House Sitting Jobs for Beginners (Travel Hacking with Free Home Stays)


Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Now if you’re seeing me for the first time or if you haven’t actually subscribed yet i was just reviewing my analytics and more than 80 percent of people who have seen my videos haven’t subscribed so i’m going to give an awkward silence here to give you some time to go over and smash that subscribe button well thanks so much for doing that i appreciate any subscriber and i’m releasing two new videos every week so i guarantee you won’t be disappointed so hopping into today’s topic i’m going to be talking about house sitting and travel hacking so utilizing house sitting to essentially be able to travel around the world and stay in beautiful homes for absolutely free so this is a great technique and you can instantly utilize it by following the links in the description below and if you’re interested in travel hacking i’ll have some great information for you at the end of this video so if you want to travel around the world and stay in really nice luxurious houses for free stick around you’re gonna love this video so let’s go ahead and dig right in to travel hacking with house sitting.

So what exactly is house sitting, and how do you get started so I’ll go ahead and answer all these questions, and I’ll talk about some of the most used websites for house sitting. Essentially house sitting is when somebody goes on vacation. They have a pet, or they have plants, or they just want somebody there for security purposes to look after their house they utilize a house sitting platform, so one example is you know of householding is maybe you’ve left for a vacation. You want your neighbor or a family member to stop in and take care of your pets, look after your plants, and just make sure that all of your mail is being collected and maybe a few other tasks while you’re out of town just for peace of mind and just to make sure that things are staying safe.

There are many other platforms if you’ve kind of exhausted your family or friends if you want to utilize another outlet to find verified. Secure people to look after your house to look after your pets and plants, then that’s why people utilize house sitting. It’s a great service that allows essentially trusted people to come and watch your house while you’re on vacation or out of town. There’s a lot of different variances, so it could just be essentially taking care of the house, and that’s it. Still, sometimes there might be pets involved, sometimes there might be pets and plants involved. It really varies on what you’re looking for, and there’ll be an option for you no matter what you’re interested in.

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If you’re not a pet lover, don’t worry—there are some options for you. Still, if you are an animal lover like myself, there are many cool opportunities for you to take care of a house, spend some quality time with another family’s pet and get to stay for free while you’re taking care of their animals. Their house, so let’s go ahead and dig into the top three best websites to start house sitting if this sounds like something you’re interested in. You’re going to want to check out one of these coming in at number one, and this is the most prominent house sitting site. It’s a site called, and this is by far the biggest one, so if you’re looking to get started, you’re probably going to want to start here.

This can just take care of houses or just take care of pets and houses or a combination of pets, plants, and houses. It has all three of those options, so essentially, there are two sides to this marketplace there are people that are going to be giving up their houses for people to come and sit for them and watch for them, and then there’s going to be people who are just wanting to sit so you don’t have to be either side you can honestly do both sides. Still, there’s you know no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to appease one side so you can either list your own personal house on this website. You get people to watch your pets, or you can only utilize it as one side where you’re just going to be staying at other people’s places, and they have a huge selection around the world that you can utilize on

The next website is This is another great option for people who are mainly focused on finding people to watch their house while they’re gone. They do have some pet focuses on there as well. Still, I would say the trusted is going to give you a lot more options around the world, and then lastly, if you are a pet lover. You need somebody to watch your pet, or you just want to watch people’s pets is This is going to be another great website to find pets in your local area and or even while you’re traveling overseas. It’ll also give you the option to stay in the house watch these pets maintain to make sure that you’re playing with them, taking good care of them, and getting a free stay while you’re at it.

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So these are essentially the top three best websites. There are dozens and dozens, but it’s better to start on one of these platforms and start with one or two platforms that you think are going to be the best fit for you, and essentially how it works is you’re going to need to create an awesome profile you’re going to want to fill out your bio let people know that you love pets that you have some experience you know raising your own pets watching pets for family and friends another great thing is to get some testimonials from those people if you have watched pets before maybe ask them to create a quick video letting a stranger know that you’re essentially going to be taking good care of their family members their pet family members and taking good care of their houses while they’re on vacation and that though they will have peace of mind.

The other thing is while you’re creating your profile, If you have any photos with other pets with other houses that you sat for, making sure that you’re essentially creating a really good profile that a stranger will accept you into their home while they’re on vacation the next step into essentially getting started is to once you’ve ironed out your profile you’ve made it absolutely awesome is to start crafting a cold message and you can utilize the same template. Still, you’re going to want to customize it for each person you’re applying for. Maybe you know, love the type of dog they’re going to need a sitter for something like that. You can essentially craft the message specifically for that individual and show them why you’re such a good person to fill this position and why you think you’re the right person for the job.

To highlight some of your really good expertise, you know maybe you have flexible working schedules so you can really work from home and give a lot of care to their pets and plants and make sure that everything is taken care of so something like that and also makes sure that you’re catering for exactly what they’re looking for each person is going to be looking for something a little bit different when they’re requesting somebody to house it for them and then lastly once you kind of have this message you need to start applying for these positions to house it and utilizing this technique essentially you’ll be able to get house sitting in no time I recommend starting off in your local city where you’re currently based that way you can get some experience you can get some reviews and then that way when you’re trying to do it overseas it’s going to become much easier and much more flexible.

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For example, if you’re somebody in your local city right now needs a house sitter you can go over there, and you’ll have a lot more flexibility you won’t have to stay in a hotel while you’re traveling and you’ll be able to build up your profile you’ll get testimonials you get more photos and more reviews on your profile, and you’ll just get more experience so that way when it comes to travel hacking and to travel overseas, you’ll have a much better experience while taking care of other pets and utilizing this travel hacking technique to get a free place while you’re overseas so

if you’re interested in learning more about travel hacking techniques, I’m going to leave a link in my description below, and essentially, I have a travel hacking master class that teaches you to travel hacking techniques just like this and a lot more essentially, you’ll be able to get you’ll be able to earn more than ten thousand dollars in free travel in less than 14 days so if you’re interested in that I’ll leave a link below in the description, and you can go ahead and get started today now thank you so much for making it this far I really appreciate your time if you haven’t gone ahead and subscribed yet, please make sure to do that and hit the bell notification icon to get notified about my two new weekly videos and again if you haven’t yet, please smash that like button so you I know that you made it this far take care and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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