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Hey, everyone. It’s my Mike Swigunski here and I’m really excited to talk to you today about digital nomad health insurance and why it’s so important to have health insurance. Whether you’re spending time overseas for one week, one month or one year. Now, there’s been a lot of interesting things happening with the health insurance companies lately due to the global pandemic.

And that aside, it’s still important to have health insurance when you’re traveling. This could be to cover you in the worst case scenarios, such as you sprain your ankle or break a leg while you’re hiking and need to be airlifted somewhere. Sometimes that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how remote your location is. But at the end of the day, it’s good to have coverage for peace of mind and to cover anything catastrophic.

Today, I’m going to share with you my top three favorite health insurances for digital nomads. So let’s go ahead and dig right into digital nomad health insurance.

Now, before we get started, if this is the first time you’re seeing me or if you’re new to the channel, make sure you go ahead and hit the subscribe button below and make sure you do hit the Bell Notification icon to get notified about every time New videos go live. Now let’s go ahead and get started. Number one, the best digital nomad Health insurance is a company called Safety Wing.

They’ve designed their program to be a monthly payment plan for digital nomads. It’s around $45-$55 a month, and this is going to cover you worldwide outside of the United States if you’re going to be traveling in the United States. Let’s say you’re going overseas every two or three weeks and you’re coming back to the states every month. It might be worth considering that, but because I spend such a limited amount of time in America, I’ve opted for the the non-American coverage and they actually do cover you.

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You can look into the plans. I think every 30 days that you pay for coverage, you get a few extra days of coverage in the United States. So, again, they are actually covering for the global pandemic right now. So they have updated their insurance to include that. So you’ll have peace of mind if you are going to be traveling overseas.

I definitely recommend getting Safety Wing and checking it out. I’ve actually got some free discounts below, so I’ll be including those. So it’ll give you a discounted rate if you use that link. And again, Safety Wing is designed for digital nomads. It is a great health insurance program. I’ve actually gone through the claiming process and they have made it fairly easy.

Coming in at number two is not actually a health insurance company, but it’s to find the best insurance provider in your local hub. So a lot of people, what they do and this is what I recommend for most people is to one, have a company like Safety Wing, like we mentioned before, and then to also have local coverage.

So figure out talk to your other expats in your community and see what plans they’re using. A lot of times, if you’re going to be spending 6 to 12 months in a location, it’s better to just get the local plan. It’s going to be a lot cheaper, a lot more affordable. And hey, health insurance outside of the United States is not going to break the bank.

A lot of times, even if you’re just paying out of pocket, it’s going to be a lot more reasonable. But it’s good to utilize the local health insurance plans to find something that works best for you. So if you’re going to be in a place for a while, it might be worth considering. But again, if you’re going to be jumping around locations every month to a new country or new city, then it’s probably best to just stick with something like Safety Wing for me.

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We like to travel a lot, so safety wings get to cover any international travel and then a local plan is going to cover anything we need done here locally. Honestly, the best thing to do is talk to locals, see what health insurance they use. Make sure they’ve gone through the claim process and a big caveat is really take your advice with a grain of salt for people who haven’t actually filed the claim or haven’t utilized the service.

I know a lot of people buy travel and health insurance. They go overseas for a month. They don’t have any problems. Like, yeah, the product was great, but they didn’t actually use it unless they actually filed the claim. Unless they’ve actually gone through and got refunded, they don’t really understand the full process. So again, with Safety Wing, it is a good product.

There is a higher deductible. So it’s going to be around $250. But again, utilize Safety Wing then if you’re going to be staying in a location more as a hub, make sure you utilize that local health insurance. And that’s the best way to go about doing it. Now, finally, with my third tip about digital Nomad, health insurance is to utilize one of the three top international companies, and that would be Cigna, IMG Alliance.

These three companies are going to provide very extensive coverage no matter where you’re at. They’re great for expats, but they’re going to be a little bit more on the high end, over $100 a month per insurance. So if you are an American, you’re probably going to be used to paying that much anyways for your insurance. So again, this is I saved this one for last because I think option one and two are going to cover 90% of the people on this list.

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But if you’re looking for something a little bit more extensive, then I would consider utilizing one of the three companies that I listed below. And again, I’ll make sure I link all this stuff below in the description. And again, if you made it this far, please consider liking this video does help with the algorithm and getting me extra exposure.

Make sure you subscribe to hit the Bell notification and again, tune in every week. I’m going to be releasing more videos like this so looking forward to producing more content and sharing those with you. Take care and have a wonderful rest of your daW

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