Best Christmas Movies with Travel Elements!


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Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I wanted to make this video, and since I’ve been in lockdown the past few weeks, we’ve been watching a large amount of Christmas movies. I wanted to make a video about the best Christmas movies with some sort of travel element and again for those of you who are seeing me for the first time or if you’ve seen me a lot of times. You haven’t subscribed yet. Please consider subscribing. I’m releasing two new videos every week, so let’s go ahead and dig into my favorite Christmas movies with some sort of travel element, and we’re getting started right now.

Now starting off at number one is an elf, and the elf travels through the seven levels of the candy cane forest through a sea of swirly twirly gumdrops. Then he walks through the lincoln tunnel into new york. I love this travel scene. This transition and elf are probably one of the most modern classics out there. It makes me laugh so much, and I’ve even dressed up as an elf a few times over Christmas. I’ll post those photos in here if I can find them, and this is one of my favorite Christmas movies because it is so funny and just kind of having this sense of traveling from the north pole to new york and having that transition and essentially seeing will Ferrell as elf exploring new york for the first time going into coffee shops eating gum off the street, and it’s absolutely a Christmas classic.

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I want to note that I think all these movies are actually on Netflix except for the last one. I think the last one’s going to go to actually surprise you a bit because it’s not traditionally a Christmas movie. Still, there are a lot of scenes based around Christmas. Hence, it’s also one of my favorites. Let’s go ahead and move on to number two and claws. This is a great movie where a postman is essentially sent from his city to Smeerenburg, similar to the north pole. I really love their take on kind of this Christmas classic in a completely new way they’ve gone and got creative with how Christmas was kind of started and kind of the foundation story. Hence, I really recommend this movie. It’s an absolutely beautiful animation. There’s a lot of really funny stuff for if you’re kids or adults, so it’s worth checking out if you like a Christmas movie with a little bit of travel in between.

So coming in at number three is home alone two loss in new york and again i had the pleasure of visiting new york during christmas time in the past and i was still blown away you’ve seen it in the movies and on tv and you never really think that it’s going to live up to all that hype but new york city in christmas time is a magical place and one of the great things about home loan 2 is they do a fantastic job of capturing this atmosphere that’s so beautiful about new york time especially during the christmas season and home alone is such a good movie that the sequel really actually is on par with the original i absolutely love this movie because he does get to travel to new york and kind of visit some of the main sites like central park and if you haven’t seen the second one i don’t think this one’s actually on netflix you’ll probably have to check disney plus but it’s again this is one of my favorite christmas movies with some sort of travel element so make sure you give it a watch this holiday season i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Coming in at number four is polar express now if you’ve ever gone on a train ride over a long period of time it’s definitely something worth doing if no matter where you’re going to travel and i’ve had the experience of some really long train rides some 17/18 hour long ones all the way to eastern europe and some of those have been glamorous with nice sleeper cars and some of those have been in a really low class where i i’m glad i did it but i wouldn’t recommend it to most people and it was a great experience but being able to travel on train especially during the christmas time there’s something beautifully magical about that and one thing that i’m really looking forward to experiencing in the future is doing more train trips because i think it is probably one of my favorite ways to travel because you get to really experience the landscapes and the polar express does a fantastic job of creating beautiful animation and capturing the christmas spirit so it’s definitely worth watching if you haven’t you can find this on netflix as well.

Lastly, probably one of my all-time favorite travel movies alone is “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks, so this isn’t necessarily a Christmas movie. There are many scenes based around Christmas time, and that’s why it is included in this list. It’s probably my all-time favorite movie and one of my all-time favorite travel movies. One of the things that I love about is he’s taking all these trips flying to pretending to be a pilot essentially and taking a bunch of flights all around the world and again, there are a lot of things based around Christmas time, so if you haven’t seen this movie yet you can watch it on Netflix.

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I’m curious what’s your favorite Christmas movie with some sort of travel theme? There’s a lot that I’m probably missing on this list. Go ahead and leave a comment below. Let me know what I was missing or what your favorite film is, and again, if you made it this far, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there again. If you want to give me a quick Christmas gift, go ahead and just subscribe to this channel. Give this video a thumbs up, and make sure you leave a comment again. I appreciate your support, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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