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Hey there, it’s Mike Swigunski here and I’m the founder of global career and best-selling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever.

What if you could rent a Porsche for under a hundred dollars and drive around a road with absolutely zero speed limits so This is precisely the experience that I had while visiting Munich, Germany, renting a Porsche for under a hundred dollars and then jetting off to the autobahn where there are no rules there are no speed limits. It was a phenomenal experience. If this sounds like fun to you, this is one of the things that I absolutely love doing. At the same time, we travel by renting luxury cars through an app called touro.com, where you can essentially rent really nice cars for a day or four a week however long you want to.

One of the cool things about it is you can get some really nice deals. You can get some really beautiful amazing luxury cars for a really great price. This was one of the best tour experiences I had because I’ve rented a Ferrari. I’ve rented an Audi R8 before. Still, one of the biggest restrictions is every time I feel like I’m letting loose, I realize that hey, you know, if I get a speeding ticket, I could potentially go to jail in some of these places for speeding. Still, luckily with the Porsche in Munich, Germany, once you get on the autobahn on the main highway, there are no speed limits, no restrictions, and even going like 150 miles an hour, still, other cars zooming by you on the side. It was one of these experiences where we rented this car.

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We drove out to the Neuschwanstein castle, which was essentially the castle that Disney essentially got his inspiration to build the Disney castle. We just made a day trip out of this for 24 hours, driving around this Porsche having a picnic getting some beautiful shots and scenery driving around the German countryside. It was one of these experiences where this whole day probably cost us 150 dollars for the car for gas and, you know, food and everything like that. It was one of those amazing experiences where every time we go to a place. We try to replicate something like this where we’re spending our money. Our time doing something very unique one of those experiences that I’m always going to look back and really love this memory, so I’ll go ahead and show you some details about how if you want to do the same thing, I’ll leave a link below in the description to the exact Porsche that we use just visiting any location in any country.

You can check toro.com to see what type of deals are out there now. If you want to get a discount on renting a luxury car as I did, I’ll make sure to leave a free 25 off on your first touro rental. Again this thing can work no matter where you are. I’ve rented teslas in Miami. I rented a Ferrari in California an Audi r8 in st Louis, Missouri. Now there are some amazing luxury cars on there. It’s a simple process to rent these cars depending on what your age is. There will be some variance in the type of insurance expenses, so do keep that in mind. I believe if you’re over 30, you’re going to be eligible for cheaper insurance. Again, I haven’t had any issues, luckily, with the insurance process with getting in any accidents or anything like that. One of the things to consider is a lot of my credit cards include car insurance.

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But they’re not going to include car insurance for luxury cars like the ones I’ve been renting, so do keep that in mind. I initially did some heavy research into that because every time I rent a car, I know I waive the insurance because my credit cards have really solid car insurance, so I always opt for that, but in this situation, do your own research make sure that you’re getting the right insurance it’s going to be well worth it just to have peace of mind if something bad does happen, so I’ve had a really good rental experience with toro. I would say the pickup process is really seamless. Honestly, I prefer renting a car through Turo versus any national chain. The process just seems to be a lot more seamless. You know you’re dealing with essentially an Airbnb host instead of a corporation.

There’s a lot less paperwork. There’s a lot less red tape to go through within a few minutes you get the car. You can jet off. They even have the option to have the vehicle dropped off at your location, which I absolutely love because sometimes you have to travel 30 minutes each way to go pick up a car. It just really makes things a lot more of a hassle, so overall, I’ve really enjoyed the experience with toro and couldn’t recommend it more honestly for renting cars and making a really excellent travel experience. We’ll leave more information below in the details. You can get 25 off your next tour rental, and let me know what car you’re looking to drive.

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For me, the Ferrari was an amazing experience. The Porsche was probably one of the best experiences when you factor in the cost because it was under 100, and the Audi r8 was another fantastic experience. Drive around st Louis, Missouri, in an R8 was a lot of fun. Still, again if you’re able to find a place like Germany where there are no speed limits, I would say it’s well worth renting a car and letting loose on the Audubon where you can just go as fast as possible but make sure you’re still within the safety precautions. There are still speed limits in Germany. Still, a lot of sections of the autobahn have no speed limits, so I’ll go ahead and leave all those details below and again, if you made it this far, please consider giving this video a big thumbs up and make sure you subscribe for the two new videos I’m putting out every week.

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