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About Mike Swigunski

Since 2011, Mike’s been playing an exhilarating game of hopscotch across the globe, spinning the planet under his feet, and traversing 100+ countries, all while flourishing to financial freedom and location independence. 

His trusty sidekick? His faithful laptop, with which he’s not just survived, but thrived, having held an instrumental role in escalating an eight-figure remote company to be one of the fastest growing in the USA and brokering hundreds of millions worth of digital assets.

In his best-selling book, Global Career, Mike swings open the gates to his world, generously revealing hard-earned wisdom from his decade-long nomadic journey. He peels back layer upon layer of experiences, unveiling the good, the bad, and the ugly of his digital nomad adventure.

Armed with practical guidance and dynamic tools, you’ll be igniting the fuse of inspiration and propelling yourself into action. Prepare to take those crucial first strides on your journey of transformation.