COVID Passport & Vaccination Cards for COVID-19


Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

I’m super excited to talk about it. It’s kind of a weird trend that’s going on right now. I see a lot of discussions online one of the reasons I see so many discussions is because some big companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are talking about COVID-19 passports, so I’m to clear up some of the misconceptions and kind of the current state of vaccination and to travel and then also kind of give you my opinion about the whole situation so let’s go ahead and dig right into covet 19 passports and vaccination cards we’re getting started right now.

Essentially what it looks like for those of you who have not seen a vaccination passport. I’ll try to get a good view of it. Hopefully, it’ll show there well. This is for yellow fever; I also have another one here for typhoid. Both of these I got in Vietnam when I was living overseas. Essentially this was required because I was traveling in countries where they had outbreaks of yellow fever. One of these countries was Colombia, so essentially, I could not leave Columbia to travel back to the united states without this yellow card or to travel anywhere else. They would not let me board an airplane without this piece of paper, and this is what I think will happen in the future for the coven 19.

Yellow fever typhoid is a lot less deadly and a lot less common than a lot of these other diseases like covid, so there’s a lot of companies like Google, Microsoft, and apple that are looking to figure out a solution to something that’s a little bit better hopefully than these peculiar pieces of paper that you have to carry around with you or else risk not being boarded to leave a country so if you don’t have these two vaccines again this is something that if you’re going to be traveling to South America or specific locations you need to be aware of this it could throw a hiccup in your travel plans if you don’t have this right now when filming this video.

There are currently no covid 19 passports in use yet, but I just wanted to talk about what it could potentially look like. Essentially, I think the modern version of this is going to be in some sort of technology or app that’s funded by the world health organization or some other third party organization but helped developed by companies like google apple that has the infrastructure to essentially release these applications on their marketplaces promote it for people. I think they should also have an alternative where you get a vaccine, get this vaccination card and then go through a verification process to import it to the app.

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So, in my opinion, there should be two options, one the physical thing and two the application that you can use in case you lose this or don’t have it handy you can at least pull up the app and not risk having to board their flight because you misplace a piece of paper so again right now the status is with vaccinations it is expected it is in use. I think this is the direction that the world’s going to have to go in to open up travel there’s a lot of hurdles that people are going to have to get around. If you want to travel, they might make this an actual requirement. It’ll be enforced by pretty much every airline and the reason the countries don’t implement it is essential because the airlines need to execute this when the check-in process happens or else that airline is reliable for paying your fines or fees or let’s say you show up to the country don’t have this. You have to get deported. The airline would be responsible for that.

So that’s why it can be rigorous, which I do see happening probably not in the next year. Still, I would assume in 2022. They’re going to require vaccination records for covid19. The other alternative was if you don’t have this vaccination, they might not allow you on the plane, or they might force you to go through specific testing, individual quarantines, and other procedures where if you just show them this piece of paper, you’ll easily be able to go in the country. You won’t have to worry about spending 14 days in quarantine and kind of really delaying your vacation.

The vaccination situation in the united states is a huge mess right now. When I was going to round up my vaccinations, I had to reach out to my high school, and they didn’t have a record of it. My doctors didn’t have any records of my vaccinations. Still, luckily I was able to get in contact with my university at the University of Missouri. I had to send a fax through email support. You can do this. You can send faxes through Gmail, which is pretty cool. I had to send a fax through Gmail to my university, allowing them to release my vaccination records to myself with some other things like a passport id. You know I had access to my university login. Hence, they were able to do some approval processes to figure that out.

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We have papers that are storing all of our medical details. They’re not accessible overseas, and I’ve been living overseas for the past ten years. Suppose I want to get treatment from a doctor in another country. In that case, they don’t communicate well with each other, so I’ve kind of had to build my system for previous test results my vaccination results. We just traveled to India recently, and that was the main reason I sort of went down this rabbit hole was I was getting a lot of the recommended vaccinations for India. I didn’t know which ones I had, which ones I hadn’t, and that’s why I needed to round up my previous vaccination records to see where I was at, you know.

Luckily I had all the required ones to go to university to go to the um to go to high school and go to school, so I had all that bass stuff. I was able to get the recommended and suggested vaccines for going and traveling around India, so there’s a lot more that we didn’t get. We just kind of got the baseline if you are going to be visiting India. It’s worth researching to figure out which vaccinations you think will be essential for your trip. It depends if you’re going to be staying in cities or if you’re going to be exploring out in the countryside again I’m not a medical professional I’m not a doctor you need to associate when you’re traveling get the latest up-to-date information, and also that stuff is changing very frequently.

It could change by the time you’re watching this video, so again what do your thoughts on getting a vaccination passport where you could have on your phone are I think it would be pretty cool to be able to see in an app here easily’s all the vaccine vaccinations I’ve had and easily be able to show that when traveling instead of having to carry around some pieces of paper that are easy to lose and if you do lose these it’s not an easy process to get another one, so I highly recommend the technology companies figuring out a plan that is going to be more secure more stable easier to use and open up travel at a faster pace.

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Again I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Go ahead and leave a comment below. I’m just curious what you think about vaccine passports. These type of immunization cards let me know what you think would you be interested in you to know getting one of these if you were required to travel yes or no why or why not so let me know in the comments would you go ahead and if let’s say you weren’t able to travel without one of these vaccination records would you just pick a country that didn’t require it or would you just stay at home curious to hear what your thoughts go ahead and leave a comment below and again if you haven’t subscribed yet I’m releasing two videos every week. I appreciate any new subscribers that made it this far, and also make sure you go ahead and like this video if you learned something new about vaccination records, take care, and have an excellent rest of your day.

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