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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Hey everyone, I’m fired up to talk to you about one of my favorite topics, and that’s finding extremely cheap flights with my favorite flight service, google flight and today, I’m going to show you my exact process for how I book incredibly cheap flights for domestic and international I’m also going to share with you some of these intermediate and advanced features of google flights that you might not have been aware of before using it, so you’re going to want to stick around to the very end because I’m going to show you my favorite feature for finding cheap flights with google flights, so I’m going to switch over to screen share on my laptop so let’s go ahead and dig right into finding cheap flights with google flights.

So if you’re looking to learn how to use google flights, you’re in for a real treat. Google controls around 90 of internet searches. They have a real competitive advantage for their flight searching because they have so much data they have the systems built up to make a great platform. Essentially Google has created one of the best flight search platforms by far, so if you haven’t familiarized yourself, I’m going to walk through some of the basic features of google flights how to use it practically. Then I’m going to show you my process to book cheap flights, so getting started, you’re going to essentially put in what locations you want to go from where to where.

So let’s say a lot of you are probably from the united states, so I’ll go ahead and pick my hometown of St Louis, Missouri, not the best hub in the u.s but still pretty decent because it’s in the middle and essentially let’s say we want to go somewhere in Europe I don’t know where I want to go I just want to get to Europe for as cheap as possible. Hence, usually, what I’ll do is I’ll start by looking at the continent. Instead of just picking a city like Paris or London or something like that, I wish to get to Europe. Once you’re there, flights are incredibly cheap, so if you fly into Paris or London, you can quickly get flights for 50 60 to other locations around Europe. So this is a great example to start.

Let’s just go ahead and pick our dates. Let’s say we want to go right around shoulder season of the summer shoulder season is usually you know April to the um beginning of May, so let’s go ahead and choose April 10th through the 24th, and this brings up one of the best features of google flights is it’s going to show us exactly what are the cheapest place locations to get to and one thing you’re noticing because I’m based overseas. Tbilisi is it’s showing the local currency of Laurie, so we’re going to want to change this to us dollars and you can a pro tip here is if you know there’s an excellent exchange rate a lot of times it’s going to be cheaper to book in Laurie because the u.s dollar is a lot stronger so you can use your credit card your us credit card to book in a foreign currency. You can save a lot of money.

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This is because many flight companies don’t fluctuate their prices as often as currencies fluctuate, so I’m going to stick with u.s dollars for this example. We’re going to see what locations kind of pop up for us to get from st Louis over to Europe. Essentially we’re just looking for one of the cheapest ones, and it seems like maybe Lisbon would be one of the most affordable spots but let’s just go ahead and click on that, so this is a round-trip flight two stops for 31 hours that’s not great so what I’m going to do is I’m going to view the flights. I’m going to utilize the data grid and the price graph practically. These two features are essential for finding cheap flights, and it’s going to show us the cheapest dates for the whole time. Flight prices right now are kind of all over the place because of covid there’s a peculiar mix of supply and demand.

Let’s go ahead and see which dates will be the best looks like this will be 603. Then you can choose this next one so 603 for your departure date. There we have it one-stop two-hour layover. This is much better than that previous example so you can see how we went from saving around 70 80 just by choosing the dates now if you want to get great you can also check the price graph, and this is going to be great for showing you the whole timeline of flights what google is anticipating for flights and what essentially flights are are going to be priced out right now.

I would generally say the best time to book a flight is around three months out from when you want to go overseas, so 603 round-trip flights over to Europe uh pretty good price 300 per one way so 600 total and it’s not on some you know terrible airline it’s on united which is a fantastic airline and only one stop you’ll have a layover so essentially what you’re going to do is you’re going to book. Again it’s giving you some options for this 603 price you can book on air Canada Lufthansa but what I highly recommend doing is just making sure making it simple to book directly with the airline, and then you’ll go ahead and get this 608 dollar flight.

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So one of the cool things, let’s say, I found this flight, and I wanted to make sure that essentially I get notified, and what you can do is you can sign in to google. A notification icon will appear here. Let me just go ahead and sign in to one of the great features. I love to do this is let’s say you’re like four or five months out. You want to go ahead and track the prices, so I can go ahead and click this switch here. You’ll essentially receive an email anytime this price fluctuates. If it goes up or down, I will notice whether the flight’s flight price has changed, so this is one of the great features, and I highly recommend you utilize this.

So down here gives you the booking options essentially. I would always recommend booking directly with united even if you’re going to save, you know 20 it’s just not worth it to use the third party unless it’s a massive amount of savings, so essentially, what you can do is just book directly through united google will take you over there. Then you’ll be able to sign in to united and book this flight, but yeah, here’s our flight 6 15 total round trip a pretty decent uh flight, but depending on what location you’re flying from, if you’re anywhere on the coast, I guarantee you’re going to find some cheaper stuff.

Let’s go ahead and dig into another option. Let’s just go back here and change our location from new york so you can already see some non-stop flights with united it’s cheaper. We can still use the same strategy by looking at the dates figuring out when the most reasonable time is. It looks like 4.95 is a pretty good price round-trip flight over to Europe. Once you get to Lisbon, you can explore Portugal for a while, and then you can get a cheap flight back. The other option is if you want to get into the advanced features is I love doing this. It’s essentially utilizing these filtering options. Let’s say you I’d prefer limiting the stops I have status on American, or you know, united. You can just select the airlines here. You can also do the pricing carry-on bags what price you want to filter when you want to leave any connecting airports the duration let’s say you never want it to be more than a specific period.

Lastly, you can have separate tickets. Again, one of the features that I want to touch on is to check premium economy business first class here. Then a great option is doing a multi-city so let’s say you want to fly into Lisbon. Still, you don’t want to go around and explore Europe for a while. Let’s say you want to fly back from London or something you want to go to Lisbon, check it out and then go to Spain Paris. Your final destination will be in London, so you’re going to spend two weeks around Europe. You’ll be amazed by how great how much money you can save by utilizing this multi-city technique. This is my favorite technique to save money and to find cheap flights.

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So you can see here we’ve almost saved around more than a hundred dollars just by changing our final destination, so I recommend if you’re going to be flying over to Europe and exploring, try to use this multi-city technique to decrease your expenses for finding cheap flights so essentially this is a 376 dollar flight from new york to Lisbon. Then two weeks later, you’re going to be flying back from London to new york uh this is on united it’s a great airline again this isn’t a discount airline you’re going to get the full service, and this is one of my favorite techniques to find cheap flights.

Again if you’re wanting to learn more about finding cheap flights, how to travel hack, and how to get free flights by utilizing points and miles essentially, I’m going to leave some information below in the description about my travel hacking master class that teaches you every technique that I’ve learned over the past ten years to earn more than 150 000 in free travel. It’s how I’ve been able to visit more than 85 different countries in the world, so I’ll leave some details on that below in the description you’re going to want to check that out. Again if you made it this far, please consider subscribing. I’m releasing two new videos every week, and thanks so much for your time. Feel free to give this a like and share where’s your dream destination. Where do you want to travel when travel starts opening back up? I’d be curious to know. I’ll be hanging out in the comments waiting for your response.

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