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I just want to introduce myself my name is Mike Swigunski and I’m a best-selling author of the book global career how to work anywhere and travel forever. I published this book before the pandemic before remote working was super popular and it’s still very relevant to this day.
I’m going to talk to you guys about how you can build your own global career.

That’s going to allow you to earn more money, have more flexibility in your life and just be an all-out better experience for your career.
just a little bit about myself; I helped build one of the fastest-growing companies
in the united states which has hundreds of people working in pretty much every time zone around the world so you’re probably wondering what do I know about remote working, what do I know about business? During this time I helped broker more than 120 million dollars worth of online businesses so it was kind of a meta experience working at a remote company helping other entrepreneurs sell their own remote companies to other buyers who would also buy remote companies so all these businesses were very profitable and it’s something that I’m still working on today.
In addition to helping build this startup company, it’s taught me a lot about kind of what is required to be a remote worker because I’ve helped hire dozens of remote workers.

What are companies actually looking for in these remote employees and if you’re not looking to be an employee what do you need to do to be a freelancer or to be building your own business.
It’s given me a really 360 degrees perspective on what works and what doesn’t work and that’s exactly what I’m going to be.
It’ll be on my Youtube channel I’ll have the details at the end if you just want
to keep watching it over and over, so one last thing I’m going to be giving out some copies
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All right so everyone on the live stream as well I’ll be having some free gifts if you stay to the end so for those people who aren’t here physically I’m live streaming here going to be giving you guys some free stuff.
That way if you’re on the live stream you’ll be able to get some free stuff even if you don’t win a signed copy.
So about this talk uh I’m gonna be essentially going through these three main things;
Focusing on the way like why do you want to become a remote worker, why do you want to travel around the world and I think this is a thing that a lot of people overlook. it’s because they want more flexibility, they want to earn more money but why do you want more flexibility in your life why do you want more money?

What are you going to be doing with that more time and more flexibility and more money that’s something that I want you to really reflect on during this talk is why do you do stuff in life ?

Why do you go to work every day is just to get more materialistic things in your life or is it to create a better life for yourself focusing on the why is one of the most important things because if you don’t figure that out early on you’re going to be building off of a really weak foundation and if you don’t have a strong foundation your compass in life, it’s going to shift back and forth figuring out why knowing exactly the direction you’re going in life is going to be extremely important. And it’s not something that’s easy people take 20, 30, 40 years to figure out their passion and there are a lot of people who go through life and they never figure it out because they haven’t taken the time to take a step back reflect on what’s important in their life and then focus on that.
So that’s something I really want you guys to really think about. And so some of you might be wondering what exactly is a digital nomad and I think if you ask everyone in this room what a digital nomad is, you’d probably get a lot of different answers to be a digital nomad is just somebody who can make a living or an income from the comfort of their laptop their phone or whatever device they can work on.

This is going to allow them to work from coffee shops, hotels, restaurants or even the comfort of their own home sitting in your living room in their pajamas, I’m sure a lot of people have experienced that during the Pandemic is great like not having to go into the office in the united states a lot of people

have to commute for one to two hours each way and I’m sure there are people in Georgia. as well commuting, and aren’t really wanting to do that for the rest of their life so becoming a digital nomads.

And kind of knowing the quickest and most effective paths to get there is what this talk’s going to be about:
I’m going to talk about the pros, the good things about being a digital mailman, and some of the cons and I think, that’s something that a lot of people overlook and there’s a con and that’s something that I’m really gonna start to focus on when we talk about each of these three pathways to becoming a successful digital nomad.

There are a lot of digital nomads but not all of them are successful. Why become a digital nomad this light is kind of made for the united states but geo arbitrage is a big important one and that’s why a lot of expats are coming to Georgia Georgia’s salary and they can live in Georgia.
You might be thinking well I’m going to earn a Georgian salary. I’m already living here but the thing is I’m going to show you ways that you can earn an international salary a US salary and still be living in Georgia, center the international workplace and triple your current salary.
I’ve helped people literally do this within a couple of months where they go from no skills to no experience and within a few months, they’re earning more than their cousin or their uncle, who’s a doctor just by entering the international marketplace for working and can you imagine showing up to your family event you’ve got an international job and you’re making more income than your cousin or your uncle who’s a doctor.
It’s pretty impressive and it just shows the power of becoming a digital nomad or entering the international marketplace so the next thing is why do you want to become a digital nomad.

Because you have a better work to life balance a lot of remote jobs or remote companies
They allow you more flexibility so you can kind of plan your life and then work just kind of falls into place
Of course, you still have to be productive you still have to be efficient and effective at your job
but there’s a little bit more flexibility meaning if you need to go to the dentist or the doctor or you need to go to a family event usually, they don’t care about that as long as you’re able to get your work done for the week and a lot of remote companies and physicians are structuring the work in a way where you have KPIs or certain goals for the week so as long as you’re hitting those weekly goals or those daily goals.
It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it at 5 am 5 pm or 10 pm as long as you’re being productive, you’re able to build a better more flexible life and that’s another great reason why this is so important and something that’s very interesting for the future of work.

I think remote working is the current present thing more people are remote working now than ever. The real future of work is more flexible more flexibility in the workplace and then lastly you get to travel and see the world if you’re able to work from your laptop. You’re earning an international salary.
So you’re probably thinking okay this all sounds pretty good I can make more money I can travel around the world, from anywhere I want and I’m gonna have more flexibility so that’s kind of the end goal but how do you get from where?
It’s easier than ever to enter the remote workplace literally millions and millions of more jobs have become traditional jobs, where you have to show up in the office and now you’re able to do that same job, that a lot of people thought were impossible but we were forced to do this remote life by the pandemic.
I know the pandemic’s been kind of crazy and everyone’s been impacted by it but there is some silver lining and the silver lining is it made remote work accessible. If we would have not had the pandemic it probably would have been 10 or 15 years until this many people around the world were able to access and start working remotely.

Now is the best time ever literally in history to get a remote job and start working remotely and one thing I want to say is a lot of times and I used to think this when I started remote working.

My first job out of college was a physical job. I was teaching financial economics at a university in the Czech Republic and it was great I had a lot of like freedom I didn’t have to work a ton of hours I was able to travel. Eventually, I figured out I really need a remote job it allows me the possibility to work from anywhere to travel to earn more money and I used to think this was back in 2011 a long time ago.

I used to think that remote jobs were only for people who knew how to code you know developers programmers you know these guys sitting on their laptops just with their glasses on and I had no idea how to do that but think this was kind of the way back then there was you know 80 percent of jobs that were remote or for tech startups or people who knew how to code that has vastly changed.

My remote work experience is with marketing and sales so if you’re able to do anything like that
It doesn’t have to be a technical job so I just kind of want to talk about that myth about remote working that you think you need to be some technical person which you don’t really need to be if you know how to use your phone if you know how to use Instagram.
I always recommend it to people that are looking for remote jobs. It’s difficult a lot of people don’t know where to look and they don’t know how to systematize their process.

You need to optimize your resume, you need to be doing everything you can to stand out in the job application process, but if you’re getting into that consistency you’re going to have much better results because most people go about this with the job-seeking process.
You might be wondering what are the pros and cons of remote working so I made the promise that would talk about the good stuff and the bad stuff so the pros of remote working.

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I would say if you’re currently having your day job right now a remote job is probably the easiest and fastest way to have a reliable income and more flexibility
you can essentially be doing whatever career you’re in now and find a remote job most likely from us or an international company where they’re going to give you a higher salary.

Every month or every 15 days you’re going to get a paycheck you’re going to have the flexibility and the benefits and stability of working for a company again some of these companies might be startups so they might be smaller so there might be some sort of inconsistencies or risks with them.
It’s going to be probably the safest route to becoming into genome because you’re going to have that consistent income uh the last thing is on the pros is no matter what skill level you’re at I’ll get into this a little bit later but I’ve helped somebody who was a farmer get a remote job they literally went from farming to remote working in a matter of months so no matter what
Your skills are what your experience is I guarantee you have that you probably just aren’t displaying it correctly on your resume or on your cv in the ways to get you and land your remote job there are openings for no matter what your skills are so the cons are you’re still going to have to work.
While you’re learning skills and getting more experience so remote working even though you do have to put in the effort I like to reposition it and think hey I’m getting paid to work 40 60 hours no I’m getting paid to learn a new experience or a new skill set I’m that I’m going to be able to implement in my business maybe in two or three years so find a job where you’re going to be learning these skills and experiences that are going to come in handy to build your own business in the future.

One of the other cons is it can be a little difficult to find remote jobs so I did a job posting here I was on or and a lot of the jobs they’re just not remote so they’re kind of buried in between so it can be a little difficult to find these remote-only jobs and this next the slide is going to share with you some resources on where you can find this remote job that is going to pay you a great international salary and then lastly one of the last cons is you’re not your own boss. You’re going to be reporting to somebody most likely you’ll have a manager depending on what level you enter the company at which isn’t a bad thing a lot of times these bosses will become Your mentors or they’ll be your teachers that are going to help you level up in life and in your career.
So here are a few resources this is a great slide to take a photo of again I’ll have a link at the end of this for everyone who wants to get these slides it’s my own website basically this is one of the best websites to find non-technical meaning you don’t need any coding or development experience non-technical remote jobs that are going to pay you an international salary the second one is I love this website it’s going to be mostly startups that have VC funding meaning they’ve been given millions and millions of dollars from dc from venture capital and they’re able to pay quite a bit of higher salary than some of these other jobs out there and the thing I love about is on the job description, it actually shows you the salary data.
This is actually an entrepreneurial community that I’m part of it’s their job board and the thing that’s awesome about this is you’re going to be not having as much competition for these jobs because it’s not as well known but they’re small 20 30 person companies they pay great money and instead of competing with thousands and thousands of other applicants for the jobs on here, you’re only having to compete with maybe 20 or 30 other people.

That is eligible to apply for these jobs so finding these types of websites to apply for jobs there’s like in the u.s we use monster maybe a lot of you guys have applied for jobs on LinkedIn and you can actually see you know there’s like 500 people that have applied for this position
Here you’re going to have a lot less competition and you’re going to get paid a great seller so I want to introduce you to my student Jacob I mentioned him earlier so everyone meets Jacob he’s a fantastic person uh he was the guy that I was working with and the first time I got on a call with Jacob he’s like hey I’m a farmer I want more flexibility and I want to make more money he wanted to be able to move his family from where he was at to live in other parts of the united states and he was just really struggling but I could just hear it when I talked to Jacob that he had the motivation
After two months of working with me, he was able to double his salary go from being a farmer to being a remote worker, so I just want you to see this that this is kind of one of those extreme examples that if you have any limiting beliefs about yourself that you can’t do this or you don’t have the skill sets to become a remote worker.

I want you to think about Jacob because he was able to go from farming to remote working within two months and double his salary. the reason he was able to do this was he stuck at it he kept going he followed my process and he was able to make it happen he showed up and he kept going he persevered and it was well worth it he’s now able to have more flexibility to spend time with his family and travel around the united states and also double his salary and doubles income and elevate his lifestyle all within a matter of two months can you imagine doubling your income that you have right now within two months.
So you’re thinking you know the average salary for tables you probably can correct me if I’m wrong around 500 per month and if you were able to three or four times this just by spending a couple of months, searching for international jobs on these websites and the great thing is you don’t have to quit your job what you’re doing now you can start applying for these jobs make sure it’s a good fit and you can literally triple quadruple your current salary all within a matter of a few months so like I said one of the main things you need to do is optimize your resume I work with a lot of European people they’re sending resumes for American companies they’ve got their photo on there they’ve got like three or four pages when they only have a few years of experience and Americans we can’t accept those resumes a lot of companies if they have a photo on there it gets auto rejected, because it’s like not complying with certain regulations we just can’t do that we can’t judge people based on their photos.

And there are some other differences between a cv and a resume so figuring out what you need to do and a lot of time people focus on the resume they just try to make it look beautiful which is important but once it gets uploaded into this company system all that beauty gets erased you just have the data it just is taking the words on your resume uploading it into the system and a lot of people don’t see the back end but if you haven’t focused on the content is the king that top 20 of your resume, your most recent job experience is where you need to focus 80 of your time on that very first part because if that doesn’t impress the person that’s looking at it.

You’re probably wondering what’s the second path to becoming a remote worker and after you know finding just a remote job the second way is becoming a freelancer now this is a great path and I’ll talk about the pros and the cons but essentially what a freelancer is you’re going to be your own boss you’re going to be finding your own clients you’re going to be kind of doing it all yourself but utilizing another platform to get connected to clients or to get connected to people that are going to give you money essentially you’re going to be self-employed and one of the great things about freelancing is it’s a pro and a con in a way because it’s easy to get started meaning any of you guys can fire up freelancing websites log in and get started right now the reason that it’s great for pro is it’s easy to get started but the con is that you’re going to have a lot of competitors so you really have to find a way especially early on to differentiate yourself from the other millions of people freelancing.

So as far as pros and cons um one of the great things is your freelancer you get to choose who you’re gonna work with so if you just don’t get a good vibe or you’re just like you’re talking to a potential client, they’re expecting way too much for the amount of money they’re willing to pay you you can just say sorry this isn’t a good fit or if you start working with somebody and they just turn out to be you can say hey this is it a good fit like I’m not going to take your money give them the money back to find out other clients because every minute or hour you’re working with this time that you’re not going to be spent finding new clients we’re going to be good people to work for so you kind of have that kind of flexibility to work with whoever you want whenever you want so you have more flexibility than a remote job you can pick the hours.

So the other thing is no matter what your skillset there’s a wide range of things you can offer to the freelance a marketplace you know depending on if you have sales skills you can be uh a virtual salesperson helping them increase and get more money so a lot of times freelancers want to pay money for people who are going to bring their business and more money and essentially the more money you’re gonna make as a freelancer.
If I’m able to hire you for five thousand dollars for a project and you’re able to bring me in twenty thousand dollars for a project that’s like a win-win that’s a no-brainer so you gotta figure out those higher-level jobs that you can offer to the freelance marketplace and one of the things that I love to do is you can go to and you can actually see who are the highest-paid freelancers on this marketplace.

Upwork is the biggest freelancing platform out there has millions of people on there and you can actually see.

It’s very interesting to get on up work and just see like look at these highest paid freelancers on there. See like what skills they’re offering or what sort of roles they’re offering and then figure out okay maybe I can do this and just kind of reverse engineer their profile and that way you’ll be able to get more clients and start freelancing so the cons are pretty much every freelancer that I’ve seen they kind of have this roller coaster of ups and downs.
It is a little bit harder to figure out how do you get that more consistent where it’s just consistently you’re having good sales you’re having good new clients but that’s one of the cons is just early on it’s going to take some time to figure it out but the great thing about freelancing is a lot of times after you’ve been doing it for a while you’re going to have repeat clients and customers coming back to you.

They’re going to be some of your highest paying clients because they’ve worked with you they know you can deliver good work and then lastly is you’re going to be self-employed so you’re going to have to pay more out-of-pocket expenses you’re going to essentially need to pay for your health care your dental plan you’re not going to get paid vacation, unfortunately.

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So that are a few of the pros and cons of freelancing and depending on where you’re at I would say if you don’t have a really narrowed skill it’s probably best to start with remote working if you have one or two really good skills that you think you can get a freelancing job you can go ahead and start trying to see if you can get some clients on Upwork and I’ll go ahead and post some of these websites that are the best websites for finding freelance clients so the first one and honestly if you’re interested in freelancing I would just start with

It’s the biggest it has the most opportunities all the other ones are good but they’re just a little bit different they have a little bit less people on it but Upwork is essentially the first place to start.

Maybe you’ve got the idea but you don’t have the money or you don’t have the skills to implement it so there are a lot of things of that prevent entrepreneurs from getting started and I think starting from scratch is one of those things that can be a little intimidating,

The second thing I want to talk about is my expertise is in helping people buy and sell already established in profitable online businesses so basically, instead of starting from scratch you can buy a business that’s already generating cash flow anywhere from a thousand dollars a month to help sell businesses that are generating a hundred thousand dollars a month in profit so it doesn’t matter what type of level you’re at you don’t have to necessarily start from scratch to become an entrepreneur.

You can buy these already profitable businesses implement a growth strategy to start growing this business or just start operating it and if you’re wanting to start from scratch

I highly recommend doing this method and a lot of people think they need years and years to create a business but I’ve helped essentially figure out if this business idea is going to work within a week or even a weekend and what this process is essentially what you do is you survey an audience.
You go on a Facebook group you go hey there’s a free survey here you find your let’s say you’re trying to find a business that would be appealing to moms so you go to one of these mom facebook groups you say hey everyone I’m trying to come up with an idea for a new product and service.
If you just take five minutes we take the survey and essentially on the surveys you’re qualifying them to see if they would be a good fit for your product after they take the survey.

You get on the phone with them and you essentially try to sell them this product that you haven’t built yet.
You don’t have it but you’re essentially just trying to see if they’re going to be a good fit so you look at their responses. Out of you know 50 responses I usually have 10 people that would be a good fit or what I think would be a good target market for my product service or whatever the idea is to get them on the phone.

The concept is essentially going to be proved if you can get them to take out their wallet and give you money for this product so until you can do that you don’t need to spend any money you don’t need to invest anything you need to prove this concept and after you’ve done the survey you’re going to learn so much from talking to these potential customers and maybe you get it right the first time people are like I want this I need to have it I’m going to give you money right now.

It’s not proven until they take out their wallet and actually pay for it though so once you’ve done the survey once you’ve gotten on the phone you can build the mvp and you can pre-sell stuff you can just say hey this is essentially what Kickstarter is is they haven’t built these products yet they’re just proving the concept they’re getting pre-sales and then they’re going and taking this money to build the products but you can do this for your business idea without spending a dime you just have to spend some time get people to fill out the survey.
Once you’ve proved the concepts you build this minimal viable product this is essentially the base level of your idea meaning you don’t have to it doesn’t have to be perfect but whatever you can do the cheapest path to get the most people on board you just have to build this MVP and then you go out and start telling it or start selling it testing it.

You’re going to do is prove this concept or this business idea by selling your mvp and you can tweak it you can verify it and then you can scale it so once you kind of have the mvp built you can make adjustments you’re going to get a lot of feedback but once you have the product figured out all you have to do is worry about scaling it and this is something that doesn’t take years like i said you can do this within a week a couple weeks or maybe even a month so entrepreneurship it has a lot of pros and cons.

Let’s focus on the pros you’re your own boss everything you’ve done everything you do you’re getting the money like you’re you’re getting everything essentially you put into it you might have to pay employees.

You might have other expenses but you have high earning potential for my businesses as much work and effort i put into it i’m going to get the most roi out of that whereas as a remote worker you’re essentially building somebody else’s business for them you’re building their own empire and you’re just kind of going along for the ride you’re getting compensated for that but your earning potential as a remote employee maybe five percent 10 year-over-year increase in your salary.

It’s really going to be capped and limited whereas an entrepreneur it’s the sky’s the limit for your earning potential. the next thing is you can make your own schedule and a lot of people joke about entrepreneurship but it is a lot of work so a lot of people are passionate about it and you’re more excited about working for your own business because you’re going to get more of that investment back and more of that earnings back but you get to do you get to make your own schedule eventually once your business starts taking off you can figure out what you like doing in the business what you don’t like doing and then you can hire replacements for those things that you don’t enjoy doing and then lastly a lot of people have this kind of myth that you need maybe millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business but I’ve built businesses for a couple of thousand dollars even less than that.
You don’t need a ton of startup capital to start your own business and especially if you’re following that process i own before you can figure it out without really spending more than a couple hundred dollars on just getting people to sign up for the survey, so the cons are for entrepreneurship is there’s much more risk involved.

There is some risk but it’s a lot less you know if you if your company goes under you can just find another job a lot easier so if your business idea doesn’t work and you quit your job it might be a little bit more difficult you might need to have a little bit more time to get the next business up and running and that’s why I think it’s a good idea to do a hybrid approach. 

When I was working for this remote company, I was building my own businesses on the side so I had consistent income that I was using to help fund and create my own businesses and sometimes it can take a little bit of time to get these businesses where they were earning more than my current income from my employer and that was the moment for me I was like hey I’m earning just about as much money for my own businesses.
I realized if I quit my job and just started focusing on the best hours of the day on my own business I could drastically increase my revenue and my value to my company and within a few months, I was able to really scale my business by not giving my 50 to 60 best hours of the week to my employer.
I was able to take just the 20 best hours of my week focus them on my businesses and I saw great results, so there is a certain point where this hybrid approach you have to just jump off and leap but by this time you’ll know the businesses it’s validated you have some cash inflow you have some consistency and you know if you just give that full effort to it you’re gonna see a big influx of your business.

The last thing is it can take time to recoup your investment again if you know what you’re doing if you’ve validated it if you haven’t spent too much money on it, be very strategic about how you spend money on your business it can take some years but if you do buy a business can take 30 months to recoup your investment and then lastly there are multiple different skills and responsibilities required to run your own business and this is the great thing that I love about marketing and I always recommend people that are you know looking to go down a career path marketing is such a universal skill and it’s one of the most important skills for a business.

Pretty much every business is putting a big allocation for marketing and sales and if you have those two skills, if you’re able to develop those while you’re at a remote company I was basically paid money to learn.

These skills that I now use in my businesses so it is a con it does take a lot of different skill sets but essentially if you’re doing it right you’re going to get paid to learn these skills so as far as websites and places to get started let’s say you want to just learn more about becoming an entrepreneur authority hackers is going to be a great place this is essentially going to teach you how to build authority websites so
I’m sure a lot of you guys have been out there you’ve googled huh what’s the best office chair maybe you want to build your own home office you’re trying to find a new office chair you’re going to go to like you know : it’s going to be a blog post reviewing the best office chairs.

All these websites are making money through amazon affiliates or some sort of private affiliate network, an authority hacker essentially teaches you how to do this how to build these types of businesses where you’re ranking very high on google and you’re monetizing your website through becoming an affiliate and amazon is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there it’s one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world.

You think it’s just some guy in his basement writing content about the best office shares but this person is building an authority website to make money and most people don’t realize that I don’t know the majority of blogs that you’re reading are incentivized by money.
They’re only reviewing shares on amazon because they’re only doing that for the affiliate commission, so it does teach you exactly what type of content to write how to structure your website for search engine optimization which is essentially SEO and that’s going to help you rank the highest on google so that way you’re getting more people coming to your website you’re getting more clicks and you’re getting more affiliate commission the second business on here is

This is the company that I helped start and help build from four people to where it’s at now over 100 people and essentially this is a marketplace to buy and sell online businesses so if you have a lot of capital usually between 50 to 100 000 minimum you can go on here and you can save two.
With three years of time, you can save two to three years of trial and error and just acquire an already profitable digital asset which is going to be anything from an e-commerce business a software business an application any type of business that can be run from anywhere in the world and then lastly is one of the best seos in the world.

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If you’re going to be doing anything in the internet space you need to get customers that come inside your virtual store. this is going to be either with paid traffic so advertising on facebook or google or with search engine optimization and dignity is the master for this if you’re wanting to get very data driven techniques for seo that actually, work this is going to be the website where you’re going to get figure out how to get more virtual customers to your website or store so these are all three really great resources and then lastly I wanted to throw in this bonus maybe you haven’t entered the workforce.
I’ve had people from other countries help me get jobs so it’s it is an important skill set to have and studying abroad is most universities have some sort of agreement so if you’re able to go to this university you’re essentially paying the same amount of money for earning the same credits at least that’s how it’s structured mostly in the united states, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking the course in the united states or over in Italy the czech republic you’re paying the same amount for that course credit you just have to pay for the flight to get over there the other thing is if you are going to study abroad trying to find some sort of internship opportunity, there’s nothing cooler than putting on your resumes you know you studied abroad and then you worked in that country and I think that’s one of the best ways to get to know a country is by working with the locals understanding the culture a little bit more.

Make sure you ask your university about any potential internship opportunities so you can go study abroad afterwards you can do an internship.
I would say if you’re interested in entering the remote workforce it’s become less important to have a university degree it’s not completely diminished but I know a lot of remote companies that don’t care if you study they’re more concerned with your personality if you’re going to fit the culture of the company and then two do you have the experience to make the job happen are you going to be able to fulfill the duties that are required of you so I would say for these 17 16 years olds start looking at what job openings that excite you what they’re looking for and try to build those skills so if it requires one to two years of you know working in this industry try to find and get that experience.

A lot of times you don’t have the skills so you need to find an internship to create these skills so I would say if you’re in a university position definitely look at internships where you can find and get this experience and a lot of times now internships are paying you money so you’re getting paid and you’re getting paid to learn a skill that’s going to help you get a remote job and get a lot more experience in the international marketplace.

But the important thing is if you want to triple or quadruple your salary knowing English is really going to be important I can’t stress that enough pretty much it’s the international language almost every european american company even south american most of them are in Spanish but they’re the companies that are going to let you triple or quadruple your salary are going to be english-speaking companies not all of them but a big majority are
There are so many people that are just looking for writers they’re looking to write blog content to maybe be an editor to write seo content to do endless amounts of stuff and copywriting is one of these skill sets that it can take a long time to really perfect but copywriting could be a very high paying skill and it’s something you can really develop another option would be is to be an executive assistant or virtual assistant where you don’t need to be a master in every skill but as long as you’re you have the willingness to figure it out on your own you’re going to be given tasks you just have to go figure it out so virtual assistants could be another great way where you don’t need to be an expert at really anything if you’re organized, you’re hard-working you can be a virtual assistant and you can figure it out.

I don’t know if you follow no kagan from appsumo do they do this thing it’s called the weekend the launch and they’ve come up with some really cool ideas I think it’s called a tiny cowl and they’ve come up with a I think it’s called send fox basically what they’ve done is they’ve researched all these tools and software’s that they can have their team of developers build in a weekend offered to the appsumo marketplace and some of these software businesses as simple as just recreating a calendar app where you want to book a time on somebody’s calendar you go in select the time and then they’re able to make that a one-time fee app so I love hitting noah kagan’s kind of content where he’s been able to take these ideas do the mvp and then scale them completely he does have a little bit of a competitive advantage because he owns a marketplace and a team of developers.

But his kind of idea is that he has these developers create the product he gives them a set time frame of two days to create the mvp and then he’s able to watch it and I think reviewing these marketplaces seeing what’s what is popular figuring out what’s wrong with that product or service and then just creating a replica of that’s fixing these problems you don’t have to necessarily start from zero. You can just create a better wheel.
There are a few methods they just looked at their competitors my competitors were charging fifty dollars so I charge fifty dollars and not everyone who’s gonna look at your product is gonna do the research to check all the competitors or maybe you’re offering something different so the easiest way to increase and double your situation is just to double your prices. It’s that easy you’ve probably created your prices when you started your business.
Now you have the experience you have a portfolio you have people who can recommend your service as testimonials.

You’re making five grand but if you’re able to double or triple the prices you only need one or two customers and you’re going to earn more money you’re going to have less stress a lot of times the customers who are paying more money they’re actually some of the best people to work with because they’re less demanding they’re not trying to nickel dying you because they have a big budget so the fastest way to earn money and it’s hard to do.
It’s hard to just come up with like I’m offering the same thing but for double. I changed nothing and I did this for my software product I literally doubled the price then I tripled it and sales increased because people saw the product as more valuable the pricing psychology is a fascinating thing and if you’re interested in learning more about it I recommend people read the book cash for tizing.

You can just increase your prices the other way is to just reach out to people you’ve worked with try to get more referrals if you don’t want to increase your prices by double set up some sort of way to incentivize your previous customers or clients to refer you people.
I would say one of the best ways and one of the ways that I meet people is through a community called the dynamite circle you can look this up it’s for other entrepreneurs who are earning at least 60 or 80 000 a year they have a remote business and you can show up pretty much in any country.
Go on the forums check on these groups and you can just essentially meet up with people that are part of this community.

The second way is by hosting Facebook events if you want to meet other digital nomads or other remote workers then host your events that are catering to these individuals so if you’re interested in shopping or fashion you would host a fashion meetup and you would meet other people that are interested in fashion if you’re interested in meeting entrepreneurs you’re hosting an entrepreneurial meetup and that’s how I’ve met some really great people and some great friends by hosting my own events.

I’m not a tax professional consult with a professional but for the most part, if you’re living outside the united states, especially depending on what state you’re from in the u.s you don’t have to pay state taxes each state is different they have different regulations but a good rule is you qualify for foreign earned income exclusion if you spend 330 days outside of the united states then you don’t have to pay taxes and for Georgians,I don’t know the exact tax laws but i assume if you don’t live in georgia you don’t have to pay taxes.

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