11 Digital Nomads Job With No Experience Required

If you dream of taking advantage of the limitless ways of making a living online, you need a digital nomad job. Digital nomad jobs are jobs you perform online from anywhere in the world. When it comes to making a living as a digital nomad, you have three options that will fall into one of the following categories below: 

  1. Remote jobs – making money from your laptop, but employed by another company. 

  2. Freelancer – providing services for a contract basis in a variety of different sectors. 

  3. Entrepreneur – running your own location independent and online business.

What Are The 11 Digital Nomad Jobs With No Experience Required?


  1. Social Media Manager

  2. Virtual Assistant

  3. Freelance Writer

  4. Your Skills + Freelancing

  5. Customer Service Rep

  6. Sales Development Rep (SDR)

  7. Marketing Apprenticeship

  8. ESL Online English Teacher

  9. Online Video Editors

  10. Proofreader or Content Editor

  11. Content Creator


What Are Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs are jobs you do remotely for the company you work for.

Remote jobs are becoming more popular in the workplace as companies are starting to understand the advantages of remote work.

Some of the advantages that come with remote jobs are:

– A flexible work schedule

– The ability to work from your own home or anywhere you want

– More time for family and friends

Advantages of Remote jobs

Remote jobs let you work from anywhere. And you’re provided with healthcare. Like traditional jobs, you have your vacation to go anywhere you desire. 

Disadvantages of Remote Jobs

As a remote worker, you’re an employee, subject to termination. And you’re restricted to the schedule your boss gives you. 


A freelancer is an independent contractor freelancing on the side or full-time. Freelancers earn money per project and are self-employed.

Advantages of Freelancers

The benefits of digital nomad jobs for freelancers are you get to participate in the freelance economy.

You can travel wherever you want. Work as much or as little as you like, knowing you work for yourself, not for a boss.

Disadvantages for Freelancers

The disadvantages of freelancing are you’re uncertain about future income. Because you’re self-employed, you don’t get employer benefits.  

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An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business, providing goods and services that solve a need. Entrepreneurs take risks that the business will be successful. And enjoys the reward of his or her entrepreneurship. 

If the businesses fail, the entrepreneur bears the burden. 

Advantages of Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur fills you with pride that you are providing products and services people want. 

You can work from anywhere. And your employees can live anywhere they choose. And the lessons you learn from being an entrepreneur will benefit you. 


Disadvantages of Entrepreneurs

Success takes time and hard work. It comes with financial risk, which can cause stress. You might have to take on a lot of roles which can be physically draining.  

Although entrepreneurship is an option for digital nomads, the rest of this article focuses on freelance and remote jobs – providing insights to help you find the right digital nomad job that requires little or no experience.

How Freelancers Make a Living

The freelance economy is a $1.2 trillion industry. With a plethora of online opportunities, what you need are imagination, skill, and determination. 

You’ll need to get serious about setting priorities and maximizing your timeMake a list of your hobbies, experience, and skills. You can use this as a guide when seeking opportunities. 

Digital Nomad Jobs for Freelancers and remote workers


1. Social Media Manager

Social Meader Manager develops social media content and creates graphics for businesses. 

The social media manager responds to customers through social media and email to resolve issues with customers. If you have a strong social media presence, you can do well as a social media manager.

2. Virtual Assistant

There are tons of services you can offer as a VA. Like responding to emails, organizing files, and taking care of some administrative tasks. As you gain more skills and experience, you’re able to command higher fees. Hourly pay range from $10 to $26.


3. Freelance Writer

Freelancers write for clients on project-to-project bases. 

The issue writers face is attracting clients. Fortunately, platforms like Upwork exist where you can create a profile and bid on writing gigs.

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Copy Sharks created a course teaching you how to use Upwork to position yourself better to attract clients. The cool thing about this course is you get to write a paid article for them, giving you your first client on Upwork.

As a digital nomad, the type of writing project you do varies. Here are the two most popular types of freelance writing that are perfect for someone looking for a digital nomad job:

  • Content writing

  • Copy writing 

  • SEO Writing

  • Blogging

The purpose of content writing is to inform. If someone who sells vitamins hires you to write content, you will write articles about the benefits of taking vitamins. 

The purpose of copywriting is to persuade people to buy things. Copywriting is persuasive writing. The same marketer selling vitamins could hire you to write sales copy. You’d not only talk about the benefits of taking vitamins; you’d persuade the reader to buy the vitamins.  

4. Your Skills + Freelancing

You have skills you can use to make money. Someone with a background in finance could offer financial advice to people looking for ways to resolve their difficult financial situations. 

Accountants have the skills to help people with bookkeeping services and taxes. A nurse could write articles for medical journals or online sites geared toward the health field.  Use your skills to land the remote work that’s right for you.

5. Customer Service Rep

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, customer service representatives “interact with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and answer questions,” with a yearly salary of $36,920. Basically, a customer service rep provides information about a company’s products and services. 

This requires you to have people skills and computer skills. Depending on the company you work for, you may be communicating with people all day by phone, email, or chat.

6. Sales Development Rep (SDR)

A sales development rep’s job involves inbound and outbound sales prospecting for new clients. Sales development reps are provided with information about a potential prospect. You contact the prospect and vet them. If they’re a good candidate for the company’s products, someone else takes over to close the deal.

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7. Marketing Apprenticeship

Your duties depend on who you’re apprenticing with, and it involves some form of marketing: a marketing or research assistant. You might help with creating a marketing plan for the company’s products or services. 

As a digital marketing apprentice, you’re learning marketing-related duties.


8. ESL Online English Teacher

ESL online teachers teach English to non-English speakers. People want to learn English, and English is considered an international language. That means you could get a digital nomad job teaching English online. If this appeals to you, then invest in getting a TEFL certificate. Many online schools require it. And there are many online courses offering TEFL certificates. Do a quick Google search for online language teaching websites, and you’ll find online teaching schools like:

9. Online Video Editors

Video editors create compelling videos for marketers. Create short-form or long-form videos for different platforms; create and add graphics, music, and other sound effects. A video editor plays an important part in the storytelling process.    

10. Proofreader or Content Editor

A proofreader or content editor goes through a piece of writing for the purpose of improving it. Your options as a proofreader or content editor are enormous: you can freelance for freelance writers or a company’s marketing team.

Or work remotely.

Although you don’t have to be brilliant, you should have the ability to read and understand written English.

11. Content Creator

A content creator creates content – written words, videos, or graphics for websites or social media. Are you good with cameras? If you are, then make videos. If you’re interested in writing, start a blog. It could launch your content-creator career.

Wrapping Up

With over 1.98 billion websites, opportunities for digital nomads have never been greater. 

With preparation and skills, you can make a living with a remote job. Or be your own boss and, with no experience, find digital nomad jobs where you ply your craft as a freelancer