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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

Today, I’m going to talk about the best credit cards for 2021. You probably think, what do I know about credit cards. To answer that question, I’ve opened more than 20 different credit cards, which has resulted in me earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in free travel over the past ten years. I have an 815 credit score and zero dollars in debt, and I’ve helped a ton of other people get started with travel hacking opening up credit cards building their credit scores up safely over some time. I’m going to go through every one of my favorite credit cards. You’re going to want to stick around to the end because I’m going to share with you my all-time favorite credit card that I use for 95 of my purchases on a day-to-day basis. I’m going to call this my daily driver, so let’s dig into my top five best credit cards of 2021.

Now I’ll leave the links to sign up for these credit cards below. I’ll also leave some information if you want to learn more about travel hacking. I have a program that if you’re interested in learning more about this and earning tons of free travel with credit cards and how you can do this safely over time, I’ll leave all the details below in the description but let’s go ahead and start off with one of my favorite credit cards on this top five list starting off at number one on this list I love all five of these cards. Still, I’ll essentially preface it by saying you need to find the card that’s the right fit for what you’re looking for; For now, one card’s going to be great for a certain individual while the other will be better for that person, so starting off at number one is the Amex aspire, and I absolutely love this credit card.

Now the amex aspire at the time of filming this video has a hundred and fifty point sign up bonus so after you spend four thousand dollars over a three month period you’re going to get 150 000 hilton honors points and this is good for a really long period of stay depending on what type of hotel you’re staying at i would say most hilton resorts probably take around you know 40 000 points to stay at but it’s really going to vary because there’s so many factors that go into it how nice the hotel is where it’s located but this is going to get you a lot of free stays at a hilton hotel or resort now one of the best things about this card is it comes with a complimentary diamond status now if you’re going to go ahead and try to get diamond status on your own you would need to stay in a hotel for now if you were going to want to get the hilton diamond status on your own you would need to spend 60 nights in a hilton resort or hotel and this would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars but by signing up for this amex aspire card you’re going to immediately get the top tier status at a hilton hotel and resorts.

So i love this because every time i stay at a hilton they’re upgrading me to one of the nicest rooms you’re getting a lot of extra perks like free breakfast for you and your your guests so me and my girlfriend are always traveling together so we take advantage of free breakfast we get lounge access which is going to give you usually a free drinking happy hour some free food and a lot of other places to just kind of hang out in the hotel it’s good if you’re wanting to work you know outside of your room a bit of change of scenery so these lounges are really nice to have and there’s a lot of other bonuses like you just earn more points when you stay at hilton and you do get some welcome and amenities and other great features for being a diamond member and being the top tier status for hilton hotels they treat you like royalty and they really roll out that red carpet when you have the diamond status so that’s probably my favorite thing about this card is we stay at a lot of hilton hotels when we travel.

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I really enjoy this experience, so one of the other things to consider is you’re going to get 14 times bonus points for every dollar you spend at a Hilton hotel. Then you’re going to get seven times bonus points for every dollar you spend on travel. The other thing to consider is you get a few Hilton statement credits, so if you’re staying at a resort, you’ll get 250 in free credit. Hence, if you’re spending that on food drinks stuff like that, and then lastly, you’re going to get access to priority pass. The priority pass is going to give you access to thousands of lounges at airports all around the world, so moving on to the next card is the chase ink business preferred card this is a great card if you have a business or if you spend money on paid advertisements these next two cards are going to primarily be for business owners and again depending on what type of business you have this can be a great expense.

If you’re utilizing Google ads, Facebook ads or any type of advertising network that’s approved, the chase inc business preferred is great. You’re going to get a hundred thousand chase points after you spend fifteen thousand dollars in the first three months of opening your card. The reason that this card’s so great is you’re going to get three times bonus points for every dollar you spend on advertisements. Some of the other great features about this card if you do have a business if you have employees, they’ll give you a free card for your employees at no extra charge, and this is a really great card primarily if you have a business but mainly if you’re doing any type of paid advertisement and just one last thing to note the chasing business preferred costs 95 per year in an annual fee. It’s well worth it if you’re going to be recouping a lot of this point.

So moving on to the third card is the amex business gold card and the business card is going to be another great option so let’s say you’re not interested in the chase inc or you’ve already met that hundred and fifty thousand dollars uh spending limit for redeeming three times bonus points the amex gold business card is going to be another great option for you if you have a business that’s spending a lot of money on advertisements or shipping costs you’re going to want to look into both of these cards i know a lot of people they utilize both once they meet that limit they switch to another card and this amex gold business card is going to essentially give you 70 000 bonus points after you spend ten thousand dollars in eligible spends and this fee is going to cost you 295 dollars per year and the great thing about this is you’re gonna get around four times membership bonus points for every dollar you spend on paid advertisements with facebook with google with any of their approved advertisement platforms and again these two cards are going to be great for any of those business owners or any of those people that are looking to go through and any of you listening in who are wanting to start and grow your business with paid advertisement.

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These two cards are going to be really great options for you you might as well get some bonus points and some new customers while utilizing paid traffic so moving in at the last two cards number four the chase sapphire preferred card is going to give you sixty thousand bonus points after you spent four thousand dollars in purchases over the first three months now this is a great card if you’re wanting to get started this was one of my first credit cards and i absolutely love this but i ended up upgrading to their higher tier card which I’ll discuss later essentially you’re gonna get sixty thousand bonus points after spending four thousand dollars in that first three months this card has a few good perks you’re gonna get two times points on dining groceries and travel it has an annual fee of 95 and when you go ahead and redeem these points let’s say you redeem these bonus points for travel you’re gonna get an additional 25 back this is a 95 annual fee if that fee seems good for you then i think this is a great card.

But moving on to the final card, this is my daily driver. This is the card that I’m using for 95 purchases. I think this is still the best card out there for most people, and this is the chase sapphire reserve card. Right now, they have a sign-up bonus for spending four thousand dollars over three months. You’re going to get 50 000 bonus points. Hence, what I did in the past was I actually upgraded from the preferred to the reserve and was able to meet both of these bonus criteria. They do have some new restrictions. Hence, it is a little bit more complicated to do this, so make sure you kind of map that out before you try to attempt this because you might upgrade and not be able to be eligible for both of those bonus offers.

Now the big thing about the chase sapphire reserve card is it does have a 550 annual fee. I think a lot of people are intimidated by that if you’re traveling a lot, this is a great card for you because you’re immediately gonna knock down that fee from getting a 300 travel credit, and a lot of times, these travel credits are really hard to use or obtain. Still, chase makes it so simple that if you book a hotel, a flight, an uber, anything that marks in that travel category, they’re going to automatically refund you that amount, so you don’t have to jump through any hoops they make it extremely simple. I think every year I’ve kind of met this bonus by the end of January. Hence, it is still a great bonus, which is one reason my favorite card because I get so much more additional value out of it.

They have some other great things like you’re gonna earn three times bonus points on dining groceries and travel you’re gonna get fifty percent more on redemption so let’s say you’ve opened up one of these other chase cards like the chase inc business preferred and let’s say you’re spending a ton of money on ads what you can actually do and this is a pro tip you can take those points from that you’ve earned from the ink card transfer it over to your reserve card and then spend those cards so that way you get that 50 bonus points and it’s a cool little hack to get way more value out of the points you’re spending so in addition to that you’re going to get global entry or tsa pre-check and this has saved me so many hours of flying internationally i’m able to speed through security and when i fly back through the us there’s usually no line for global entry because i’ve been pre-approved i’ve been pre-screened they let me go right on in and it’s usually instead of waiting a few hours of security i’m in within a few minutes in addition.

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This you’re going to have no foreign transaction fees, and you’re going to have really good lounge access with the priority pass, and I absolutely love this priority pass. It’s good for you and one guest to access thousands of airport lounges all across the world. Some of these lounges are going to vary from how nice they are. Still, I found in pretty much every airport it’s much nicer than actually just sitting in the main terminal. It usually gets some type of free food free drinks, a good quality amount of internet maybe some places to relax. Still, there’s usually a lot of good perks, in addition, this card, so if you’re traveling a lot, this is probably the better option for you. If you don’t like to travel then, I would consider the chase preferred card, but overall, the chase reserve card is something that I’m using every day because it just covers the most categories and gives me the best redemption rates and the most points for my spend so I’ll go ahead and leave in the description all the details for how you can go ahead and sign up for these cards and if you use my links for some of these cards I will get an extra bit of bonus referrals.

So feel free to use those if you if you like to if not you can go ahead and just google those cards and lastly i’ll leave the details about my travel hacking master class that’s going to teach you every step of the way to safely open cards utilizing my travel hacking strategy that’s earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars in free travel and you’ll get direct access to me so anytime you have questions i’ll be there to help you opening up the right credit card and making sure that you’re maximizing these points because that’s the one part people struggle with is when they’ve earned these points making sure they get the maximum value and getting extremely good deals on first class and business class fights all around the world so i’ll leave the details below and again if you made it this far please consider subscribing for the two new videos i’m putting out every week and make sure you hit that bell notification icon to get alerted about when those videos go live and if you learned something new in this video please make sure to smash that like button it does a lot of help and it’s something free to do it really helps the with the youtube algorithm and making sure that i get exposure to new people just like yourself thank you so much and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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