How Much Money I Spend Every Month? Digital Nomad Expenses


Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today I’ve got a super fun topic I’m going to be talking about personal finance. How much money I spend every month, so this is going to be a very different video than most Americans or most people out there because I live overseas I’m taking advantage of geo arbitrage, which means I’m earning in u.s dollars and being able to spend in local currency.

So right now, I’m based over in Tbilisi, Georgia. The country and the cost of living is very great. It’s a really good value, especially if you’re able to earn in dollars and spend in Laurie, so today I’m gonna break down all of my personal expenses my personal expenses I’m going to be leaving out my business expenses for another video. Let’s go ahead and dig right into my personal expenses and how much I spend each month.

Now coming in at number one, this is probably the biggest expense for most people, and that’s going to be your rent cost. Before I get into all these prices, I do want to preface that these are the prices for myself and my girlfriend we do live together we do share a lot of these costs. Still, I’m going ahead and just put it out there. What we spend total for each month a lot of these things if you were an individual you might be able to kind of reduce those costs, but there’s a lot of things that we spend that probably get us better value as a couple so just wanted to throw that in there for full transparency.

So coming in at number one is our rent cost our total rent for the month is six hundred dollars per month we live in a great part of the city it’s called vera it’s in one of the center parts of Tbilisi. It’s is within walking distance to pretty much all the main areas and attractions and everything you need to kind of live here. Hence, we really love the area; it’s a huge apartment. It’s 220 meters squared. It’s a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. It is a really great value it’s got a really beautiful Italian garden, a few balconies, and a home office. Hence, we love it, we absolutely love it, and for 600 a month, it is a really great deal.

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Now coming in at number two on the list is our utilities and this is going to vary since it’s moving into the winter months my prediction is this these costs are going to go down a lot, so we spend on average around 90 per month in all of our utilities that’s our internet we get 100 megabytes down and up we have heating included so all those utilities that you would need are around 90 per month and now that it’s becoming winter I think it’s going to be more around 50.

So the rent will be 600 utilities will be an extra 50, so 650 a month for a really great living space coming in next is probably one of our bigger expenses and since I’m a travel author. I do love traveling both me, and my girlfriend do allocate a lot of expenses towards that. We’re at least taking one trip every month here locally in Georgia or internationally once travel opens back up. Hence, we allocate at least 250 a month towards travel, and especially when we’re traveling now locally here in Georgia, it is a lot more affordable than traveling overseas.

But suppose you haven’t seen my travel hacking video. In that case, the good portion of my travels are free, so that is something to consider. We probably do spend a lot less than most people because we utilize travel hacking, and that means we’re booking our flights and hotels for free or with points. I try to figure out an average month where we didn’t utilize travel hacking to kind of come up with the expenses on average what we spend, so we allocate it around 250 dollars, and that one thing to note is these are all averages I use meant to track all my financial history, so I’ve looked through all the data. I’ve pulled out the averages over the past 12 months. I’ve used that to come up with these numbers, so do keep that in mind is a really great free resource they do not sponsor us. I just love them, and I highly recommend if you’re trying to get your personal finances in order up to all of your credit cards and debit cards.

So that way, you can track your finances a little bit more closely, so moving in on the next thing is we have a personal chef that comes over every day, which is absolutely worth it. We employ a local person who’s really phenomenal at cooking. We pay him 161 dollars a month. It is above the average standard of wages. Here we pay much above that for having this service. Still, we figured out with having a chef, we’re going to eat healthier, we’re going to save a ton of time not having to go to the grocery store not having to clean up dishes, and in the end, it’s completely worth every dollar we spend on it because it saves us a lot more time.

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It’s something that I just honestly don’t enjoy doing. I’ve cooked a lot in the past, but after a while, it became such a chore and I never really enjoyed it that much so having a chef come over every day and prepare really nice meals is something that I absolutely love. It helps me focus my time on more higher-value tasks and activities that things that I enjoy more, whether that’s going to the gym or just working more where I’m going to be earning a lot more money per hour than if I were going to be cooking.

The next thing on the list is the food. The food is very cheap here in Georgia. Even if you’re eating out at a five-star restaurant, the dishes are going to be less than you know 15 per person. Hence, it is really affordable to have our chef go shop locally during the week and then a lot of times, we’ll eat leftovers on the weekend, or we’ll go out to eat with friends. On average, we spend around 125 dollars per month on food expenses it is a really low cost of eating here, so that’s one of the things we love about delicious they have really good affordable eating options.

Then some of the last things are we don’t own a car i haven’t owned a car for the past decade, so i don’t have any you know insurance car insurance or payments for you know maintenance or anything like that so my transfer per month is around 70, and the transport here is extremely affordable um taking an uber they call it boltier is around a dollar per trip anywhere you want to go in the city so no matter where I want to go it costs me a dollar per trip.

So if i want to go to the gym or if I want to go meet up some friends a lot of times i try to walk when i can but when it’s out of a walking distance i’ll go ahead and share an uber with some friends and that even reduces the cost so it is really affordably priced here as you can see from all these expenses.

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And then the last thing i want to mention is my gym membership again. This might seem outrageous compared to some of these other prices. Still, the gym costs here are very high because it is just kind of a luxury gym I’m paying around 120 per month for this gym membership. It includes a pool, a sauna a really nice gym. It’s just one of those places that I really enjoy going to it. It’s one of those things where I’ve had other gyms that are packed and crowded. I don’t look forward to I don’t go to it. Hence, I really correlate this as kind of like a health expense for my mental health. My physical health is something that I absolutely love doing my physical health, and going to the gym and having a place that I really look forward to going to is worth every dollar.

Now I’ll go ahead and leave all these expenses in the description below, and I’ll leave some other information if you’re looking to kind of come to Georgia or move overseas on what kind of the how you can figure out the prices for you because each person’s spending habits are going to be a little bit different so I’ll share some tools with you that you can use to figure how much it will cost for you to move overseas so again if you made it this far please consider subscribing I’m putting out two new videos every week, and I am a new YouTuber, so I really appreciate any support if you haven’t yet gone ahead and like this video, it really helps the youtube algorithm give me more exposure and introduce me to new people just like yourself so thanks again and have a wonderful rest of your day bye.

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