FOUR Day Work Weeks Are Coming: Is This The REAL Future of Work?


What if you could magically turn your Friday into a Thursday or potentially get rid of Mondays

Completely is that something you’d be interested in it might be a reality sooner than you think now that companies and even countries are experimenting with a four-day workweek.


Now let’s go ahead and dig into why the four day work week might be coming to a company near you traveling back in time the five day work week was actually popularized by henry ford from ford motors he essentially was a disrupter in the industry and in the workforce because he essentially transitioned from a six-day workweek to a five-day workweek because on the assembly line he essentially found that within a five-day workweek of working.


On the assembly line people were more efficient more productive they were staying happier longer. They’re making fewer mistakes over time and overall just found that it was a better fit for the assembly line worker and it’s pretty crazy to think that our normal reality around the world has a five-day workweek which is essentially structured based off of henry ford’s structure for assembly line workers to build and construct automobiles.


Now there hasn’t been too many adjustments since henry ford implemented this over around 100 years ago and I think that’s kind of crazy to think that the workforce hasn’t really adjusted that much until recently with the current structure of working remotely. 


Now a lot of companies experimenting with a four day work week some of these studies that companies have done with experimenting with a four-day workweek have been pretty shocking there’s been in productivity and this was done by a study with Microsoft Japan experimenting with a four-day workweek.

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There’s been a lot of other companies and even Spain is experimenting with implementing this for their country other companies like Unilever are also experimenting with a four-day work week now I want to talk about what are some of the benefits of having a four-day workweek.


I’m sure a lot of you are probably thinking if I’m only gonna work four days there’s no way that my company is going to pay me for a full five days.


They’re gonna have to decrease my salary by 20 but a lot of these initial studies and findings have found that one people are able to work four days and in the case of Microsoft has a 40

increase in productivity now that’s a win-win for the company and for the individuals working at Microsoft Japan.


They only have to work four days they’re more productive, they’re more

efficient, they’re happier, they’re going to be sticking along with the company longer-term and in turn that’s going to make microsoft a lot more money because they don’t have to hire a frequently.


They have a 40 increase in productivity. It’s going to make the employees a lot happier because they only have to go to work and they don’t have to log in four days a week.


They’re getting a three day weekend, every weekend, and again this just kind of goes to show

that the workforce hasn’t really been disrupted but now would you consider working a four-day

work week?


I think most people obviously would if you don’t have to take a pay cut if there’s no other sort of downsides who would say no to a four-day work week.

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I definitely agree that there needs to be some sort of experimentation and maybe it’s gonna vary by industry, by sort of companies. They’ll need to have some sort of infrastructure to make sure that it’s as impactful as possible.  I’m a big supporter of finding work-life balance.


I think in the world we spend more time working than we should. Especially when it’s just burnt time in an office place or time looking like we’re busy I would say there is a better way to do this in a more productive way.  That’s going to be a win-win all around so I’m all for the four-day work week and I think a lot of companies are going to realize that they can increase productivity, make more money, and keep their employees longer and happier over time.


So I’m curious to see what do you think? Do you want to work to live? 

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There are different four-day workweek models: from cutting one workday, reducing working hours and being paid the same wage; to intense working hours, where five days’ worth of work is crammed into four longer shifts. The former set-up is generally the goal; achieved by a combination of the introduction of new tools and operating practices that boost efficiency and result in a rise in worker wellbeing that fuels productivity.  But without carefully planned operational changes in place, there is greater risk the latter situation can happen instead. “A common mistake is a company saying, ‘We’ll start this on Monday and figure it out as we go along’,” adds Pang. “That can create big problems down the line.” Such a situation is currently playing out in the US, where productivity levels are at a record low. For example, the average length of time it takes to get a project approved by an industrial relations committee has increased from two hours to five days.“The idea of working more and getting paid less is not just about work schedules.

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