you knock over costs 100 euros. I think they just tell you that to be a little bit more cautious while you’re driving. Still, it was an absolutely insane experience steering the tank. I assumed it was going to be like driving a car. Still, you’re essentially utilizing sticks to kind of control it, so it was a lot different.

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Luckily we had a guide right over our shoulder, so anytime there were any hesitations or questions, he would kind of just bump you in the right position. There wasn’t really any chance of hurting yourself or anybody else because you’re out in the woods. The guy is there to help you, but it was such a surreal experience driving a tank. I can’t believe we could do this for such a low price of around a hundred dollars, and this thing is massive. We went around driving in the snow, and I think even if you pay about 300 400 euros, they’ll let you drive over a car which is a pretty cool thing, so I think next time we go back, we might have to do that as well so here was everything included in the military experience we got transportation to the military area and back, so they came to our hotel and picked us up.


We got the professional instructor, so this is somebody who’s going to teach you how to drive the tank how to shoot the gun safely at the shooting range. We got to shoot three different guns, the AK-47, which was my favorite, the Glock, and then a pump gun Winchester, so you get a few rounds. I wish they would have included a few more games. However, it was still fun, I think, at this point. We were so fired up from driving the tank that the guns were still a lot of fun. Still, it was the right amount or a combination between them both, and then essentially, we got one lap of driving around the track in the tank. It was such a fun experience. I’ll go ahead and leave all the details about how you can book this tour below, and essentially that’s one of the things I absolutely love about traveling is creating unique experiences. Driving a tank for around 100 is something I’m going to remember forever.

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We got some really cool videos and photos which I’ll play here. Still, it was one of these things for you to know whenever we’re traveling to a new destination, we always try to create unique experiences with cultural exchanges with different foods we’re trying to find some sort of blends. Still, in this case, I know it’s probably not the most culturally appropriate thing to do. Still, it was a lot of fun, and that’s what traveling means to us is just trying to have fun create unique, memorable experiences that I’ll definitely remember driving a tank for the rest of my life. Hence, I’m curious to hear if you were in Lithuania, would you do this for a hundred dollars. I think most people would do this. I think a lot of people don’t consider Vilnius or Lithuania on their travel plans.


We spent around four days there in the extremely cold winter. Still, we got to see the city covered with snow absolutely beautiful we had a great time there eating delicious food exploring the city covered in snow. We also slept in one of the world’s most expensive beds. It costs 150 000, so I’ll leave a video here linking to that 150 000 bed experience. You can go ahead and watch that and find out what it was like sleeping in one of the most expensive beds in the world after driving a tank it was a pretty surreal experience. I’ll go ahead and leave that link here, so if you made it this far, please consider subscribing for the two new videos I’m putting out every week and make sure you smash the like button if you enjoyed this video and leave a comment below if you learned something new or if you enjoyed this video let me know if you would enjoy driving a tank somewhere in eastern Europe take care have a great rest of your day.

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So the first thing I did was I went to the weapons section of this military surplus store. And you can tell that they’ve got a lot of weapons because they’ve got in front of them and on top of them just all these rifles, shotguns, guns, knives. In fact it’s so much that it’s kind of hard to figure out where to start. So I just started looking around for anything that was bigger than a handgun. And of course the first thing that caught my eye was an M4A1, which is an assault rifle.

We also went to the range. It was a lot of fun, but it was like shooting a handgun. The AK-47 was my favorite because it’s not something I’m used to carrying around in New York City, so that’s kind of exciting for me. So I also got to shoot the Glock and the Winchester. They were all really fun and I liked the trigger on the Glock.