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Hey there! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Mike Swigunski. I’m the founder of global career and the best-selling author of global career; how to work anywhere and travel forever.

Over the past decade, I’ve been working and traveling all around the world and my journey’s taken me to more than through public speaking, through contributing articles for entrepreneur.com, and of course with my best-selling book. Over the past decade, I’ve been working internationally and remotely and this experience has provided me with a really unique 360-degree view of the remote workforce whether it was with building an eight-figure remote
company scaling it from five people to 75 people, or even running my own remote company global career.

I’m going to teach you how to 10x your remote job application responses and 10x your number of interviews. I mentioned earlier my name is Mike Swigunski. I’m currently based overseas in Tbilisi, Georgia. I’ve been working and traveling around the world for more than 10 years now
and my journey’s taken me to more than 85 different countries around two years ago.

I published a number one bestselling book called global career how to work anywhere and travel forever. Now this book has gone on to help thousands of people start their own global careers by working remotely and living overseas and building a lifestyle that they absolutely love.

I’ve helped build one of the fastest-growing remote companies in the united states and this has given me a really unique 360 perspective on what the remote workforce is looking for in candidates and how you can actually expedite your hiring process to make sure you get a job that you love much faster than if you’re gonna do it on your own.

Just to give you a little bit more background about my accomplishments because I think it’s important to showcase and highlight some of the achievements. I’ve made it that way you know that you’re getting information and instructions from somebody who is an actual expert now the internet is full of lots of people who make these crazy bold claims but don’t have any actual data to back them up, so you can google my name on amazon and you’ll find the number one bestselling book global career and you can pick up a copy today.

I highly recommend it, if you’re interested in any of this stuff that I’m talking about today
you’re going to absolutely love this book global career. My story has actually been featured on Forbes, lonely planet, and entrepreneur.com and I actually write bi-weekly articles for entrepreneurs on remote working on travel and on entrepreneurship so all this stuff is going to help you start working remotely and living overseas, so you’re going to want to stick around and I think there’s going to be some really good gems that are going to really help you amplify your remote life and get started today.

One last thing to note is I have a lot of testimonials and a lot of reviews which I’ll share towards the end just so you know that you’re in good hands.

I helped grow the company from around five or six people to more than 75 people spanning the
globe and this has given me a really great insight into the remote work industry and kind of what people are looking for when they’re hiring remote employees, so over the years, I’ve looked at thousands of different resumes. I’ve helped onboard a lot of different candidates through the hiring process and it’s something that I’ve worked on within a lot of different countries and particularly in the USA so it’s given me a unique insight from hiring my own personal employees.

How can you fine-tune your application process to really stand out? Now there are a lot of job seekers out there and you really need to be in the one percent and that’s exactly what we help people do with our remote life program.

A lot of people struggle with the job search process is the interview process and this is because anytime you go to an interview you seldomly get actual feedback from the person who’s interviewing you, but we’ve got some creative ways to improve your interview skills and I’ll also go over some of my top interview tips to make sure that you get hired next time you have an interview.

Over the years I’ve looked at thousands of different resumes and there are a lot of recurring problems that I see. There are some resumes that I see that are really good. There are some that are bad and there are some that are absolutely ugly.

I’m gonna talk about the top three mistakes that I see on resumes. The first and biggest mistake I see on resumes is people just list their roles or responsibilities your resume should not read like a job description. It should focus on the results and value you added to your previous employers. This is the biggest area that a lot of people fail at is taking what they did in a previous role and presenting it to a new company and showing them that okay I did this in my previous employer and you’re looking for somebody who can do this so here’s the experience that I had.

Make sure that each resume is focusing on the results you achieved with previous employers and how you can do the same thing or even achieve more with a new employer, so the content is so important. A lot of people get stuck with focusing on the aesthetics of a resume
which is important but in the end, the content is going to be the king of making sure your resume is quality and this is the number one area. I see people struggling with and coming in at number two is not formatting your resume to be ats optimized and that stands for the applicant tracking systems essentially a lot of big employers and remote employers utilize applicant tracking systems because they get overwhelmed with a large number of resumes.

This software is going to review your resume and see if you’re a good fit for the role based on the number of keywords that you use and compare those to the job description. so if you don’t have the right keywords on your resume, it’s going to be very difficult to actually get your resume seen by humans at the company. So making sure your resume is ats optimized is absolutely essential moving in at number three is the formatting a lot of times people really get too creative it doesn’t need to be super creative. The thing your resume needs to look good it needs to look sharp and professional but again most people focus on the aesthetics which unless you’re applying for a role as a designer or some type of job that requires these skills you don’t really need to focus, so much on that focus more on the actual content of your resume than how it looked now that might be a little unintuitive, it still needs to look polished and
professional. You can make sure that the content is high quality and focuses on results that you’ve actually achieved. You can make sure that it’s ats optimized and then finally make sure that it looks professional, but don’t go overboard with the aesthetics. Now there’s a common misconception out there that you need to have development experience or you need to be some type of coder to land a remote job, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and today I’m going to dive in and talk to you about the top five most common remote jobs that you can get started with today now let’s go ahead and dig into all these remote positions now.

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Before I share with you the top five most common remote jobs I want to talk to you about how we found this knowledge and how we found this data, so we did a search analysis on these remote terms, so there are a lot of people looking for these positions and there are a lot of people searching for these jobs.

The first job on our list is a data analyst and this is a professional that is really good with numbers. They can work with all sorts of data and present large pieces of information in a simple manner that you know the management team can dissect and based on this data they’re going to be able to make an analysis about how they should maybe continue growing in one area of their company versus another, it’s a very important role and the search volume per month was around 74 000 searches an exponent of 3.76. That’s the increase over time and the average salary for this role is around 62 000 per year. But that range can be anywhere from 43 000 all the way up to 93 and even some six-figure jobs out there. This is a really great role if you are good with numbers the second one on our list is virtual assistant, I’m sure a lot of you who are you know looking into remote work have come across virtual assistant roles. If you’re fluent in many types of administrative services then a virtual assistant is going to be a great role for you.

This role has 27 000 searches per month, an exponent of 3.73 percent. The average salary is a little bit lower, twenty-six thousand dollars per year but you can find some higher some jobs on the higher range that range from nineteen thousand.

The social media manager is going to be a great position for you. You know if you’ve built up your own personal filing that could be a great thing to leverage to get you a job as a social media manager. This job has had 22 000 searches per month. Has an exponent of 3.55 an average salary of 50 000 per year, but that can range from 35 000 on the low end all the way up to 72 000 on the high end and this is a really fun role.

Number four on our list is a digital marketer and I love this because I have a marketing background but digital marketers are great at helping companies promote and sell their products.

Digital marketers are very knowledgeable about the online marketing sector anything from social media to paid traffic email automation. So if you’re looking for something this is kind of an entry-level job for a digital marketer but it can go up from digital marketer to digital marketing manager supervisor or director and eventually to the CMO role. So this job has a lot of searches at 49 500 has an increase or exponent of 3.17 percent an average yearly salary of 57 000 but has a wide range from 37 000 on the low end all the way up to 89 000 on the high end.

Number fifth job on the list is a product manager and a product manager is going to be responsible for planning the development and marketing of a product they’re masters of the global supply chain and they’re really great at helping companies find products that are going to sell so they do some research to figure out which product is a good fit for the company and that way when they launch this product it has a much higher chance for success, so this job pays a lot it has 27 000 searches per month an exponent of two point three percent an average yearly salary of a hundred and eight thousand dollars per year and the salary range is 71 000 on the low end all the way up to 146 000 on the high end.

So the first place I would recommend to get started for finding a non-technical remote job would be our very own job board. It’s called globalcareer.io and this is a free platform for job seekers. Essentially we’re going to be posting new jobs that are marketing sales, customer service, copywriting, blogging that types of jobs that you don’t need any sort of development or any type of technical background.

This is going to be a job board that’s free for job seekers and it’s going to be dedicated to non-technical remote jobs that you can work from anywhere from the comfort of your home so if you haven’t yet make sure to head over to globalcareer.io and start finding your remote job the second place that I always recommend is for people interested in more of a freelancing type of position.

Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing websites out there and you can go ahead and create a profile for free and start applying for jobs. These jobs are going to vary on any type of skill set you have I would say if you’re just getting started off any type of writing portfolio that you can put together. This could be one of the easiest ways to find work now.

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There are a lot of other opportunities out there I would go ahead and just spend some time researching what the path you want to go down trying to find other people who are or kind of where you’re at on the on Upwork and trying to replicate and figure out what they’re doing correctly. Having a very good portfolio is going to be hard if you’re just getting started but you can go ahead and build your own website you can create your own content and that’s something you can easily share with people looking to hire you on Upwork and the last place is if you’re looking to find another remote job let’s say you’ve already exhausted the global career.io

Another good option out there is the angel’s list so if you go to the angel.co
It’s another good option and has really good search criteria so they’re not traditionally all based for remote jobs but what you can do is you can create a really strict filtering system put in the type of job you’re looking for add in remote and then you can also adjust the salary range and that’s one thing I really like about that platform is it allows you to add in the salary options.

If there’s any equity in the startup always just add in whatever job you’re looking for add in the remote tag for the filter and that’s going to give you all the remote jobs that are available in the industry you’re looking for three on the list is the application process and I work with a lot of students where this is another area where a lot of people struggle and one of the things that I want to talk about is how essentially are you going to add value to a new employer.

This is something you really need to consider as you’re reading job descriptions you need to put yourself in their shoes and determine what you’ve done in the past and how that’s going to help.

Make sure that you’re staying consistent and applying for enough jobs every day, so that you do have a really good consistent amount of companies reaching out to you to get an interview so quality and quantity are key to being in the top one percent of job seekers.

Now the last three application tips that I have for you are number one is to make sure that each one of your job applications is custom no repeated answers don’t just copy and paste stuff you really need to tweak stuff and make sure that you’re giving authentic and genuine customized answers for each application you’re filling out. And make sure that your resume is adjusted accordingly, so if you’re applying for sales jobs you need to have a sales resume if you’re in applying for marketing jobs you also need to have a separate marketing resume, and even with those you should make some minor adjustments for each job that you apply for.

The next thing is that after you’ve applied for the job it’s really great to reach out to the hiring manager or somebody that you think is potentially going to be hiring for this position send them an email but add some value to that email kind of reiterate why you know you’re a great fit for the role highlights two to three areas of expertise where you know you’d be a good fit, I guarantee that’ll put you on the map of the hiring process and then lastly is I work with a lot of job seekers that they don’t know how many jobs they’ve applied for. They have no way to track it and that’s one thing we help out in our remote life program is in every one of these three areas.


Make sure you’re organized on target and meeting your goals to land your next remote job. Interviewing is such an important part of the job hiring process and it’s really one of the most
important aspects so a lot of people struggle with this because there aren’t a lot of great ways to
improve your interview skills. Starting off at tip number one is having a mock interview now in the remote life program which you can find details about it in the description below.

Make notes on how you can improve it, moving forward and tip number two is to be prepared again you need to go through look at your resume and have 10 to 15 sample questions and answers prepared.
You need to go through and practice these questions you should not read from a script and you should not have these questions up but you should have a general consensus on what you’re going to say if you’re asked these questions.

Make sure that you’re really prepared and in addition to that, make sure that you have at least two or three questions to ask the employer after they’ve finished their interview. If you don’t have anything it shows that you’re not very interested and this is your time to shine make sure you have at the bare minimum two or three questions to ask towards the end of your interview.

It’s going to show that you’re much more interested in the role. Now number three is a really important technique that may be hard to master but it’s called mirroring. You want to utilize this in any type of business setting and essentially this is going to show people that you’re paying attention, you’re aware, and that you actually care about the conversation.

What Miriam is taking bits and pieces of the physical and verbal cues and utilizing them in the conversation. For example, if somebody asked you a question maybe you could repeat part of that question which is going to allow you a lot more time to come up with a creative response to their question utilize mirroring practice it, and try to come up with some unique ways where you can kind of mirror the interviewer and make sure that you’re utilizing some of the
same cues that they do.

Countless applications having trouble finding legitimate remote jobs and avoiding scams not finding the right job that pays what you’re expecting to match your skills and experience with the right remote job or maybe you’re just spending too much time and not receiving any good results, so if you check any of these boxes then I know for sure the remote life program
is going to be a great fit for you now let’s go ahead and talk about what’s actually included with the remote life.

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I’ll be giving you 14 days of training. This is a boot camp, so whether you’re looking to go through everything step by step over 14 days or just looking to binge it like a new
series on Netflix, both of those options are going to be available for you.

The main goal is to teach you my technique for 10xing your application responses. This means that you’re going to have a much higher chance of finding remote jobs and actually getting results with those applications. The remote life program includes a wide variety of additional features. We’re gonna take a look at your resume. Make sure it’s fine-tuned and audited.

So we’ll actually go through there make some tips and show you what you need to do, to really improve and tweak your resume. In addition to this, we’ll be doing a social media overhaul teaching you how to structure your LinkedIn and showing you what exactly you need to
include in addition to that we’ll be having training on where to find the best remote jobs.

I have a very curated list of websites that I recommend students go on and I’ll be sharing those with you and then we’ll be having a mock interview so we like to break down the process into four different areas and one of the most important areas is the actual interview so we’ll be providing a mock interview and giving you feedback to improve your interview skills and then the last few things we’ll be having exclusive access to my remote network of founders and CEO.

So make sure you apply today. It’s free to apply and again we’ll let you know two to three business days whether you’re approved to join the remote life program so if you’re struggling with finding a job and you need some further assistance I highly recommend joining our remote life program.

You’ll have two coaching calls with me to make sure that everything is going in the right process any questions that you have you’ll also have unlimited slack support from me, in our slack community. So it is a really great way to make sure that you’re making progress you have accountability and you’re going to be 10xing your job interviews as soon as possible.

You’ll also have access to our exclusive job openings in our private network so I get contacted by a lot of entrepreneurs that are looking to hire people directly from our program and you’ll have access to all those job opportunities as well now if you’re wanting to learn more you can go over and visit globalcareerbook.com remote or you can just click the button below this video and you’ll be able to find information on filling out the application to join
so just to recap here’s every way we help and we go a little bit above.

My name’s Sean Heptonstall. I’m just in the final stages of completing contracts with my first remote job and so that’s with a company based in the UK in the environmental sector.

The challenges that I faced when trying to find remote work were essentially the where to look for jobs whether my skills fit in, whether there were specific programs that I wasn’t familiar with yet. That would be useful in these types of jobs. I wouldn’t say that my typical position in sales and marketing is often represented on job boards for remote work that I could see on indeed and some of the kinds of standards British job boards I never knew which direction to point me in so I had all this energy and I was convinced that this was the kind of life that I wanted to lead.

I would say that was the primary thing where I was thinking okay this is a lot of money to spend. Yes it’s an investment in my future but will I be seeing those returns in terms of the job that I want or the ability to work remotely or even just having a
salary a good salary or a salary increase there were many moments, where I thought this is really useful and there’s lots of information in there, where I see it being useful within the position as well so initially the reason for joining the program was to find the role and I kind of expected that that was as far as it took me but there are lots of little gems that I’ve taken away from the way the program’s set up.

I would definitely recommend the remote life program. It definitely helped me find a position that I waited in to confirm contracts. It definitely gave me a bigger view of how to look at the hiring process, so along with some of the key skills for working remotely i think my view of how
companies hire people and the tracking systems that they use to filter through CVS
‘s really useful.

I appreciate you staying this far if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure to click here to subscribe and also consider liking this video.

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