Have You Been To This Country!? #Shorts


Is it realistic for somebody who’s going to Europe to spend a couple of extra hours on the plane and just check out Georgia?

I 100 percent think it’s one of these places that’s a little bit off the beaten path but the flight is definitely worth it and the great thing about Tbilisi, Georgia is, it’s fairly compact so you can see a lot of the country within a little bit of time and there’s so much to explore.


It’s like a mini Switzerland but it costs cheaper.


When you’re there you feel like you’re in eastern Europe or southwest Asia. That’s the culture that you see on the street. It feels traditionally like a European style.


It’s kind of a modern city mixed in with some older architecture but essentially the culture is European but the pricing is based of kind of similar to Southeast Asia now.


It was part of the Soviet Union but that was 30 years ago. You can feel Russian influence even today.

Russian language is still predominant. People who are under 30 are not fluent in Russian but the older generation’s second language is Russian.

Georgians definitely tried to kind of turn their backs to Russia and embrace more of the London kind of culture. When I was in Russia and Saint Petersburg everybody was going out for Georgian food it was a local favorite.


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