Top 3 Highest Paid Remote Jobs


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Today I’ve got a really fun topic for you and I’m going to be talking about the top three highest paying remote jobs.

Now before we dig into these top three highest-paid remote positions, I want to just talk about quickly where we get this data from all this is pulled from our top 100 remote companies ebook which you can find for free, I’ll leave a link below in the description and again before we get started if you are new to the channel make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button and smash the like button. Just to help us out it really increases our exposure when you do that.

Now let’s go ahead and get started the first position on the list is coming in at a top tier salary range of 146,000 and this is a product manager.  This is a very important role for a remote company because they’re able to research and select products that are essentially going to make the company a lot more money,  and again you’ll notice a trend here. A lot of these top-paying remote positions are going to directly indicate the success of the company.

And a product manager is a really important position because they can help launch new products that are going to make a lot more money for the company, now again all these positions are going to be non-technical remote positions meaning you don’t need coding languages you don’t need to be a developer but you might need some technical skills.

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Now the second one on our list coming in with a salary a top tier salary range of a hundred and ten thousand dollars is a copywriter, and I always tell people who are looking to find remote work to consider getting into copywriting it’s a really high demand skill it’s easy to get started but again it is very hard to master and become a really top tier copywriter, So essentially copywriters are going to be writing, using their words to sell a product or services for a company and again that’s why it’s so important.

So if you are a good writer, consider getting into copywriting, because it is a very high demand skill and it pays very well. The last one on our list coming in with a top tier salary of 93,000 is a data analyst, and this is going to be someone who is very good with numbers, they’re able to look at a large collection of data and help the company or management team make decisions based off that data, and in turn, make more profitable decisions for the company, and that’s why this is such an important role.

Now this is so important because all these three positions essentially help the remote company make more money, and that’s why they are such high paying positions, and again this just goes to show you don’t need to be a coder or developer to find a six-figure income as a remote employee.

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