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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today I’m going to talk about the best digital nomad jobs, and a lot of these jobs will pay up to a hundred thousand dollars or a six-figure income, not all of them. Still, at least half of them will, so let’s dig into the top five best digital nomad jobs. There’s so much exciting stuff happening in the digital nomad and remote working sphere right now due to the current world climate. It’s even more acceptable now to work from home or to work from the comfort of wherever you want to work from, whether that’s internationally domestically or just from the comfort of your home or a coffee shop. The remote workforce has kind of advanced ten years ahead of time due to the world’s state. There are so many opportunities out there if you want a more flexible working schedule, and today I’m going to talk about the top five best jobs for digit nomads.

Starting at number one is one of my most recommended areas, and that’s with digital marketing, and this is kind of the overall sphere of things, but there’s going to be a lot of other specific jobs, and career paths that you can go down with digital marketing and this can be things like a Facebook ad specialist a google ads PPC person essentially these people are going to be able to create leads and customers that are going to be passing them off to the sales team, and there’s going to be other things like content creator director of marketing a copywriter who’s going to be creating copy utilizing words to virtually sell to customers or move customers into sales, and digital marketing is one of those things that I love and if you’re looking to become an entrepreneur I think it’s one of the most important and impactful skills to have because you can practically learn these skills with the remote job and utilize them in your business if you choose to become an entrepreneur at a later time.

Digital marketing is one of those things where it’s so interesting because it’s always changing it’s continually expanding. You’re still learning something new in the digital marketing realm, and I highly recommend checking out some of these jobs. I’ll leave some links below at the very end of this video to show you some of the best places to find remote jobs just like the ones that I’m talking about today, so stick around to the end, starting at number two would be the second-best remote job or for digital nomads is a sales position now there’s a lot of misconceptions that you need to be in the office to make sales or you need to be face to face with video conferencing apps like zoom making sales remotely is now even more possible than ever and there’s a lot of sales positions that are remote and good for digital nomads if you like talking on the phone if you like connecting with customers or potential customers try to find a sales job.

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Where you’re going to be talking to a lot of warm leads try to avoid the ones where you’re going to be commission only or cold calling pretty much through a phone book try to avoid those and try to find companies that have have a really great marketing strategy sales is another excellent way because you’re directly bringing in money to the company you’re probably gonna be able to earn up to six figures at some point in your sales career not right off the start but at some point you’ll be able to get to that level and again you’ll be able to notice that a lot of these positions that directly bring monetary value to the company are going to meet that six figure level so sales and marketing can be very lucrative career paths to go down and speaking of very lucrative career paths engineering or software engineers are going to be another really high paid digital nomad job you can spend a few years learning uh coding and how to become a software engineer and then finding your way into the tech realm getting paid a lot of money to do something that you actually enjoy so it’s one of those things that i highly suggest testing out if you’re not interested in software engineering there’s a lot of other significant positions like ux designer app designer anything in the software realm is essentially going to pay a very high salary.

So i always recommend people checking out what are some of the job descriptions out there figuring out some roles that you think you’d be a good fit with and if you’re in university now this is essential take a look at the career path you’re kind of going down make sure you’re looking at what type of jobs are going to be offered to that position seeing if that’s going to be something that fits with you and software engineer is a great role for the right person but it’s not for everyone so moving in at job number four and this is an executive assistant essentially this is similar to a virtual assistant but it’s gonna be much higher level task you’re gonna essentially be dealing with someone like a ceo a co-founder and you’ll be doing these kind of high-level things like booking appointments doing some other miscellaneous tasks like maybe responding to emails and kind of just doing being a jacks of all trade essentially doing anything that the the co-founder or ceo wants you to do so this could be very lucrative depending on how valuable you are to the person you’re an executive assistant for but this is an excellent place for people to really move up from a virtual assistant.

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Where they have specific skills and that they built out and they can help the person at the top of the company with making their life much easier taking away some tasks from them so they can focus on those core tasks so an executive assistant is kind of a level up from a virtual assistant and is an excellent position to get a high salary and you can even find some positions that are in that six-figure realm now the last digital nomad job position is a customer support representative or a CSR this is going to be somebody who’s essentially dealing with customers maybe they had some issues utilizing the product and sometimes they’ll even be doing a little bit of pre-selling so answering some questions about the product may be talking about pricing about the product and if the person needs more information then maybe even set up a call with the sales team.

This car could be an excellent role for if you’re wanting to get into sales at some point but don’t have the experience kind of pre-selling the customers leading them onto the deals leading them down that pipeline a CSR person can be a significant role probably not going to earn six figures right out of the bat. Still, essentially it can pivot you into other parts of their career path to earn an excellent salary down the line. Hence, a CSR or customer service representative is a great position if you’re looking to be a digital nomad. All five of these positions I talked about today are there’s going to be a lot of opportunities for people to work remotely from the united states or from abroad no matter what you’re looking for, each company is going to have different restrictions and guidelines about working from your home or being able to live overseas internationally so make sure you ask about that.

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If you want to travel around the world, each company will have kind of a different sort of guideline for that, but again, if you’re looking to find one of these remote jobs, head over to my job board I’ll leave a link below in the description, and we have all sorts of jobs like this. We primarily focus on non-technical remote jobs, so I’ll guarantee you’ll be able to find something good, and if you made it this far, if you learned something new, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up. I appreciate any subscribers. I’m putting out two new videos every week so make sure you hit that bell notification icon to get notified about every new video that I put out there. Thanks again, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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