How to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business for $674,000 (Testimonial)


My name is Brian Maples. I am currently an e-commerce consultant and e-commerce brand builder, almost exclusively on Amazon.

I do dabble in some other areas like eBay and Shopify but I build private-label brands on amazon, so that is what I currently do there were many challenges just because I had never done it before right basically I didn’t know where to start I didn’t know who to talk to I didn’t know anything that I did.

I started off watching Youtube videos of kind of people that have done it or have you know the experience they mentioned some bigger companies and one of those companies was thoracic so I went to them directly not having any representation and just you know trying to get an idea of where the business stood and they were really polite.

You know made me feel comfortable with everything but the offer just wasn’t where I wanted it to be and I just didn’t know you know what to ask or what questions to ask what the valuation should be so you know it made me feel a little overwhelmed.

I wanted to sell because I knew the vision of having that money to be able to do other opportunities and to be able to pay off some things and do some things like that for my family was greater than the overwhelming feeling.

One night when I was watching a presentation I ended up seeing Mike on a call he mentioned in the background working with one of the bigger transitions, bigger companies that he started with.

So that really gave me an opportunity to contact him and ask him about selling the business and if he could basically help me which is exactly what I did, what kind of doubts.

Concerns about getting help from Mike and during the business, so I didn’t really know what to expect or what to ask my concerns were I wasn’t gonna get a fair offer I wasn’t gonna get a deal.

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That was going to be good but when I talked with Mike and consulted with him I felt like he knew the market he knew you know the questions, he knew the multiples, he knew what to ask, so that made me feel a lot better about going into the sale.

Needless to say, it was still overwhelming in regards to getting all the information together and getting the numbers but he definitely helped point me the right direction anytime I had any questions.

He got me to where I needed to be and he even negotiated the deal, you know to get the better offer that I wanted and more money upfront which is what I was looking for.

More cash upfront versus incentives when I first got offered by this other company the incentives and they were offering I didn’t not that I didn’t fully understand them but I had no idea if they would meet those goals.

They made it sound like I’d get a ton and maybe I would have but I didn’t feel comfortable with that you know I wanted more money upfront so I could pursue the things I wanted to pursue and that’s exactly what Mike was able to get and he was able to negotiate which was great.

I felt comfortable once I spoke with Mike, I realized he was really professional he knew what he was doing. I knew he had the experience from what he told me where he had been who he had worked with he had multiple connections with multiple places, so you know if you have multiple places to get offers and to present yourself you can surely get a better deal that way.

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He knew the multiples, he knew what to ask, he knew the market and that made me feel really good anytime I had a question.

He either gave me the professional that can help me or he y would tell me what I needed to do or when I needed to get together and point me in the right direction.

He was very helpful in that respect it’s been a life-changer you know I’m not rich by any means. The total sales price was about money from my inventory which was 130 right around that area so it’s not just the sales price. You also get your inventory costs I ended up in a fairly decent
Position life was good I’m blessed I was able to pay off her house. Able to pay off my car.

I have four different ventures going right now for new businesses so I was able to use that money to do startups there which is exactly what I wanted to do and it’s just the little things you know we bought a poll what’s about to get installed just something that the family can enjoy.

I don’t have to punch a clock. I am accountable, I do have to you know pay the bills but it’s changed my life it’s given me the opportunity to have freedom and to create businesses and to do my own thing I don’t have to be accountable to the corporation or somebody else to make money I can do it on my own which I’m so very grateful for every day.

And I thank god for that would you recommend mike absolutely and I think I’ve kind of touched on that uh if you have questions if you’re feeling overwhelmed as you probably should when you’re trying to sell your business. If you’ve never done it and you know unless you’ve sold businesses before and you don’t kind of know what to do or how to navigate those waters I highly recommend Mike and global career. He’s going to be you know to hold your hand
find you the right person that’s going to help you or the right company and he’s going to get you a great deal.

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I’m sure I’m positive of it, so if you have you know any doubts I throw him out the window talking to Mike I think if you feel comfortable with somebody you’re going to, want to go with him like he’s very personable and I think after talking with him for a few minutes even.

I think you’ll know that you found the right person to help you sell your business.

I’d highly encourage you to go with Mike. If you are looking to sell your business and you just don’t have the experience to do so even if you do have some experience he’s got so many
connections within the industry that I’m sure he can get you a great deal so I take a lot of the stress off your shoulders all right thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you Mike.

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