Buying an Online Business 2021 | How to Buy A Passive Online Business


Hey everyone it’s Mike Swig here and today I’m going to talk about buying and selling online businesses something that I have ample experience and over the past four to five years I’ve

helped broker more than 120 million in online businesses and today I’m going to talk about some of those things that I’ve learned over the years if you’re interested in getting into

the space how you can go ahead and sell a business or if you’re interested in buying go ahead and buy a business. 


I’m going to break this up into two parts so I’m going to start off with buying an online business now this can be a really complicated space to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing over the past four years I’ve helped broker more than 120 million dollars in online businesses so I’ve worked with lots of buyers and sellers and especially with how to market to these types of people that are looking to buy and sell online businesses.


Over those four years, I’ve learned a lot of things and again I think this is one of the best industries for anybody looking to invest their money and get a quick return over a period of time most businesses are going to be valued at 35 to 45 times that monthly net profit that means if you buy an online business today within around an average of 40 months you’ll be able to get that initial investment return to you and then you’ll be able to essentially just take profit from there.

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It’s one of the fastest-growing industries these prices on these multiples are going to continue and go up it is so much more difficult to start a business from scratch because there are zero guarantees that that business is going to be successful and I think a lot of people have seen

that that they can start you know a few businesses may be one of them will take off but the other ones will fail on average around 50 of online businesses fail within the first few years and this is something that essentially you’re paying a premium for buying success buying a business.


That’s already established and is going to have a much greater chance of succeeding long term because that proof of concept has already happened because they already have a few years of

the financial success of business success you’ll be able to take that and run with it there’s a saying that it’s much harder to get from zero dollars to ten thousand dollars a month in profit than it is to scale from ten thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars in profit.


If you’re looking to do that if you’re looking to take over an already established business making anywhere from a thousand dollars a month all the way up to a hundred thousand dollars a month in monthly net profit that’s something that I can help you with and I help buyers and sellers essentially acquire digital assets and help you set up a strategic plan to really grow this business and essentially 10 exits.


I’ve had a lot of experience growing my own personal funds and my own personal portfolio of online businesses and I’ve had some instances where I recoup my earnings in less than nine months due to my growth strategy so this is something that I love helping others with and if you’re interested in that we can set up a free buyer consultation and I’ll leave some details below if you’re interested in acquiring a digital asset and need some help navigating this space.

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I would be more than glad to help you out and I look forward to speaking to you about buying an online business again I think this space has so much more to grow if you’re looking to get

into this space now is a great time to acquire a digital asset. grow it over time and essentially if

you’re looking to replace your full-time job or just looking to get into the space and expand your portfolio of online businesses I would love to chat with you and again I’ll leave those details down below.

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