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Mike Swigunski is a bestselling author, Forbes contributor, remote work leader, and founder of GlobalCareerBook.com. As an online business expert that has brokered millions of dollars in digital assets and also helped build a nine-figure remote company, he has cultivated a strong passion and knowledge for everything within the remote work realm. 
Mike is focused on transforming the way location-independent work and business synergize. After more than a decade of working remotely and internationally in nearly 100+ countries, Mike has cultivated and pioneered a rare 360-degree view of the online business acquisition space and loves sharing his knowledge and experience to help others succeed.

Mike Swigunski

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Buy & Sell Online Businesses

Have you ever considered buying and selling online businesses?


If you have an online business and are looking to potentially exit, then make sure to connect with Mike beforehand. A free exit planning session has helped multiple sellers earn hundreds-of-thousands in extra cash for when they completed a successful exit. 


Mike helped build one of the fastest-growing companies in the world and assisted in brokering more than $120,000,000 in online businesses. His knowledge and insights in the online business space are extremely expansive and he would love to help you during your business exit or with a potential online business acquisition. 


If you are new to the space, don’t worry since Mike can help guide you in the right direction. Make sure to click below for a free consultation to learn more. 

Learn How to Travel for FREE!

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Traveling The World? Are You Struggling to Save Enough Money to Fulfill That Dream?


Mike has been able to jet-set around the world and a big portion of his travels are 100% FREE! He has created a unique 80/20 travel hacking technique that will allow you to get thousands of dollars of free flights, hotels and more without having to waste time or money in the process. 

This same technique has allowed Mike to earn more than $153,789 in free travel and let him visit more than 85+ countries. The best part about this strategy is that anyone can do the same thing!


Some of Mike’s travel hacking techniques have resulted in amazingly cheap flights, like a $32 flight to from the USA to Sydney, Australia with a free 3-day layover in Hawaii and even international business class tickets for less than $70 per person!

Remote Life Program - Build A Side Hustle!

Are you interested in starting a profitable side hustle with a skill you already have?


If so, then you are in the right place and we are currently accepting applicants into the Global Career Remote Life program. 

The remote life program will teach you essential industry insights to Build A Profitable Side Hustle in 30-Days, Guaranteed! 


Mike was there himself, spending years and years trying to figure out how to make money online…and so many failures! It was extremely frustrating, demotivating, and depressing since he knew other people were doing it and he could too!


Years later, Mike learned what he was doing wrong from LOTS of trial and error and perfected how to make money online FAST. He’s also been fortunate to have a 360-degree view of the remote work industry. As an employee that helped build one of the fastest-growing remote companies in the United States to building his own remote company and everything in between. 

These insights have been extremely valuable and know we can help you start a side hustle you can run from anywhere in the world!

Global Career In The News

Mike and his story have been featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo and much more. We are always interested in working with journalists and media outlets. 

Keen traveler Michael Swigunski has seen more of the world than most, visiting and working in over 70 countries in the last eight years alone.

-Alison Coleman (Forbes.com)

To stay on top of the latest trends in business, access a global economy of skilled professionals and even scale at a much faster pace, hiring a remote team is a great idea for your business…” 


“Mike Swigunski is the founder of GlobalCareer.io, an international job board for remote workers. He emphasizes the importance of the quality of his work equipment.”

Lonely Planet

“Travel hacking expert, best selling author, and founder of Global Career, Mike Swigunski, explains how to travel around the world for practically free! He has been working and traveling internationally for more than 10 years and his journey has taken him to over 80 countries.”


Speaking & Events

Mike is a high-energy speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations all around the world and thrives by being on the stage. He has given presentations on a variety of topics ranging from marketing, remote work, travel, entrepreneurship, and business. Mike is available for keynotes, workshops, fireside chats, and panel discussions. 


If you are looking to book a high-energy and knowledgeable speaker for your conference or virtual summit, make sure to click below for more details about how to book Mike and more information about his prior speaking engagements.